What The Blank - Taylor Swift

Thursday, December 14th


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They blame blame blame. Says anybody. It's a concert and it was wonderful and on an edge and was there to agree Lou Maria de. Like any solid plan from Taylor with that in. OK let's play again game is called what the blanket this on please stand up. You know but I Israeli radio I'm sorry I get it please notify ice when you start does that so you always start without really get his head I'll let you know. And unless they had a David David is teaming up with Nicky an hour and a a day David. Okay Tom looks like you get to pick between will and phony. Okay to a town JoAnne lets say you got town. Now Tony hey Aaron back cardinal earned him and he got a buzz in with your name if you think you know the title of disarm these are all Taylor swift's songs and I don't has some some our little deeper cuts are more popular are you ready projects are here is that titled disarmed fill in the blank. Better than blank. He goes well I mean honestly I think it was to him very close well. What do you think it is better than blank fill in the black magic magic is incorrect. It's called a better venue for revenge. Alone. Speak now album that just writing a song and you're axes is that better and heard it with that. So have what is your title now better than manage its. Better than magic let's hear you sing a song called better than match. Here's producer well. I've got so good that you've got to see. When you see it you won't believe. Eyes will be amazed he's waiting news doc skating today. Are seeing. Are. Good when I'm angry. He made didn't made. And they see the. He will be downloaded sky. I'm. Chris yeah. Hill hi guys looks like it's 000. Anybody's game here. Next one fill in the blank the buzz in if you he knows the the blank. You're ago. Welcome to blank gig yeah I. Didn't show up. Welcome to hell is in. The thing that they've what does it. Welcome to now it's not that. By the way you're not playing minutes out of that maybe you knew Taylor swift's album that's a welcome allies I think it it's look at the New York do you do now here's a totally ripper and Wednesday night I did but our case welcomed to New York is right from the 2014 album 1989. Okay that mean just to make up your son cut. Welcome and hello welcome to town I hear now is as a politician. Mean instruments. Area. OK now I need this plan. It means every friend you have I'm gaining named gates. I'm gaining married in my entire life coaching and I won't hang out with you and see mode anymore. Anymore. One gunman and NY and. Yeah and I. Unclear. Yeah that's Aaron Nikki perspectives are there real strong tennis Hal. How are right 000. No one's got any points so far mastermind guys in if you think you know this title. And he recounts. What is it Tony I mean I don't sorry about a pretty well. Below I'd bet it's. I just. You you better buzz and flicker then again OK one point wells zero for Nikki zero for Tony. X one you think and dated you can't play over there stop it. Don't blank to me. Broke out of it yeah now that is incorrect I'm sorry it was home. Don't blame me home. Aiming. Oh I don't grow meaning here's producer well. Does that sound and I wrote these in my experiences from this past. Sometimes you have to do photo shoots. With fans sometimes think it means. When I'm standing there. And kind of you all radio scurrying. And and ruled it. It's. I have June makes. My fans. And saying IIDs name it and let. He did not stray you. You. Then there's a big man. So little too close. Become limits by a jury has. And once the dust and above the low. Good audition. Sun June field zig. And Bob. Please don't throw me and my goal of please don't. Complain to us as we live and achieve. Please don't mean Hmong though they get a handle. All around so you program directed that you need them and it did. A he had a great guy that had come on go dream date merely the got a grove did Taylor Swift. Beautiful eyes. Do the oil is real name ammo and I named him when he was by. Producer his name is mongo I mean Congo and yet as beautiful heart felt nice I mean there was real Hollywood week on what date which is Cornell and wants it done. Zero for Nicky is zero for Tony and a morality yet we only have one more or less okay so. Well. Okay. There is buzz in fill in the blank what the blank is a sound tied together with a blank Tony. And then. It together with a ribbon is right don't be right it's round. It's. It's like producer will won the game back. Yeah. It is an immutable. Or aliens I turn the game is over for the game is so. Here is pretty well. Here here's Tony with a with a smile and I together with a smile but now here's tied together. With a ribbon. And it's Christmas time now. I get and beyond men. And they got mine cameras and I got two tiny navy seal team. That way again and so much in this business. I'm amazed it's so special shown when I wrapped him. And I. Diet to get and have. A man. He needs a year. All in and laugh at it again though win this grim end and now. Hello nearly 200. But a mark that. It a little EB. I'd together yeah. Yeah that's the way you did you drop I think he would have gotten off across and that was just written yeah. I believe it was OK okay is that they kind of. Take regulation it's like well and on time you. Congratulations. You've got yourself publicly because he. To specific consequence at. Prize for a prize ordeal pride gets to me my name Oreo. He gradually. Oh yeah I didn't aria yeah. Lot of people and even love Gloria that's right. Congratulations and what he graduated. It's not due 2002 bogeys.