Thought of the Day 08-19-18

Monday, August 20th


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And thought hey ask Sarah. Pretty tough enough are you courageous enough. I mean seriously. Still live a life that you are born to lift or maybe the dreams still live the dreams that you always want to accomplish are you tough enough to do them are you courageous enough to actually do it. The big question isn't. Have you ever gotten discouraged thinking about how much courage it actually would take to live the life your dreams about like your marriage or your parenting and baby to be this house with a friend or to have the career of your dreams. How much courage is that actually take out there's a spoiler alert. It actually takes less. And you think what I think you look at the great challenges of our lives and we over estimate the challenge. And we under estimate our abilities are to begin to lie to ourselves and tell ourselves it's not possible. And we believe it. Which ourselves and our dreams of love for success of our peace are only possible for individuals so much more courageous so much more break so much more talented and gifted than us and guess what it's just. True right now in this moment you possess everything you need to live the life that god created. You'd just need about four seconds of courage. The village of football polls are back in action it's great goal colds right. And humbling experience for you got huge gigantic individuals running full speed each other trying to smash each other. It takes a lot of courage to play pro football. Or it doesn't check this out a pro football game lasts for about three hours in twelve minutes. But it Italian time when the ball actually and playing in their action is happening on the on the field it's only eleven. Minutes to play in the game for three hours twelve minutes there's only eleven minutes and actually we check this out. Average play it only blast the poor second. Entire football game it boils down to small little snippets of. Of four seconds the courage. Fiddle player in the NFL you need three and a half hours urged all you need to succeed and it found a small bursts and urged for about four seconds. Listen friend if you find four seconds occurs today to live well. Do you find four seconds and courage today to forgive and ask for what you need from your parents for your lover or your balls. The only thing keeping you from taking your next step to becoming you want to leave this poor. This is my time and time again god tells us children to be strong he. Courageous. For the lord your god is with. Was right you'd just need for a second to first day and you're not alone in that moment they got 38. Created this whole universe will be with you in that moment. Or seconds. That's what you need today. You choose four seconds of courage and make that decision made that home home forgive that person whatever it is your four seconds of courage away. From stepping into your next face and becoming who you were born to be. And that my friend is your radio theology out of the day.