Thought of the Day 06-24-18

Sunday, June 24th


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It's thought hey I asked Darren a you know one of the most dangerous lies we tell ourselves day night game it's this. I AM what other people thanking me. We probably don't say that out loud I guess what we. Feel it all it's time we feel this slide that I am to my core I detainees based on what other people think. And this life shows up in our emotions are tonight former around people. It's a wrap party we we don't think we're good with people are in social settings and what to say all of a sudden we only see people looking Aniston started thinking oh my gosh. What are these people they can't eat and we start to feel ashamed. Good for you it's at work like a presentation situation you're given a presentation on working people are looking at huge and I assured. You nailed it or not hurting you forget about an hour or maybe you're not. Eating that day your quota or your goal you're supposed to a working your start thinking oh my gosh I don't know if I have value because I don't know what these other people think it. It could be in it actually probably is on social media you don't have as many streets are you don't have as many likes or follows his other people and as you see. Your numbers not comparing with your friends or maybe some crazy famous person you start thinking I don't think I'm a good person. Because other people don't eat well let me yeah listen. You gotta get rid of that. You gotta get rid of allied that you are what people think he's coming to you the truth about this morning on the truth about you is this. Is that you were born to be loved and accepted and belonging to gaps and handling. Thinks very highly of you this morning if you have the rest of your life came into this this kind of a slave. If you live the rest of your life keys into this. Lye yeah. Your self worth comes when other people they can you your life as an eighty year old Brenda gets people's opinions unless he's really really. Anyone can understand the amazing power to lead the truth about. Keep yourself where it's him based and other human beings opinion put on guys you meet June. Created few minutes of playing for your life this morning everything I told a story for sprang. At this speech where he put himself out of town best thinking god and prayer and raise. It gutsy move. If Chris practice self worth is based on what other people a lot of them and I guarantee you wouldn't be talking about god and Hollywood movie deal right. Where has to be placed something so much more and I think displays what he says he knows that there's a god loves them and you created him. Sleep. Finally you have this big editing presentation working your Regis here terrified of what other people are gonna think listen. You are now. You mean you lost your job is speaking phils only she denied it your freedom which are being lazy Unionists and indeed listen really listen to forget it you learn not. What other people. You may even look in advanced degree in FaceBook and whenever help the social media using your he's doing your life doesn't compared to. Your perfect opinions of other people. And it is yeah. Are now. You might. Created by god. You belong to this and you proves that you. You were not let the people thank you. You are and I need to. You can jump start to understand that truth and for more troops just powerful and invite you to you know I am going to be dot com today. And download the five day jump start the purpose at the to get to Jesper you. It's a free five day idea of course they'll help you get a jump start on who you created to beat you are not what people think. You are who god created you don't forget it. Have a great week that my friend your radio theology. Out of an.