Terrible Toni

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Game time ever matinee smiley morning shows and your chance to win that visits island racetrack tickets right ray and snake snake its. So game we let you call and tell terrible Tony gets a break we'll see in Iraq only time will tell right now. Okay that the immediate time right now. Is a racing so these are braced themed question at least 500 I messed this up stuff yeah and so if she gets the first. Three right James thinks you'll get the first 12 or three right. Hi Danny Roger who's standing by anything bad to get maybe between four and six. The fourth if their sixth question right and Tammy seven to ten and Danielle who volunteer to. Doesn't think you'll get any rent so she has no faith and you know. Mean look at. Number you guys doesn't look your names are root causes and first it's the chance to insert. Okay and then then tell terrible Tony gets one right to put it right can you summon steal letter we just keep going now we just keep it out. I hadn't blown does that you have time to think he added that's out there. That's not affairs of this is just your immediate react and act so and people listening if there's anybody out there listening which they might not be anybody out but yet they're listening in with us. You could put it onto just scream at your radio MEI Gary allowed enough. You can next time Tony Wilson and just my morning job pencil and a six day week. Mike ballot bags yet allow ground shipping okay. Your first question. Name one of the drivers who has won the Indy five us. Smiley Scott Dixon and isn't correct I'm sorry. The whole question was named one of the drivers who has won the Indy 504 times asks Sony to get the sport now I can't we just are attacked not yet at the answers where AJ Foyt Al Unser and Rick Mears question number two and it. Which color flag is waved when somebody. It is yellow flag you don't want to say what is out again and is adamant yeah I'd say do I don't wanna screaming out. I got it right Ella good job with the owner actively trying to screw Tony. Press species and the ads and Wednesday. So done and that's it's terrible I can't believe you found somebody to remarry and how many times have you been married now. Their client third to reside via sap guys once he'll admit. Right now. Though oil boy I didn't hear your first marriage as a long time ago he he is arena. Rain summing that works program with next next week. And get the invite. Properly and getting married at Kroger Dahlia. Non editing room and make in the Kroger is that I cater I admire my values on the freestyle. I mean don't we use this show isn't whenever we get free yeah mechanism sandwiches. And what is it about. This. Remember the caddies to college our show all the time he were to Kroger got firing. No question Marcia it's actually a glasses it was. Now my sister's impression or the martian it was a into the Croatian Catholic relations he was like told his manager to go make F funds. I exactly I edit this so funny because he was so creative he wanted to make like you do I ask salad from marsh I. But they're they wanna be consistent and all stores like almonds raisins might be in the chicken salad he wanted to make it out curry. As that is like now you can't do it act of god that does not and rightfully so he. He yelled at the boom that's old admitted that they don't make it upon himself and he was equally fired Eddie it's a college all the time and then the next thing you know he's working and out of a bail out wide gap and mark Kelly and his self well like governor found yeah. Well now he's selling he just got a box of beepers from Russia. And he's a solid and a van dead yet Daniel that the current relationship I guess if you're out there Daniel call. And a hot messes up and Lawrence got a lot of busy eggs I'm sure he's dead by now you'd think it's that he's disappeared. He was really funny now we we went to lunch have been just to see just to hang on hang out go to wrapping up ever that I've got to get over my shoulder because I was sure gonna get nabbed by the Russian mafia and out today you're worried about the Russian government usually it's the Chinese about then I want in my out of the Chinese have moved right in that area spot. Okay were on the third question I believe this is so exciting loses. CME's the last or excuse me James is the last chance to win it's okay how many spaces are on the Borg Warner trophy Tony. You Google what do you look at down the computer. And got Twitter app I'm not okay I'll end this and thinking Ali analyst what. I. And he's got a lot of that is incorrect. I'm so sorry. There's a 102 faces in the BorgWarner trophy to the area is mr. Bullard and one of them is Tony Holman and junior. Pounding in his face on that yet because he revitalize the drag after World War II will try to Tony and getting it that's a close about the questions are are and are typically James is eliminated from play Harry Harry James Toney was too terrible now is do terrible. All right here's you next trusting eyes. That was the original classic sponsor displayed on the blimp that covered our Davis. That's correct at all. Race card like anything about race car. Feeling good Goodyear's (%expletive) He's hit a regional I thought yeah it was three. What is it now. Do they have the blue not gonna be. I think it's like mental lie and higher sat down on them then OK so that means rancher. Is our winner here I've only Roger congratulations you got a a couple of tickets to go to the that's not a morning show cooers like snake pit. And so give U race tickets as well. I don't end up like music you like electronic dance music at all I'm yeah. Who cares to go to the track and they got their tickets to go in there. It's so it sells out and maiming and take it she just went up in price just heads up on this immediately have been begging me for tickets and I. I'm like now we're gonna want to do you know they've locked them down here Gary. I mean I looked at a video that I shot in 2014. But I mean just couple of friends out there for the snake bit it was a fitting. Posse here Karen who won a couple of artists. But it was so small and ugly and it was maybe a thousand people that is so small the bad I mean there's 50000 people that are out there unbelievable current three just for this car. That are there for that. Dead now. You've got to get to dig itself. This they will sell out. Rollins says could be today there's nothing just that. The exact. VIP is sold out so yeah. Which is nice he's got your own bath private bath or marry you know yeah that. You know how we're putting this thing on with scores like yeah I ended up buying some just in case. You know I do I did that for smiling round today. Our events and I table. Remember that it had no well so I didn't I might pay 300 dollars says face value for two tickets for VIP Manama. And at that after you won Iowa and we can sneak the bracelet Noth in now share with you channel editor and I do dad had a great. I did well be there and not read this village I don't know much about but looking toward tonight. There's there's magnate.