What The Blank - Florida Georgia Line

Wednesday, July 11th


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Brian teaming up with a well. We have growth Chelsea once Tony and Sierra once Nikki and so Mickey's UNC airlines for you. Senator Sanders said. Okay you're gonna I'm gonna give you the title of a Florida Georgia lines on the and then you have to. Fill in the blank get the blame now with a blank is this and so bill in the blank it right. Got a point five of these most of the most points wins for the partner OK here we. From the 2010. Album anything like me. Here's the song title. Black blank. Will ports. It is not black course it is black tears. Knowing how they're on. Growth alone in his time here at year's. News cents and now seen zero points and you have to make a song called. In black corners. Do you. And among the chemo. But their issue not. Little annoying me is tabloids say. And I'm Mona came home males. I'm again the floors sin love. Very. I'm saying is this man on the got some bare land. But you know it eases. Town wants. The game. Oh his dream team can no longer and a so leave those as you may need. One is that some. It's and then I'll call my parents Don and really do. Indeed it. Logjam bowling game. If they can't Iranian. Okay and wow what a son there wow I mean produced hundreds and usually balance problem yeah. You've got market a score is 000. So far plan Florida George July and what the blank is that sound yeah oh yeah and from the 2012 album. Here's to the good. Here's the good times sorry here's the song. Get your blank on. What is at Drake no. It's pitchers shine on. And I moonshine. Paris yeah I'm not here it's injury it to shine on so that means your punishment TDs and 000. Points. And enemies Hasan called. To drink god. And in my plan that he and I'm never gonna pack eight pray. Mom mom and and our standing and their lawyers. Again. I found though they didn't seal is fit in motion and family. Okay. I. I can match. Nice nice job done us any guidance you know like that guy to drink on the DOT problem I can't hasn't with our fathers and all been about substance abuse. There's idiot got out well that number also says something about that's right this doesn't sound like about jeeps and. Okay and Exxon OK I think. I look at it for the 2012 album here's to the good times and fill in the blank AM blank. On. The Internet. All day. I'm blank that spelled it DA YUN. Blank any out ahead. The Yankees. That is incorrect. Thus far. The late Al del AM baby. I yelled yankees I am I Lindsey is singing that song instead pay act and am baby OK let's hear your son called damn you Damn Yankees. Idea. It's no longer the eighteen hundreds. I'm Dana sure wish it was and that. Sure this didn't pull all our friends in the end but how would allow. Some long. Abu relapse and yeah. That web portal being dished back damn war. We do know. Look and they do yeah. You may have my. Com and it the only union will please the. It's. Jam ball. I know are we heading. I. JD sorry your doors. Not a nice guy. That's really get our right well still 000000. No no points there's only one left and only two more or less than a look at all right. What the blank is this zone. Meant to blank. Tony you and me. And meant to you are. Meant to be any. You might have won this thing we'll see Newton at one point for Tony's zero for Apple's effort. He even knew that there it is from the 2010 album anything like mean. They'll in this blank. Blame Tony. And cannon shots blank crap is in her voice. This week perhaps that whatever you said a blank. Beauty queens and that he illegally. Up crabs beauty this is blowing this rant is yet to seeing that. And don't you. I mean I I'm glad it. You have an activist yeah he's got this Casey won the game and you know burn out your punishment. Crabs beauty queens. We are recording us. And that ninety camera and polished and ready to go alone. My guess is her feet I'm gonna announce dean of the shell holes this. He grants and no one else knows after. Get a clean. Okay. Beckham and not let. None trends. You'll. I think you're gonna arrive. I would recommend not sticking in your team. Let's look at Chelsea wins congratulations got a pair of tickets to receive Florida Georgia line camera delay (%expletive) Lydia and I. On that beautiful and electors sorrow that the aunts and this week there are part of Florida Georgia line test feature in Florida Georgia lines be weird if they didn't include them. Nelly and Colson and down among others at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Saturday September 8 the day before the brickyard 400 you're gong win.