What The Blank - Lil Uzi Vert

Thursday, August 16th


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We wanna play a little. What the blank is that's on. That's I was going with the yeah yeah what what artists are performing with G easy anybody you know I know losing her that's right and who else -- else that's right. So we wanna focus on a little losing vert which no one knows who that is Prabhakaran now I I cannot I don't but I don't care how we know the name the name of those weeks. But I yes. So I mean I don't know who the hell you know if he goes by a little Lucy hurt anymore and have a really little is neat yeah right now starfish. I don't mess that. Yeah also star for fish are really popular and now he's again wanna go to the beach next time you see one pick it up and put your house I'd love to do that. Time now so while we're gonna play a game called what the blank is a song but we're gonna do little losing you've hurt so will be. And and get out titles of songs from low whose Ebert which I did a lot of research on Townshend titles of songs you'll try to fill in the blank OK let's go ahead. Have to wrap. They're good at around gas don't feel like you after days of real blessing if we need to do what's comfortable for you as less democratic and. If you ask well he probably would bunch of rap but I don't want me. Bonnie and it is anonymous you are all popped up on Olson's that you might be killer app what does that mean just heard knew that OK so tell some of the Kaufman as it works very very well. To get tiny set last night because my cough is keeping me awake. And what happens apparently when you mix with caffeine as it makes you kind of jittery like you had said believe you take like declared in the year. DC media rights exert tech. And and it's we wouldn't take a drunken you have to give your driver's license like noise to d.s like amnesty ninety for that. Oh god what is the what about taking right I would take his legs or take Deanna coming here into the show. I'd drink a couple copies and boom I would wanna ran out that window bad assets. Ridiculous Vladimir Putin in particular like listen. It does is like. Like extremely like OK bring it down and pass that's what's happening no I got brains not as Smart well let's see what happened so mileage and Colin are now play. The idea is you team up with somebody on a show so either you think mic he's gonna win probably not because she's hiked up on a dozen. Will mean Tony probably not she doesn't participate. Orleans the producer will probably now you while we. Nikki is the right wanna go with because wilders wants to sing or rap the bad so I tried really hard do you I don't I do win and the going to try to make. The time the answer is like are you that yard play that's when I'm desperate. What everybody does desperately in what that's that your that mean I guess you know back and now these titles of songs he just really are guessing. That book we did one hours GE EZ and was blank jingles and what did I get is about Jiang OJ goes with wishes he had the best dumb guests that what was it. It was legal tangles. Now is mr. Oh. Well siesta and that's the thing I I thought was jingle I thought I was doing there was I was maybe mr. bout gentle or something like that. This isn't saying mr. Jiang girls are cast and lastly I do that but I was close to a right. You would now and you are deftly knock it in of these titles I mean. Our listeners don't know of these type this I must of well acquainted with the rap lifestyle precedent if I was on the streets of Avon. Okay that's true and there. I have read and it was trained we might know these on tank and I didn't turn out and you better. OK in the room. Get right to it yeah. Rest is gone and grass is a character on that Chevy Chase movie breasts Christmas vacation. I'm right grasses seem have a Tony Jake is teaming up with will soon and it -- Nicky will win today. So if you guys win you win for your partner here on this show it's what the blank is that time. Our eyes he we go you went to stand up that's fine I didn't elements I minds is actually my game inside as in if you. No the title of this well will losing the ever sought. From the 2016. Is there any that it probably doesn't go further back in 2016 bit from that album blows he Burt vs the world he hears the title of the song fill in the blank. Grab but there's Blaine let you go ahead next. Guest not wreck. Program the wheels brand. That I want it Carrie Underwood. I asked Jesus to grab our cash aren't. Now he just says anybody as and most people say Jesus credibly if you heard somebody to grab the wheel I'm going to annual ditch. Yeah Jesus I Lee says she's Posey birds and says anybody grab the wheel. 8% are with me I'll probably his eyes are rolling in the back has had from heroin. Yeah. Tara. If you're street that is gross speculation. Here is nick DC Andrews on lesser punishment and called coal his. Seven cash and yeah. Pain. And. He had danced and now I'm mad cool names being yeah plant laying ran. Lagged yon of Adam green. Old ground. It's. Come on to match that end grant and introduced ran featuring pretty easy on. Them. And and those of you who stole last put out okay are almost eighty. G a out in street yesterday he street. Yeah and gas XB. OY value of land grants and they'll. Add that it's disgusting I don't want to see it and cash. Handing out look is dead wrong. It's and you have bad pan the. You don't talent. So yes. Cash if you are persons kids have you asked. What effect on against a parent. Idyllic and that was good through this rappers mine was kind of piled. It's not a man I got as it was like you file your toenails and again I think that it well that was good though. Featuring dale Denton that as a nice touch and OK now what do we do it's always good. So does it if you know the title this on two to 2015. Now we go way back. To be love is rage album from mild little woozy birds. Fill in the blank. All mind blank. But as you pick the song is called Obama Fella yeah good. It'd be like tell us all balance in my roads and that is right and not only that not only during. I know it's it's called all might change. On my chain might Allen says that. Yeah. Well as punishment cited a 000. VS around a soccer balls all my fellas know. Yeah. Everybody join me on the religious