What The Blank - G Eazy

Tuesday, August 7th


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And let's get our contestant. With everybody on the show David -- when a team up wit and an excuse me and that he would need Wednesday. You win David you win a pair Dixie G easy encountered our little clues he tied hours time actually duty on. Tony Tony and then Michelle. Looks like you get back to depict will. OK again I inebriated will you're gonna buzz and if you know any title of the G easy sock. I'm very horse of the 2010. Mixed tape. Big. Deal we got out. Does it if you know the of the fill in the blank banner issue. Not. My life is able. Roller coaster roller coaster. He is. And my life is it party. Harder to match up you've got to make up a song called. Mine life is day roller here. Yeah makes. It easy son. Bowler he gives Phnom only half. Full or JP is. Now. Beyond that goes on coast a girl may. Like now mouse and I'm ready to go without an unknown how is it does today. Brad and now does definitely heat on the hour rag really come a little closer at my last so wrote let cosa. Yeah and your opponent let's bring out and I don't hello I'm bush then. I never done rap version of what on while Atlanta's yeah well my life is oboe though. Did I get 000. Is the score here's another sound from G easy. From the 2009. Album epidemic. Blank G angles well well well. Bulging. Out. Early so. It's not OJ. I it is mr. jangled. Hello into your cell alone I mean you have to make ever rap sung called Bo Zhang says. But Zhang a camera angles he did so well is now making up his uncle Bo jingles as. Punishment 000. This store. It's a deep Lucy. We've got the listing. Each new speech. Nude beach new creation. Beats nude British. Beats new. I don't know what do you wanna go do good no breach. Let's get on down straight up and saw. He took and we don't stop. My boy well. The only suing you know what. I. They go. I do the OJ killed yeah. I was you're smiling and let you sit on his hair. And beautiful okay says 000. Let's try this again is another G easy sound buzz and if you know the title of this on you gotta fill in the blank. From the 2000 now eleven album the outsider from G easy. Blank. On a sunny afternoon. Boy drink drink drink on a sunny afternoon. Is wrong. Now it's blazing. That's a reference go read it. OK blazer and sunny sunny afternoon trading treasury Hank honestly just drink it send it not a blaze and I was here buddy whose body was ablaze and you're gonna certain. Yeah well. Sabathia and around. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Number no limit on the above we have lost someone in mind insect and I want to do was some that this is so good. I'm going to dodge that. When bottles. Don't have goodness gotten the Jumbo around act like your plan and then don't wanna hear that. Thank you so much and yeah. I'm like oh look rental when they think he's playing well will an alcoholic and I know I'm open during a Sunday afternoon who. Saturday. I to me. I'm totally there owner to win. Yeah. Ass Garzelli. A Sunday afternoon. Home life but okay all right well score is still 000. And here's the next line does and if you know the title of the song. He myself. Correct me myself. That's I would have won the death and you will probably get on this game and now one that we played everybody is eating iron yet. That OK here's an excellent Wheaton one point for Nikki she might have won this unless someone can tie with her here we go. Fill in the blank from the endless summer 2000. Eleven album from G easy. Reefer blank it. It just reefer madness is. Doesn't he kids yeah apparently that's on them. So make your lines so that means his team that could Nicki that means. They dead. David looks like you're gonna go ahead of the G easy concert and who else is there will Uzi and them. And somebody else I think. The tide Alice and I think. Elliott threw off home mortgage music senators are on sale right now and this week Friday August 17 hole and allow we jobs setup for those tickets congratulations nick yeah and well those are fantastic perhaps ordinary rap definitely will.