Words About Food on Smiley Password!

Friday, September 7th


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Here in the smiling when he jumped. We took the antenna at their message gave them the big F you. And then there at new events. We had to stole all the country music concert tickets this week at Florida Georgia line. We actually went out the other stations over it took it from him knocked up my Alley bowling it's this kind of what is your bullies. Enter their concert tickets and now we're funeral game this morning call password. Okay so yeah people that called in and went to an open. It's now we've got Cindy once a team that would mean hi Cindy. Cindy I got sixty seconds to get to say some words and words or phrases or words just single words sixty seconds thank you actually. How lucky you are doing an outline games we do they call and we played a game informed on it you know it's fair to let them I'm just don't let her only then I remember that it's okay so I will say like doesn't matter Cindy you've got Dave you're not hurt and stints at I'm trying to need to say a word media through. Okay categories truce now would like yeah corporate Gallo it's. It's round cut. Up they asked about. Brownie out. And lemon. Now mignon and it's more oval okay now. Hours of practice that's Illumina and Lloyd Allen. Jenna I now would meet you listen harsher I want to scientists. Now. On I don't. Yeah well welcomed the other side I have now. Does that include out all cited the moon you're on the dark side of the mound on the right side as a positive or negative. Low sockets Indy here we can go off topic is to listen closely don't let me down because these guys on the economy if we don't win if ready to go test. Titus is something that you can eat. It's. Tight US but seeing it as it went bananas stuff UT limit episodes and credible as words pass that credible. If you take. You know that you have a piece of bread and for any of and he put it your mouth and you take a oh. He put something in your mouth and you take a record teeth. On it you budget cuts on that and you take a I had a and now I'm thirty. Do you like sweet or. Aren't. He had a laundry it's it's their yeah yeah yeah. Here we. Around this is up when you are not on it Disney puts including your route you're not used. And gnashing have thought now that's right packed cute you turn. That's I mean now blanking on minutes past few weeks drag master key. Only if there Khalid and I guess I was three back. You guys bit. And bad. Iron on either part okay yeah. Yes there's attempt a give Williams a nice and calm though unlike. Your hands up with a guy named candy sent to heat our identity he'd be ready to blend right now okay any time set Gus. You've got these in the spring when you lose away. I'm up there. I think it makes crowds. That are cutting these out of my diet and now. Now that's okay yeah Hillary is a big outlining a guy drink at 7-Eleven big blank. Drink soda Coke OK I know. Our. If they go I'm gonna go blank out tonight if I'm a Joey did Germany go blank guy and I you know it's the way I would have preferred. I don't know what we did it gives you a lot of this joy. The red room of blank in at fifty shades degrade. Under way here. And that may predict. Arabs. Yeah Harry Potter like guys cookies or chips in between meals are most. Hostile. And time is that. We have between Gainer let's I think it went Jeanne that's for itself he didn't get their calorie and gulp. Yeah yeah he gets these galleries I've got five now yeah. Enjoy adult okay day and year out we must mean I'm sorry that's me Cindy you must. Well you. Nice in the thank you very Mattison is we aren't for you gotta be four outlets now being flat Chris stack Chris that team up with. And so sixty seconds on the clock. And password. For Cyndi Lauper concert tickets and seeing right now Carrie Underwood continents or attic yet I am also. Including eating type words okay are you wanna win Cyndi Lauper or Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood and they aren't OK where are right ready set gas. 320 went that please call or. You think we have to dinner bet we. Do and this is. Oh wait you on the head there's the third and delivers you'd call blanked. Ha that's. Out of it or it's under the name of a bug. Arms act to map out on. It's the it had the dog it's called B blank and it's also like cult. Epitaph on win it right now we're all not eating as much trying to lose weight that's called going on a lot. Yeah. When you go to this irrelevant who is you go to the black store. For her yeah and did these big UE wit that's not a nice first and asked I asked. Aaron got that much and I'm touch. It test. Your tell you linked. Time resentments are how many points and say I. Got stuck on the last time. Going so you are champs right now. Sixty seconds on the clock now Tony is up with missy Odyssey. A second clock ready set. I know how to portray Nike unit weddings utensil that which it. Hasn't yet. And laugh and everything you eat in the morning to spray and it acts to. It's what did you and he loves to do you see Tony Nikki both the kids there. Are you there in. The to answer. The answer swallows who say that I didn't. I didn't hit area asked okay who didn't. Thanksgiving you're about large meal and it's at Thanksgiving waxed meat yeah. Yeah that was thirty that it doesn't is that you Tony we hear a chart like about at this time is up. Anger and I think she gets. Unleashing yet I. You don't have any get an aggregate but the winner on today I always get the eighty is the what are. Courtesy to thank you. But congratulations Christiane. Compared to get this team all city. And her little. Disneyland. Ernie. Okay. Who's.