Thought of the Day 03-11-18

Monday, March 12th


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It's been thought of the day the pastor Daryn well. I said it before and I'll probably say it again but there's two types of pain in this world as the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. And this week and I got smacked right asked side of the head with the pain of regret is gonna take away it really irks. You know we do think you're not proud and you never get to the end of that thank yourself and really glad I did that when you instantaneously. Regrets. You know you're better than that you know that. There's more people that expect more of you you know this it's not your best in when you feel that pain of regrets this attitude and action. Maybe the lack of an action or managing it. It hurts it's painful. May I felt that this week and I'd just kind of wanted to crawl into all bull and covered up and act like I wasn't around for awhile. I couldn't I do that and go. Works and to keep on keeping on here's the deal I can remember when times. Actually now I can remember many tiles are standing in church singing the song he loves us. If you know the song it's really powerful really. Really great song but there's a there's a line. And every ten icing. I literally start crying and assessed. I don't have time. To maintain these regrets. When I think about the way he loves. If you right now you might be driving in this week you may have done something is the most incredible thing you've ever. Well I want you to hear the good news about you and I had to tell myself this about me. Didn't think it lovely scenes that is forgiveness and that is straight. You don't have time to maintain regret. When you ask him to forgive you of them your hip and it's time to move on and do your best. Choose the heinous. Maybe change some things in your life he changed he begins to discipline. And let's open at least a baby step at a stormy season and win. In two allowed you. He regrets will be nowhere in beating yourself up and it downwards our king god didn't create. We must. To get out. I've read any way who. Thinks that. Now if you redo young. Today.