Yanny or Laurel

Wednesday, May 16th


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Try to tell me what do you hear do you hear ya. Or UN due here laurel OK okay this is all over the Internet right now. Have you seen this yet everybody stock era okay yeah Danny are lower here is the clip listen to. Laurel. Do you laurel of laurel nannies well barrels. Loral's. But I learn our ally here lower right here in the world. Let's do it this morning it was you and I are keen eye near laurel I hear laurel true is when I'm what are you here. I hear laurel but on our air this morning and we played a clip and it was yet. And and let's sounding now lips now I can break. That's what I thought to it like on the Internet. Someone's put out Juan has been accused of regular put not different ones not now this is the same clip I played this on the phone this morning. I'm my phone and I heard you Danny and on wade driving down to work that might be distracted driving but I'd like I needed to test it out. The only way I look at. Yeah I think your laurel near laurel clear that they are all here again yeah OK so on it yeah on and by the way our ears hear my. I can show what people of the people are saying I hear in laurel only I don't hear how that can be any ever I yeah. I heard it relentlessly now I've heard both this like Scott Swanee Overtown thirteen and here's to skull and right now I'm just curious what people here right now listening to it on the radio okay are so do you hear you nanny or lower. Speed yesterday adding I only your. I I only listen for laurel and I key here at all okay Colin 3172281099. Message. Right now where you trip to carry your. You know because like I like I. You re saying it. Isn't accurate literally do to mess with us that's something new to do this is likely are so I'm out of an at and crazy on the Internet this morning. You know people discriminate heaven now Downey anchors as a gasoline for our gear any member of the blue dress and the thing you see different things 120 show what you hear. Carol are okay laurel and distress and warriors finally chilly here. Overtown monitored very any. Classic yeah. Yeah smiley morning assuming you have another one year ago ahead what are you here. I hear. Or Laura yes and ice my money should go ahead. And ten aren't well on our laurels he Annie really am smiling when he chilly here I care about Mo and handing. Lol law a lot of what you do you are you. Now your grades at your your ball up your ball that's never to someone in both you you heard both are here like you know it earlier I don't admitted that are you hearing like each time I mean Ari at different moments. We're in this one city as what I'm saying you hear it. Now. Under. So at this time you need as I've ever ears as they appear in the listen to it over the prior. Yesterday I heard a moral and Laura and I heard it. I'm out and hurt and figure out what you've got tiger Oprah yeah. Yeah over the burden listen again now. Laurel. Yeah world. Icon laurel. Ian laurel over the bounds. Our panel aren't aren't so on a morning show here ahead. Lever you aren't. I the purity anti hero. Things are gone about it I thought you would finally show what you hear annaly. That she sincerely look at that that's against yeah it has dumped herself as she is again in the front seat and good at what year Kara. I hereby you have. Why didn't. You youth. I don't know I'm Scott have you heard that yet I'm you know I've ever heard is that it is a very Smart let. I play it again over the phone and see it sound as sounds of yeah. But here there. And now listeners he but he of that time. But does he attack. Here OK what if I played this listen to this you. Oh that's you there. I think that any that is yet I'm hearing every time I pitched it down by thirty. Or so let me let me pitch. Did you not buy thirty NC what you hear. IRI. Or that are weird when he had a K. So now hold on go back to the anyone look at I heard unity in the pits Denver's okay yen. You know. You. I hear the Algerian man again is may be at how our ears are hearing because it gets us about deeper hot air. We all hear things will probably a little bit deeper higher Samie yet now. It's right that what they're saying is. The higher frequencies and younger people more likely to hear you handy. Because that's coming from the ads at what. So let's what's coming so brutal in higher frequencies that'll allow you you could still. We talked about the idea that wind you won that speak to a person whose hard of hearing your spouses speak deeper gas that's right that's true that's got the. So you get older girl. As you get older you don't hear the higher frequencies. So it should be as you get older may be due here laurel more so that you hear. May be beaten at settlements aren't I don't like to change in its. Yeah try to keep it behind Bimantoro that's.