Will The State Fair Goer Get It Right?

Friday, August 11th


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Live from the fair this morning. Hi what's your hand Spencer butchered in jail and not get congratulations that's dead tired now we're out with his joke. But tell you where you get there from Amman from Bloomington normal night OK you're out of towners and going to look breezy today Indiana state fair. His aunt Beulah the fighting Illini Gloria LA. First question we had all are now let's get our contestant on the line. I Travis you gotta figure out of this that contestant will hurt this state they're Golar getting it right so that first question out and listen closely which card dash Sheehan impermissibly sold the Sox. OK so that's what we asked the affair ago our. Think you'll get that right one of those guys get it right. It won't get her eyes now. Right what was the end Sox artists in Soledad is that miss leasehold socks here's what they said. Tim basic camp guard ASEAN. Into it is rob card Ashley. Oh and it. Next question. Problem it means that today oh. Vote yeah. Oh. Kim how basic can guard Ashley and it is rob Bernard pat Sheehan. Yeah it was a correct answer a question number two whenever you hear some lines as the letters from DD ass after their name one are today. Tedious after their name what does that mean boy and Annan we think things you'll get that right. What is I didn't say you'll get right what is it used and I'll. What is DDS and for calm it means that today are. Unintelligible yeah. I'm sorry that's incorrect yeah that is incorrect it means there are dentists. So that is a match in and is another one that's soon. Imus in another one right you win here and sends out again access question number three. Who is the current vice president of the United States. Okay what do you think well he those guys get it right. And analyst. Mike Pence dent. K okay so he's one. To close it out honestly designed to market but it the next two right we're gonna add two more tickets to the state fair well that's for parity that's six tickets total. Question number four if someone says this party is. What do they mean. OK with the zen like exciting when Americans yeah it's awesome and putting it off the hood missing young exited at that right. Let's listen. Out of control out of control well except that. Question five finish this phrase we finish this race. Why buy the cow when you can. Why buy the cow when you can. This. It again they're right it milk for free. I don't know that college and seeing these seeds are women like. Why would a guy marry you if you're just given it up refrain I had a talent you can get amounts are afraid. And you say he'll he'll get her at cherry hills. When you can steal it. Our answer okay good. This phrases actually wide by the cal when you can get the. No Hillary I. Used still live and. Congratulations we got a couple actually six tickets. Six I mean I feel let's get him like a ticket. Out. Yeah. It was this down again it's that are there and he gets another one right it's 21 name's mark and intestinal area and let them. He's an elite at the nervous because we only had one ticket left and we airlines about second. Now here we are having to come up with seven more fare tickets and who are we gonna ask Tony Tony tell everybody your terrible parent it's a terrible yeah.