threats. I want you to become a best chance. Come on over to my church real fast and steal a license is gonna have a lot. Let's go on a mission and yeah but these verses to get your parents' permission is not gonna go. Standards warships. And you know there's nothing. Ellis up to today. We will never being gay but I thought. Does blow views saying yeah into the war peoples to sway over me. On the it's blocks the sun's polar terrain yeah. And new and our name. An element out steadily gaining. This means. You'll never being gay is never ever in the Baptist Church. My dad and preaches at Baptist churches once once a while I want to send your sentiments recording of announcer and in doing a lot and once they wrote it knew him. I they know our debate and be sure there's knew where. On I can I you know was in the ring. Cult like I'm on the call I got cloudy curtains up like that yes and they add take like. Christian bands like they're so and then just but the words on the screen and played music yeah there's a new green commence tomorrow with stuff that you steal. There's a lot of rules with like music at at churches they have to head the copyright rules when it in other songs are all like. You know you pay royalties adds to the writer of that sun. Really is. Grant or argue. But I. Old school songs like. Move the moon the globe. GOK. Now. Lemon. A preacher voice draw. You guys had a bad mind my father was in decent singer but there's some you have churches and and they're bent like your not you should not sank in the please give Andrea have a guy do it. And it's interesting with Catholic Church is a lot of times the priest will kind of start singing parts things. And they're not singers are not out trying out there are having just based CNN that at all. I was on a Greek orthodox church when I'm body got married and at that they had and at the wedding was going on a very traditional wedding and I didn't notice happens but about a lot preacher would say some sound. And then a voice up from a time. Knew that in the in the balcony behind desk while. Are you serious. Load and that it. And yet I was. Action it was one of those I do well as with my friends and we got a little giggle sneer I'm staying serious wedding act and we started that it is though hers done that a couple of times at weddings just to break out laughter is like we should not is not wearing flat or should be at. Say it the worst thing on the plan is gonna and your friends get married and like to our religious service area you have how. I want to go to Dallas and now. Is that your terrible servants and now I remember that two of my dad who's a preacher so when he does like weddings he will actually do a little to tell you tonight and data you do like Welker altar call I really really gets here. Man lord during my wedding yeah. Half an hour. I get active. OK what do we do with my OK art and give you another title Assange what's the score. Is 00. And ask you Ryo again. From the 2017. Love is rage to from will lose Ebert. No blank leak well go ahead well. Bihac. Know be actually. Know beyond sweet science is you try. For a guy now and it's called no sleep leak. Now know slightly this song no sleep. I don't. I don't know if that nicely giving you can't. You have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the idea I think that's what it's about yet it's like I can't sleep because and I take a league I've got that. At that prop. We supposed to cast now from sleep that's what I'm saying well that's why okay all right very bad so what did you come up with Debbie Oxley. It is your punishment Williams to make him a song called no Dionte. Well did well what he would do. Yeah. Doors. Yeah. Wouldn't yeah yeah. Parents won't. But yeah they don't like our new deal and sing all I cannot tell you Scott and you know you should keep. It's really not big we're. You don't actually. Who. Yeah I. Oh my god wow that was good that would bar yeah. How much to add to pay for that some 99 cents yet 89 cents yeah I'll make that. They lead check my latest album. But I don't yet elicited no BI actually embarrassed yeah. I haven't seen a flying I didn't know what to do it seemed like podium and was where he went so what's the score now. It's yeah. 00. Okay we only have one more song left Nelson island real leery of no sleep leaked it. He's gonna happen. We hang out late friend all. So honestly to wicked and broke. Out who's oh elements of that. Somehow and I wish I had. Comments from his mouth. Nearly got government and I'd ask you this league Donny and regret that decision. On the building. I can tell online right. I knew that I personally it doesn't really know I just leaked it attire on. Visited that leak. Out that I never when I didn't sleep that leaks bunt pan am OK okay what do we do. Higher and here's the last one if anybody gets a point then they win if nobody I get to point. To. Now. Are you Rio for the win. The tear from the 2017. Album love is raged too little woozy for. X so too were blanked. Nikki. Who. Judges are you that she's. An hour. Month. In particular yeah. Too nervous exit too nervous like the kiss hug to her. Glasses on him most musician this is actually called excel tour life. So now. Oh you are online management does it was close and you have to make him a song called excelled. To us. Coming through. It's. Yeah them. Your fans. Panel days. In the hot in a hand mama. How we'll introduce you to sell and now. Come out in the black lab and come automatically mean eaten do you feature introduced yeah. And your blood is seeds. Two and her. Come and pay off my. Mandela. When you want to land das is the engine. Be real Swedes and we will leave no Angel also home openly and with and now. And their own kids and have seen it time and please don't. This W two. I do not. Keep in front of you. Just we don't have it. It's also you can just yeah. If. Oh my god and added I don't know man aren't well we had no winners today. I don't know how many how many tickets we have for GC we have it's good news alone. Have any prizes the rest of the week well it's only Thursday so. Tomorrow no prizes their Friday. State fair ticket presented. Harass Jake is Samantha you well yeah. And I'll bet that's easy cheap easy with the little cousy bird in the title assign what are you just say that offer her.