What The Blank: Niall Horan

Wednesday, March 14th


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I. Time per game. What's it like his Islam and who's playing this game well everybody on the shelves after me I'll be hosting this game. Punishment if you get sent the wrong you have to sing a Sonny Emeka. Yes yes woods teed it up with Tony Perry went well Stephen and Colleen is once Nikki. It is your teammates. And you guys are evident he about a title of nick and net cords on it. Now I don't stories art that statistic are held by the way it's nick Warren Robert little Brothers. That he might not knowing I'm taking our yet making hard pass on every Avant say a name and ask the pilot assigned an unbelievable lanky and RC to fill in the blank. And if you can get the title of the sound right you win a point console if you don't elected make episode that's your punishment. OK guys NN yes OK all right let's get right into everybody ran as you go right and different things elements hero. Make sure I did all the work of where I won this game you're done with that works you are confident give me any break and will biggest now or hand fans here. And was keeping score and I just made sure it myself on top OK and I. And an attorney myself honoring her off and I think disturbed today as great glad you did that yeah hours and yes shall I. Let's turn the ringer hostages in its Intel in his duties as cellphone when you're without their vehicles and Iceland. OK here we go out this is from the album slicker 2000 I guess my kids are off from the album tooth. He's on his own value left one directions is Isaac has always from that now a day hour. So if you were Smart you would it in winter and the whole album I analyze every time I would never go through that album OK here we go. On my black. My. And then and a on my bears are right. Off point for Nikki I don't think that's how it goes now. I run my own it and then there. Spinning into it goes today that's from lake Missouri could. Okay here's the next one buys it if you know the title of this Nile horns sound. Blank tide will. Hi I tied high tide is incorrect. It's called. That tied. High payroll and it makes you you probably know our guys that attack it is. And move. Yeah I'm gonna be done now and I love and. I don't know Honolulu some really go it's I can't remember that I had the tough like does that. Desert tide pods I. Suggestions that out is this. I. OK okay muggers are canyons and his punishment he has to make us call the tying and. The producer well. Yeah girl yeah. That's something that I wanna share with you right now. I saw this diet real video. And it is something that I'd want you to know. So take a look at my scream. Yeah I think once seen you'll go that me. Mean. Seen that kid. Just look what he did head. Big guy. Bunt to advance their reds did it sink. And not dole would zoom. I'm beginning to think of the other Indian men tied not yeah. There and yeah no. Need to. Pine time. Time. And I thank my. And our kids and now he's dead yeah. And died. Laundry to yeah hundred and that's you know that's where we keep virus. Yeah at. The tide bugs and this thing not a hundred men on death row in the eyes. Are you thinking and. Yeah well island we in the fancy him on you have negative point because you'd change the title again hightower was he tied. So that's I was that was my punishment right he had yeah. I'm sorry I had downed Adam Eli and I remind my I am so sorry for a second but I appreciate you not trusting me and that is undermining our friendship and all right let's do another one shall wait so far one point four Nikki 04 well zero for Tony. Fill in the blank what the blank is this son. Slow blank. Vince that's too poor. There's hardly a way you can now. If and then someone and it's slow and that's the one that everybody knows. You know may enhance. There yeah. And and then dance yeah. Not playing good bad and on and got a lot of black blob. And the bay from say abandoned just this is an ad for Massa spinning that. You can be and they in this are I think it was singing. Yeah and nine to five but I don't know couldn't. Taking care of business. Don't. Okay all right sorry I sent down Rwanda and the snow okay I want to write and yet. Okay buzz and so what's his gratitude for that different in each zero for the rest and I okay. Blank blind and well. Flying. Flooring blind is incorrect. Yeah thank you were right. It's called seen blind. And so yeah. Now as you punishment on the spot you have to make the best sung. Then seemed blind flying blind eyes as I supplying line. Should this is your captains each week. And welcome to wonder airlines. I used to be a keyboard player. But now I'm a pilot. Lina had a dream. After I'm claims flags ease. How wanted to do something. We'll just little old Stevie. And I had a braille bullish. That Tommy has. And now I'm gonna taking. The whole way and I. A name. Saying it might never have unseen. Lang a Lang yeah I don't know that eagle where I mean. I'm. And it and this now for two and I'm landline girls and I don't know how to land. And I'm not implying. In ebony and apple read. I'm I'm glad I think we landed in the sea and mountain and I'm flying blind I can't get us out is blame. Yeah and again I don't weird stuff. Heat there was. Well you know it was more just like a beat column adapt and it has like he wrote that's on line and get back. Okay next one final line. And all right does it if you think you know the title of this on. Too much to blank and too much to handle. Too. Cold to hold you called the ghost busters and it turned out no that is incorrect. It's gone too much to ask. You must ask so you're gonna have to sing a song called you much to him. Well to match. They handle you know balance and those are just Samsung and the missing this as Nile OK okay currently Allianz. Hey Dan. It's me. I ill. I left one direction. That I did not give my idol next. We broke out and the and Wii's sayings and grandsons. We danced and and saying you know and lots and we screen names and and run good wins. And on the dinner. And at. Know it's so just seeing here and I'm around them listen to embrace those songs 'cause I don't know how to sing bass. Congratulations. To those Steven yeah. And sleazy doesn't think he says you are winner and gets to be now or in concert when it comes to Indianapolis it's going to be through office. Mortgage senator. It's 46. Just as qualified to get four tickets sold off adaptive sports tickets that would not to go backstage and down checking the sound check that's Tammany. Take about a friend low brow so but. Dario it's your lucky day congratulations what station now do we work out here. I had that's right and what station W Arabia would station doing now orca every other ones thank you very much that lets kids could hook you. But that's also barely true for the rest my career. Yeah yeah.