Things You Call Your Privates - Part 3

Tuesday, July 10th


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Let's see here last week gag on we still on this topic a blank. So I think it'll have a lot of names hit a bit since it. So talking about names of your privates and when your nickname Xavier has been gave his thing nickname would you. And Samantha and traders set up my husband calls that the real slim she eighties he gets a while liberals as a slim shady please stand up. I'll lady's garden from Christie there was another there was super funny Wanda. Old man wave or because they got up ended the gold at their Guggenheim Merck Guggenheim are. And he. These seasons. And got a couple of one and lady calls her to two or to add a guy calls his Russell beloved muscle. I'm in now and a who a Judea. I actually heard the Judy I don't know why one night I did you say Judy Kuhn Judge Judy. I'm. A business. I'll mustn't touch a month I'll. Freaked out sadness that I felt weird boutique and a duty and who she deal. Good town here on this my morning show. Tony. Tony do. Yeah anybody. Out my name is our Siler is screeners varying in here. Haring and yeah. Carrying in peered at. I had no country. We are we all caught in no note square and it actually get on YouTube they're funny little article along with that do I really been announced there. That none out squared off using. I don't know the word but it sucked along the line can't pay don't touch me there that it might not square. And I just need and boy. The area really try to get this thing up yet does so that's a general area was is talking about thirty minutes says that counselors answer. Notice the young and can it's. Yeah. Yeah me yeah. Thank you will advances on the menu and good special starts against the field and I'm very fortunate just told me yeah locked in a world party triumph. It's yeah. I don't touch me. And knows how do you imagine the audience is for this song and I yeah. It figures jokes on steroids just easily sell is not an outdoor house does not look like it could. Newman the board and Iran is Leila makes a slap on the Internet just ahead this if I noticed there. Things like that rightly do you learn those strangers songs and suddenly now why wouldn't it be an. Sounds pretty. Funny to me when I think I don't think that that's that data via jokes what does it look like I was at present and on YouTube where. There's no video it's just an honest man. Second verses like is just a movie Tony no doubt that you like going like you're trying to touch my bits. And I'm getting the oh the only thing you can bet there are going to sing this song to you creditor and go ahead you and smiling when he showed. I'm an Arab. Or ha ha ha might go ahead. Luckily it. Like late George Carlin. And saying you know. She casts. They're healing she. And it's party. Don't modeling. Scooter. That ends and now I'm later on electronic wire and check in Colorado and that raid occurred with all of the canary. Any Eric I've known about it like it you're near railroad. And and any joke. One I'd general. Idea. And not charity. I. Ohio hello hi hello hello and many companies since I pay per minute for this. Or 99 at least I don't. Currently our hearts. Your child really calm of a girl who grew an employee at hurdle they'll. If we grow up. The nickname change so high I called Miami and the Alley slammed my hands feel Porsche. Dot slammer. Like that Dolly's a lot. But I James guy and or very again. Brandi go ahead. I didn't call it Herman the one German I think that's the second got a seam per cent a Google currently. I did and added my way to work and lots and attic Ricky. Yet when Alan little quiet. Rather crawl his proper the bomber and beaten my lines then comes the Bob Turner and on top of that. The and I Alexi. Going in there aren't any. Don't let me edit my action it actually on that we are in an element people. Not that might help. It's the number really it teaches you that strangers don't get that he's there intention then and now. Crazy. Why I did I get like Doug does it is by no announcement as the area you can't touch but the second the birds. Is bizarre because he's singing directly to somebody grabbing his crotch at that moment while Alison good trains what does. Yeah yeah you have to tell the predator no no no I mean there but I don't work I tell us try to do is tell the predator known others and there. Well again. Amid an initial round it. There's not gonna be stopped by a song. Yeah it. We go to NSC came and Jeremy are the we got to wrap this at you when we turn now. Make it did not mean they don't. Mean and big airway that oh. Are when I was. Little like four I would call my water weenie and then when I got a little bit older like and I would call up my Alley record. It's how to act as well as the case to call mine the white snakes. I don't know Wednesday.