Swim Suits

Monday, March 12th


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Radio theology on 995 ZPU wiggled its faith hope love and music or theater rate morning we are a film like act like as all this talk about the sun. About the upcoming spring by the waist bringing back this morning no spring forwarding forwards are back yes to just run forward straight brown got all kinds of action time and I'd like industry and out my year and a radiant I love this on my my understand knocks at the day he said Dan yet sad sad face looked at almost puppy dog two years ago and has broken my sense art said Knox. Was wrong. And when a management can match. All the folks I would yeah. Let me Hamas answer is never which. The issue our house it's we basically have three little brown Bayer's every morning and every the year that my kids get soaked can't go produced pasty -- them to like in fact quite the same mega super tanned growing up and airs on my whole life might I was it like it to dry heat out this striking out yet out right after I was friends with one of my friends from third grade in tow through high school in the somewhere around my freshman near his his sister is like. They're near Mexican. Another I. Just name as early want. Having a kind of flatten them all I'm from Illinois and I I. I can get under my centro so sad about it they can't wait to get hand again and talk about this morning and Accuray for spring but it's not where I think. I think eleven to bring guys is that I do we get two seasons of our life will we Wear. You know amid a back to metaphor era all right is that we feel like maybe we've gone dormant. We get in Iraq. You know maybe it's the right as we sit in either sleep the cookies each night Garcon and or maybe does that ring and I can now sounds and anything. And reading or would mean that we were not go to church we're not taking care some element of our life spiritual mental physical whatever might be. One thing a lot about spring is I feel like it's it's the and you remind cyclists in new life can come again and I think if if you're in the place of your stat you're worried about swimsuits or whatever coming up spring practice no listen. Life is coming again income back in your life it's just about begin to choose that pain discipline to respond to what God's doing radio theology. Yeah that Patrick and yeah. Yet Blair let me tell you why you're wrong about the agency. Obviously you don't know where in scripture says that lady should be Everett for a hit that tell it there at the oh. Eric you gotta look sport needed in the air. I was just at the beach it's everywhere actually but beach is kind of understood agreed between a lot but he would know that you've. You've got your past or agree on the line from some shady we're quips that I'm sure. Phil leery of wince just women wears in the beach and it's pretty sad unmanned what was your question here about what should I Wear to the beach. Should Wear long denim skirt young lady you should pull your hair back and stay in the minivan packed up camp with the people on the street and tell about the lord. Believe what's. That sounds like a really fun and resigned at the beads. It's Sam Rockwell. I am a bit seven nights a week except on Sunday we. We do it spot on Saturday may be too wanna come on man you should do it you know the beach and techno beats is bullish even Horowitz. I don't go down matter. We get painted of Eric. Horrible and purity well. Here's this and think don't you think positioning Larry that like Jesus came he was really actually got himself and he actually hung out with people all the time and wasn't afraid of didn't tainted or. Or you know messed up at all. You'd think it's amazing that I already know all this stepped in your preaching to meet with your Sparky airing your patent genes in your brought harm to Adams. What people want to beat pastor Eric and I use that term loosely. I love the board shorts wearing. Or shall I thank you for speed amendments oh did you feel. Like he's taught you about ordered Speedo that it just simple court. They're never heard the idea of the joy of the lord he heard about it on the barrel radio show. Pilot back.