Wonder Twins

Wednesday, March 14th


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Apple is developing a from proof keyboard. Keyboard would handle on compressed air feature that would allowed to blow up crimes and best that would be no race but that had a balloting night Nikki upsetting Nike Nike is designing a new line of shoes that will feature. Corduroy. On the Tom. And the slush. Corduroy that's emerged. It's because usually there's a warehouse in advance that people stopped wearing an all right we're doing new of this remember that corner yet slip on the corner in right. Ryan Jimmy from college he was heavier Fella but he would admit that as well and used recorder paints when he was a little kid and Andy. Is he be walking on the hall and then there was one teacher and I say. Or. Night with her of it on that is really bad. That really didn't vote. A lawyer getting word that Nicolas Cage is going to voice Superman in the upcoming animated film teen titans blue eyes. Nicolas Cage and your age you remember super friends yes. Or Robin yet never around and visit one candidate much version I'm trying to find my old episodes is when I was a kid. It they went to the hall of justice slash and they had dead and then. Now remember there's different runs out of it and there was some that had other like a little. I did a dog dot wonders like that. Other characters so like the ones I watched. Difference from some of the series and I've found online means been trying to fire from my son and for me too I mean if we're gonna watch cartoons maybe. Bring maximum memory I watched a consumer twins born on all of this they weren't always the super friends they Lawrence. One of the runs of super for an. Good to see black panther at Blix browsing our. And they before the movie started were running all of these little clips of all of these really old cartoons in which black panther made an appearance that's an all of these different versions of it too which was really cool because you're like well like this one he looks like this or talks like this. Or in this one okay here's Captain America it was interesting well. Do you guys remember in the wonder twins and what they did. You know buzz when their power is unite yesterday activated touch it fist bumpers on the net yeah and then it was like one man's arm. As a super as a activate a form of and then someone to be like a form of water so you be frozen something in like that that people. Is that I don't I mean when they united they didn't they just have their leg and then switch each other out for one another in now Larry saying on dollars iron one could do and one could be like an animal. Meant to be water and what do these animals you've walked in Europe I don't know it to. Us that she's drinking at a well they're human versions of them how that's on college attack on our list of arm. Okay. You get snake and we need to be high that being nice and something like that Jeff what he called him out here. Man. It took certain talking about incorporated one. Is accidentally activate yes a yeah you're Cooper of the original corporate market Wendy in one now that it. 1973. Per. You know when I was you know. Watch super friends and I remember they go to college guest is San remember Wonder Woman and her invisible jet or whatever all those accept that I looked it up online and found there was a lot of rounds of this in a different. We different super friends that came aboard and. Yeah Hanna Barbera renewed their but every two years and they change it up quite a bit you can find on ninety to pursue a brand but look to see the release date of 97. Read there's also some dvds that that you look at that Feinberg burst see them and they were oral law. The first seed and one big long story and let it changed over the years. They started changing think depth chart you fuel spewed defrauded the kid yet or are Ers start adding different characters. Native American and African American characters are like. Yeah members of the Afghan native American that big tall guy. Yeah other Eisner is second time guys that I don't remember crock you know and I remember in the cartoons are washed and as a kid I did look at that Z and then Z and one of the wonder twins can transform into water that any state so solid to liquid gas or ice. Now be solid solid yes I liquid or gas sand and then Xena. Can transform into any animals so I was right on both accounts is whether real and missed out mythological or indigenous to earth. So Gina and sand. I need. Ads against your guess it was an odd thing and mean but for now what at what powers pharma nice cube and then it has Jorge went into a. And plug. In a boot from the inside and I'll bottle up and cute and Jeff thanks so much appreciate it. I have a great Dick Darman.