Summer Job: SMS Cleans A Chimney

Thursday, July 12th


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We are do we know Ed summer jobs is that we don't let's get out and see what it's like to have a real job you know. The Florida sit in the studio and hang out and talk to each other racecar around like news and that's not a real job when a pentagon pentagon a real job so here we go again. All right guys summer job is he ready. Here proper attire on or at someone's house somewhere and somewhere what is your name Sam okay what is his company. This is clean sweep 3170. It would be chip chip chip chip should read. They get your partner that's right but then dance field I Dan hey are you either on a call I am yep I signed up and called the X. We're we're gonna do a job here and I today and hopefully we need paging our job Obama on the hour. Look if so what are we gonna do here on the Mandela we have to. So we're gonna clean and the fireplace in the ten nation Germany gentility Jim Jim Jim. Memory and get on the roof and inspect the chairman Jeremy. Aren't I yes actually I didn't so what are some chimney in the league phrases that I can use. Sound cool targeted like this thing's all fitted her like some like that it's in each of the Ukraine the firebox is. Really Gergen without bus. The fire bias that don't they don't say the. The flu and rush although Hulu the damper. The smoke chamber Clijsters beat taunted me I should. And smoke which this to me this I have one but. And then. I'm gonna say when we're looking in the attic is no small chamber in here gotta smoke chamber days ago that. Perfect that's perfect allies in your company and around here for years and who do you guys actually the build chimneys and typically does well we did and guess to look at percent and clean sweep the cleats are doing seven for your tenure. It would be restoration cleaning and rebuilds okay NASA what does that tell me about this unit typically anywhere don't. But it's this is with plastic flat that's right Dave very good it's America. On the Internet today yeah it does now firebox or not. Got a flew up there on the title get me. To get out there and grudge that it has a firebox is just doesn't heavy smoke chamber passed that's limit her. Smoke gets a chamber where the smoke goes and that's how you know the difference. So I smoked chambers are among today's been known talent and I can't say do we have to go up there into the tyranny of the flu. That is correct so I'm bill opened the damper and we'll take an eight inch brush accused me bristles with fraud yes I do connected to a full. And will run it up there and keep connecting these polls until we get to the top. Announces pay per hour. Check hat and that's root hi all I know how much I make him per hour Dave I do well. If you will or what I see what's your real work Nancy Nam my name is checked amok chuck the mock aren't what's that does that like did not been hit in front. I'm muddied. May south but it may sound Spanish yet culturally. Culturally diverse tears when I like that money what are usaid money may sell money may so wanna say. You look Kugel ratchet my friends. But I knew if we get busy what do we have to you first hear. Us the first who had to do is go out clean off the clean the backe mountain and the filter and then get the tar from bringing in center the tip off let's go. It says smiley summer jobs let's go to. My attitude is my pants and that would be yeah. That's. True that's a dirty job the very dirty what happens you turn. It pretty much the game masking it's very ashy Agha has set. Ashes and smoke. I do I'd hate is playing in this whole wide world there's no. Relentless coincide I don't like it out here plugging away from the time it. Is it time to go inside and yes let's go inside Greg Dobbs tonight touching your face with those dirty glass let's begin black cholera and on your face and Germany June agility you've always street gallery command with a respirator because they're like. They envision all this cash to sort of that's the view there. He's aware of this says the occupational thing because in so many Sunni base is right in the cash and that's why applied for this job back. And it's time got to be careful it's Sarah today. That would be your ability to hear Ross Mary Poppins that I have but we charge extra to sing and dance. Yeah Jim needs him and share of any chance chain Jolene I'm trying to use the black pulls first look at. As you know I may not go back once that started with. Oh my here reality. There are different we do on the I didn't. I don't let rest connected to my first pole. Three thank you won't turn of the all right Jack. Okay. That's the hard part. You have to get stabbed rescued at home and but the but the tool do their work at my grandpa used to say I still. Nobody gentility. President that he's grab in the championship and that is heavy polls there are not there death at a plastic here. They're like fiberglass okay have concerns like how they've been so easy yet again like yet the Kaiser sit back and Mickey's. I only I grew up doing this kind of work I've made that we have the wood burning fireplace in the back hot glue. It yeah I am hitting something. The cervix probably. I think that there and he would have to do that they back it and forget it struck it down filed. A rabbit Dave. Looks like a baby Bob backed leather diaper changed that back view only. And smoke I have an instinct and intuition first Lincoln Kennedy. That they thought this thing and I get married province of sugar pills and reg. I don't June July ability. Tony from your vantage point how are you feeling. Well and I don't have sent Allen enough means like you damn fire well that's yeah. So being a video ever firm is definitely the right job for me its ability to do that. You do here trying to get a drone. What I'm sitting here working on since. I had to get the drones I get some video. I was a little more do you then he's playing at the drought I really think he is in their making it. Now I'm not day in the DGI floor bro gotten into the homeowners news. Yeah I didn't know. Jim do we need to. Dave's has sends zero amount of work. A way he carried a vacuum cleaner and I'm sorry for. The OK so we appear on the wrist. Gotta go. The Jackson what they chased ours is it still wouldn't hit a new hot as hell appears. And I don't I made it up the first thing that first class tell that Ronald firemen did a good guy here OK I. It. Yeah yeah all the roof then you go up who got dragged out of the way I know it was an eighth that's the other part it was a twelve and half. Eight hit millions of what you're saying is right now we're up here on an eight pitch. An eighth with a twelve on the other side of the valley. The alleys when you need arrest you get in the van wanted to stay in the valley they didn't jaded but he did on the ground. Grounding and yeah yeah yeah how you work cut out for this kind of work may be should that go become a. Librarian to lead and I'm angry latter's. Death three out of here deaths and then. It's burning the living hell ever bits and pieces you don't you know asked us to sit down when your stretched into a war remain and gene data Denham. Absorb the heat it's June to a decent utility cart Hannity got guys. In a minute now that I love doing more than this job. Up close like up on the roof I didn't make it up there I stopped at the second belly. And took a small restaurant bar in the living hello my bit it's it's that hot up there now yeah and I got some good video of you guys I was down underground city itself frying him as a great action. The UK had to tell me how we do it is as a new employees here may yes figuring it Yahoo! would keep your round parents and we need dame smiley dead Davis agreed drone operator huh. Thanks to clean sweep three once seventh. Another job complacent and. Share. And down day. Yeah it turns out real jobs suck yeah. And they got on the back.