Thanksgiving Talk

Thursday, November 16th


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Not who he. Couldn't. Love to be. Wouldn't keep. Kohl's kids good. So we. That's what happens things in my head. I appreciated. Kind of think in an excellent in my. All right here is. You don't. Thank you anyway. People want me. To be fun you. He hit her in my big brown. Believe that energy. I want sole movie win any. Each day he. All my. Being here you know these banks to have beer. He's there he didn't end there either. I see. And I think oh yeah. Is that's. And do you want. Did say there. We're going to be caught. Can't really get minutes. What. Right knee on knee he just can't use. Won't move it and I've got to prove me. Can you be then you. Holmes yeah. Done my share. Post. Okay. We need more time. Saying hey he's human and only. It's. Zain can't keep boat people way. McCain victory in opinions and cool and oh. Hopeful. Oh god okay go. I wish there the only constant in nickel and we'll. And Campbell yeah. One week away can you yeah you believe this hoosiers driving your car right now and I'm not an hour. You really do you have if you got a big. Get your Turkey number one and then start the line and out because it takes on time. I've done I've done everything wrong with Thanksgiving Turkey so. You wanna talk to guide its debt messed everything up on the guys that always takes twice as long as you think to again there was a goat takes and I don't like eight hours yeah that 48 hours do but now now if it's a big one can take like five days again debris and litter is our time to battle it out or one. That's out that's it she said the editing given that. We'll take this kind of thing. So anyway. Have to. Thanksgiving colonized it just hard to believe that it it's actually next week and I Hispanic one minute one read wherever. Big debate at night. I am like yeah. As a person he usually knows that it did this year so our trying to do is figure out how to combine to families and a wind so we don't have to do to would you on this thing to do that or is that too much work no I think we're getting everybody onboard a billion idealistic yes I'm saying you should do it just sat there and say listen I'm I'm young. Well branch on the new generation. We're gonna do things giving any contemporary way yeah how would that be mcdonalds. The all the things you get it in the foot of the fridge did break the mic now than three he. Thanks yeah this bill is awesome everything in those kids when it comes through. I doubt they added I remember our own boss Scott Hanson have family and I'm dreading them. Many feel it already got really go to Boston argue and loves bones when market before Thanksgiving and get like Turkey you don't. I'd stop yes and then I'd do if I was single sign himself yeah you had to. You an idea. Frail guy around. I can now easily won on on sixth street ahead pitcher and now he's some are an Amish and yeah no that's too far west now it's. You are around OK to. They aren't they look pretty ugly. Now his first. There's like it's got to be near the leg of further east than did it seem like there's three there's one addiction apologists this year's it's an 86 straight. Exactly right. Well not a particularly negative buzz that he wanted to for Thanksgiving and now but is it it's pretty I mean Boston markets pretty I do like a pretty GD nude. Yeah why don't say GD and does alleges that because I don't and then beat any chuck what's going on. Elegant there's also will need Amanda do I get I did it here in the 24 people. You down yeah Redick China and China ran everything. Eat your Turkey and it seemed like capital. What are back and I commend Turkey I eat that what you're seriously you put. White castle sandwiches. And you're. In fact that the actor Greg nurtured me I onion and cheese. White castle and wrong that. That does make sense you kind of look at it makes lighter stuff that we don't need some luck as they are you I guess you would kind of not so you make it smaller pieces. I take my crew Todd UP UQ and a guy. No no secret to an absurd I'm Gordon. Yeah like a good white castle are certain are but it's thought that. So you're saying you live marine castle which is fancy. Chuck what knew that he said he went to the hoodie got out of the very white neighborhood the dealers and then went to the hood to the white white castle. Came back quickly eaten and I'm putting this stuff does bird. Hewitt I guess that has a lot of Turkey's stance you don't. Experimental scientists. Now let's I liked the idea about I don't know if I had led when I can't what are you an idea what if it screws up everything. I don't have anything. Good I guess stepping is it exactly that's dubbing it is. Due out. Now I know that's what I that's exact that's why I put penis and sleep sleep pills in my wife's universe and what are wherever worked yeah okay Aaron thank you Michael let's does that suggest that. And go back to your hair very white rich neighborhood. Thank you are well ahead by Jack that's glad that I had to leave go to the good to go camp. They're not in my name had been listen when I finally get out of the neighborhood here. And we'll get to. Know that doesn't paint. Nine where I yeah I do not everybody about it and yet we don't have them here in Marines Laynce Nix cash checks cashed a liquor stuff yeah it's. Merry go ahead. Actually picking up our county a little bet to end the bot and Marquette that it now I'm dead you're in the 86 Michigan bank. Yeah. Manny knows how to think or is she right now no are you right now here right now on the rock now I'm right now I am right I'm right. As of right now. You are right now as an hour and I didn't know it then that would have been before my time would like to know all the locations of the boss yeah and how many are there there are from. Five Jimmy Carter in Indianapolis. Yeah go ahead there's one over there are Segal in and 75 street did there appear on the east sound like you're on the west side. You better choose the one that's at 56 it and area Georgetown. I'm gonna do take awhile though right if I got to zoom in the bucket is about to disappear and come back I don't want a real Boston market. Nelson and I don't know and that's thirty knots that lasted the that's gonna finish up a pair. In letters that. Tail like a death at. A time. Hi I'm proud example on Bartlett and treat and Thanksgiving they had him in tag match again this year I'm totally on the Bob Evans and about it. Hard at Wal-Mart and gain entry got. Bob SM they have it is our Dolan hadn't called and all the time so what are the things aren't okay. I can't imagine. What a delay yeah. Cheating I'd been going to Bob Evans eating their Turkey like David Turkey dinner and it's just like things is there right now I've had it twice already this month while mountain. Yes that Bob Evans atom and are already there is a very yeah Bob and bailed on and cremated him interred in a sausage. Nobody that. A stays like Bob I don't normally men mentality that man and this year.