Whatcha Doin At The State Fair?

Thursday, August 10th


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I do another round of final thing that called what you do and at the Indiana state fair you've heard is doing much due to the courthouse and now just in time for the Indiana state fair. How we go out to random people at the fair that we did this it yesterday and just Assam and what you don't. Joining me there. Carrying her lunch when they. And you. When this. What are you guys doing here at the there where you're from Florida and getting its MD today corn on the cog on the L premier. Karma lab property dole win at. On the Seve got a comeback for. What are you doing at the fair at all I like the can earn yeah. What are you doing here just days there walking around a year now walking now along and lists and ebony at him. My legs oh my caddie went down off and I was in a car accident but he thinks the most attractive besides me from the ship and Lil it and as your there is your body your everything class and everything is fine and do an amateur and I'm. Everybody could hear the state fair seen too much it's Coleman the Pope could I don't know I you thought like that. Just those are your man Nancy I. What are you doing here the state fair and seeing a lot of backtrack so. To cook your pants. You mean what do you letter related here at the state therefore I see all the animals don't and they are disgusting. It's not the least discussing you think at least discuss how the little dose there I yeah apparently there is are you almost find it attractive and oh yeah sure yeah. What are you doing in this insulin brilliance in that house ready are you wetter than these hillbillies no credible I. What do you do and so form. These. Played many games and that's it and we're at the brewery right now yeah have a couple of drinks. And as small beard having a couple poor hesitate I've run a couple for artistic and Zurich and their idea but because she's got a restraining some kind of a thing on her leg are they go to griped another debate and then it says any news. Yeah I didn't hear crown right now on our our user's eyes or your child. Yes I did civic yeah that is yeah. What is the game you played to win that sought to some balls some blocks and one hello kitty it sounds like you brilliant abut balls and things yeah. And that's how you make babies and. What are you don't hear the state fair he mostly what he did his state fair. Particular watching hurry. What do you do here at the state fair mostly getting yelled that to get out of the way by an old people as tutors. I notice there's a lot of old people on our hottest tutors who good luck to you thank you. What you guys here at the the state fair he's. Here that's the number one answer Rick debt an open receiver it's gone on. And I hear that it's so much you know last night emeritus data student I am what's the best thing to it. Putting your vice months. And a lot harder in a bunch in her bond meet at. But I need your bonds I'm. Quote would you put your Iceland and now what would you put your wife's runs. And creamy sauce. Are this gas. So what are you doing here at the Indiana state fair. One on me come and have some mortars today and shot a couple Bose yeah coordinated and niceties the beer at the fair. Absolutely I wish you could walk around with a polluted and under house a little different zodiac you do on today. Trying to decide upon snow and deep fried he sees everything smells like a little bit held near and little bit Al finance. I'm constantly. If let's laments of I mean runway yeah. Nobody alien. OK I want to do when I was name. Well what's he doing at the Indiana state fair.