What is Spiritual DNA?

Thursday, September 21st


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Radio theology or her right here right in your ear part of your life on Nana and by the Tzipi up about Alvin answering university so glad to have them on board the tigers out at you and be on a university or business and you're like I'm tired about Beckett novel love. I want to be a part of you know radio theology. Us your money have we got to deal. We accept cash and check and card and say please images text and stuff came. It would every deal and we Dylan down a sleep tank whatever it is close and close at epic pearl or wide open wheel endorsements here. I mean I was not just rich history judges EPO lobster summit in the sales department can take your. Immigrants to listen and we're so glad you guys are part of this we've been that we honor for almost a year guys out and ask our humanity we genuinely love you guys that listen into the that they reach out to us throughout the week. It's an absolute honor enjoy four for you do it to welcome us into your car. Or your iPad or iPod where every listen to the show ads I cut the grass selling selling like Sarah yeah. Yeah a beautiful Sarah so it guys I'm really stoked is a big week in forming with which got well. We've talked about an ample times here on the show I put together workshop called spiritual DNA. Working on for really the past ten years and it really drew from me at this whole idea that really wanted to know what the heck I was on earth for. You mean like a job or life like this like my purpose in life you're yelling yes my sense of calling like you know he's you can work. A lot of jobs but like below that like the why I exist I wanted to note and it bothered me. So on and that ten year journey to try to figure that out in all of the tools that help me figure that out I put into workshop of spiritual DNA. And we finally got to launch that its on line course that launching today. And lying to check that out it's gonna spiritual DNA dot me oh thank and I didn't know about EU and get dot com and is. Works a spiritual DNA -- me that's it right check it out and that go check out the course years ago the registration is open for the next two weeks but if you register today. Just put to provoke O. w.s EPO in the check out to promote good you get it it out off the course now what I'm really stoked on guys is gonna have registration the next two weeks for people that that might wanna know their purpose in life. Maybe they are part of our five a jumpstart the purpose we did Al we had hundreds of people go to that in got a lot of great feedback on so. Here's a deal registration bill for the next two weeks and then on October 1 we're never gonna like this were all gonna go to the workshop together like. Yeah I ask every week you'll get an email it is like a glass every week you'll get an email with this week's leg videos in your work that you have to do assessments. You can do when everyone can do it 2 in the morning your PGA's he can do it you know at 6 AM hour 2 PM and PJ PGA friend and we love Egypt and JF rent at. The course making it feel today. The purpose for Aaron I guess your purpose is not paints yet anyway so. Pat me every week ago that it hears them to do that to us before but now I'm an offer a ninety minute video like online coaching session. Part of the course seeing them I really would love some help me get. You know and understand Iran it. So every week I'm at a ninety minute coaching session FaceBook live says three to be a part of that. And Abby coach do so I'm really stoked about it in the last time and I believe it could really make an impact your life Ryan used against. Urged the united I have guided last year and I had been going through my results with you one on one or some delicious Ethiopian straight NC yards and a pot helped. And I'm calling it extra I get really learn a lot about myself and have been it actually you know what's really. But is that with all of our young life volunteers serve an ice Wilkinson Fisher's what we've done is we have them with beauty. Partly determine the year your possible prop Angeles shepherd shepherd a teacher. And it's been really close to the results and so we're unpack that a little bit as a team and hopefully gonna be some better ministry there but against spiritual DNA that mean. And then what's the code to get W Tzipi output that code and you think you Dow's off the course that's please take all my money yet. Astrodome and that of course no I would. It gives you a shadow ran the other day as I brand's wife she's meant minus and an unlikely yet to finish tonight on her hands going to the woods to connect with Scott. Just like that is from the spiritual DNA because he knows that he can act out you're not just you all know Brian is used in this in his. Actually really help you got us it was at recess for me I mean that's part of the course and find out how you connect. Like how you tend to connect with god and like for me I remember doing our results and year like. And then how often are you alone and outside like never. Liked all. Maybe should because right here that this is all this thing that your natural so you like to be outside in nature. That your with all of an ascetic like simple solitude silent kind of things though. That has become something that I've incorporated iceberg slightly when I need to reset a lot with the brain and I understand your naturalist and yet you still need Ahmanson's. All right Josh yeah the sun and out on things sound like yeah yeah yeah as I got it does not enough heavy well what. Well yeah he's a large can't be about any and is natural somebody. I think you'll hear more about. Right talk about begging to check of the born to be podcast he's got two episodes we released last week and then Tony to Kaiser's own smiley morning show. Last Wednesday released an episode with her where she talks about when she to expert to DNA and really figured out that. She really could be you know part of what God's doing in the world to love people the way that he treated her like she negative Prejean she's not gonna like Ryan Church but. God creator herded to be a caregiver and walked by people that are that are hurting and that really cool inspirational. Interview at her in check that out on the morning podcast but. Yet launching today spiritually DNA dot me go check it out put in ZW Zito on the promo code. I at check out and get to two dollars off the course will start together on October 1. End Dow be offering coaching ninety minutes of coaching every week really excited about this resource I know. It's gonna make a difference in life it has for over 2000 people and of our take in the course so. Spirit to DNA that may check it out in that live back in just a minute here on a 995 ZP. Al.