What The Blank - Charlie Puth

Tuesday, July 17th


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I'll it's a game are we giveaways and Charlie whose tickets now. We're gonna play a game called. What the blank does that sound so is to basically call and right now any team up with either Nikki. Tony well. And these guys are gonna get out titles of Charlie Cook sounds fairly smooth sounds okay and that you've got a buzz in with your name if you can fill in the blank okay the title of the sound easy and if you mess up if you get and you he would you don't get it right. You have your punishment is you have to make up the sign on the spot Chara at sun. That's sounds like you know and it's OK so if you wanna call and basically came up with the everything is gonna win this thing. We'll be Nikki Tony are well Colin right now team up with one of us on the shelves and is going to be fun to listen this came to. As they really do make these signs up on the spot. Yeah boss doesn't think that you know making up on the spot when I agree. Yeah that written and a no credit planners are quick weary and leaves that I naked and. Yeah I'm pretty sure that there's times that it's pretty clearly beta ask. All right so we gotta contest is ready to play and here we go guys you need and operate this house and I'm quitting stands today and remember. Buzz and if you think I know the title of the saudis are a chart like that is honest I don't know first one from the 2015 album some type of bluff blank. Day. Well big big gay is rob sorry guys I was the big day song it's the Marvin gay. Well a lot and I pretty some iron out that China is real and twenty AT kidnap act amber I don't. Okay then readies stiffest. Did the thing liaison producer well yeah call it big gay again. Really again. Again. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Home tour and he gave our team. Could not people those days. My mid NBA again. There. None none. On the sentencing we'll have now being there. And that bug you big government there. I'll media swings split those mental games and lesbians home and you can do this sting could be. Hi John. Let's go. Today. Win my career included. And you have gone all okay are at no point so far no points next son. From the same album 2015. Some type of luck Charlie tooth song called. Some type of blood. Some cuts some type a blood is. The same problem. So that one point ranked today. Nightly in it yeah I don't know if you get announced and we'll see now for the 2016 album nine track mind. Here's the sound on the blank. We don't blanketing. Figured downing. Talk we don't talk anymore is right. We're going one point returning one point or Nicki X on it two more two more. Here's a song it's called. Does it blank well. Matter. As a matter notes. That's incorrect the song yeah. Does it feel does it feel I mean it feels so that I needed to make a song called doesn't matter. So well it doesn't matter or does it matter debt on site does it matter. Does it matter. Hey angle that we just went on and there. And maybe I'm not what you're expecting this I changed my profile picture of what I know my base. Is all messed up men and and weird. I'm a nightmare when it in the face. I'm an avid being new team Shannon. You win a center room. And I'll buy you. Also I don't look giving. And again we didn't do it. But. I'll treat you well know. And do all good things you learn. I don't want just odd to be shadowed. So girl doesn't really matter. Boy in like that aren't so we'll see. Yeah we have one more and then so well you guys all time with one. Or will Nickie Antonio doesn't have any I know is that you both have one right gets one right and everybody would have a one okay. Theory of here's the title of the song. Losing my black and keep the wind not. That's correct. I'm losing my mind. Chris Joseph Lynn. Get to his doce Charlie's who's in concert and sing none of those on. So well let's show it is that attendance and at that with Haley Steinfeld and will be at the Ruoff home mortgage music center and the big any attempt it's great to be great chip. August 5 say you're don't congratulations. Station and you big winner today. Station I always make you lose. Wow man.