There's Hope For Potholes

Tuesday, March 6th


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Radio theology here and I'm by the Tzipi up to about all of that as a read university in before the break we're talking about potholes of life. Things that are unexpected and opposite defer Noah yeah flat tire in my directs the car and its top I think as parents even as with friends or your in your marriage or senior significant relationships as you know those things that you're trying to is yet they avoid but what happens when he hit one and all of a sudden it wrecks like -- Maybe think guys about one of the races that I that I really do rely on my faith in my connection to Jesus and I love the fact that in John chapter sixteen Jesus says. In this life is as you won't have many troubles races like this. I'm in this world you won't have trouble but take heart I have overcome the world. I love that the Jesus is real is I guess what there's a pothole blitz out there and why you're gonna have trouble rank your kids are always gonna do right. Your your marriage is not going to be easy sometimes with your neighbors your friends are with your parents. There's gonna be strong which are gonna have trouble I think. Our biggest troubles impact as emotionally the greatest our our relationship right like his relationships everything else is as the details. It's OJ sailors and you're gonna face troubles of any kind. But take heart I've overcome the world I hear what would you say there's like listen. Here at those models the guess what I'm with you not gonna go to the Malone Unita have to to carry the weight of that alone. What kind of courage your driving your car right now be careful watch open up bottles or the other half the remark from that Americans think the bottom of the cart but know this if you're driving alone today you're not alone. I Jesus right there with you and he's overcome this rolled and he wants to be with you in the troubles that you have. The things which are struggling through and we believe and you end we even pray for him because we we we know that. This opportunity be on this radio station in an in your car in your ears. Is not just to entertain you but we care about to Levy a wanna make a difference in your life and somebody's honest Ellis got the barrel. As a pastor there are well goodness gracious very welcome back to radio ZL tell you why you're wrong okay. Dummy and got rally on all. Jesus' week in everything correct well I got. I got the solution and I know what odious when you've got go to church or got a great Bob Moore got to do more staff in the bottle go away. So easily you're saying is if you work harder. Then god will work harder for you it's more to work work hard thing. Now what I'm saying that he got everything wrong in your tale of people think that they don't need it here. That sort of science. 01 of the things for me Larry it's really about God's grace right there in his grace is not about our work is about that we don't deserve better we can't repay got that. Buys grey city is a part of our life hamas'. That sent liked Chinese may have no audio in Atlanta which. I eat my god ordained online prayer back in little strict if it popped on up there with you skinny danger in despite their record doubled after. Larry I feel like maybe you've hit upon whole life. I feel like you need to watch out for a come on down to radio station cherry compatible and. Now and where that is a sound like Billy said that's on my Jesus. Exactly. He's now. San what are you doing out and about thanks a lot. In a problem with women talk you know nothing about these losers as a conversation for another time Larry. They got they are maybe women should stay quiet in church maybe they should Wear long denim skirt temple where Bakken beautiful blood and make college banners on Wednesday that. I am bored with the pilot but I. I egg none were in the bunt. I normally don't agree with you all but the fact that you like I looked lady you just earned a little bit hyper alert about me I still don't lock you. Gotta go Larry.