Weird Bucket List

Tuesday, March 13th


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Here's an interest in story. They Houston Chronicle claims that Clearwater Florida police department recently arrested. Tony is getting Tony strain easier. For shoplifting from a target store. He placed breakfast bars in bed sheets inside to resume reusable grocery bag before leaving without pain. Oh loss prevention officers caught the 23 year old. Before calling the police. Tony told the cops that stealing from from target was on his bucket list. Okay Assad exactly I don't like neck pain I think equities don't arrested on your argument and yet. So I thought that was funny you know edited it do you have every view is there anything strange that you wanna do in your life you get a dot com time. It led lights to voice a cartoon voice a cartoon images and a student project that now becomes public whatever whatever I just thought that would be your voice Beilein is normal voice you and I care would like to be the voice of a cartoon for something one time. That's kind of fun like that idea at Ed Wood and a whole show when I turn forty. Remember this producer will ask all the smaller list. Remember when it you can't I diving I skydiving and there was I was driving me rightly or zero zip lining I don't eat pancakes I thought I would have big big gulp pilot pancakes with syrup on them. Zip lining than we did hot air balloon hot air balloon and the show was over at like noon and 1 o'clock am still it's still out there broadcasting live from a balloon and it was like difficult it was insane we went we started at midnight on your birthday Yang took all day that I'd tell basically under little I want to fly a kite yeah we looked like the parking lots of crazy. Even needing. God. Not weird I had to be couldn school to make a movie. Dad like economy movie of some sort of the awesome. What about you Julia you have anything. I wonder write a book right right line and you didn't. That's weird you know and I always wanted to read about that is after Sunday's game Monday one day. So I'm British I want a breed Julie Muppets but I wanna be the Adio for a vote you do on the audio audio out okay. Yes body guys over here we can help you out that. Smiling when he shot value of. On my bucket list I don't want to you know bring it a. Winning. Only now are you Bailey and Alan that asks. Job out five years ago I committed to do training I Wii U base jump all the hype now. I'm all over the world who'll previous play Brazil went down arms. This remote area of Brazil. Where some locals are friends of mine in. Lou my wings also. I wrote a mountain out there and eat in the jungle. And everything I dreamed out and more. It was doc. Good meeting didn't meet from the beginning. Where Obama and would be thrilling as a areas I don't know man. The season the videos are those guys and all the ground and being sued now is that people who do it at that it's I mean I think. I am a crazy bucket list things and you got 13172281099. College at 3172281099. Go ahead. I have eight strange about it OK you know the green construction there are on the state of course. I would find it car and I wanted to again and now at night and get me c'mon now. Yeah that's a lot of sand thirty years I've wanted to be asked for every. Sunday. A lot of them somewhere and just go out and get it this Joker. Hello Megyn. My you know we're. I want you would be a trench I have all I might get bad because I am allergic to pine. Oh that's hilarious your cells as Diane. And give her a pineapple. Bits of funny. Daughter locate first and every died from burn the pineapple. Sir you light hospital allergic you have to go to hospital right away. And not knock I'd probably idea really really. I'm Ryan Nash and what a weird thing to be clergy have never heard that Larry and I didn't meet him you know tropical drinks it's not come in and food that. LA chopped kaput and I can't. Drink Tropicana at all maybe with I don't. Is that right see some number we need is tricked so hearsay orange juice is partly pineapple Jews. No traffic candidate. They have at that club Tropicana. Well and all I apple. At the same thing with all. Interest mall and pineapples they're so good in my body tolerates them big time ahead thanks so he needed delicious item whenever I want. And I look at my. I don't I don't dig pineapple on pizza and some people here and unite and accurately assess.