Stuff In Your Attic

Thursday, August 10th


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I saw this interesting story here NBC talking about a person from Inglewood. And I did I know now. I know Englewood Florida I'm sorry. He was recently. Investigating a noise in his attic so he and his son this is bomb Bob Vander Gershon. And his son. Went out the attic that it is spot on what this noises. As a investigated they found a boa constrictor L know. Insulation. Yes or staked rapper has says the boy had been living in the attic for two that to four years to a crowd. Bigger and bigger by day. Only nice probably. End rats and mice or whatever. I got like some I guess some squirrels are some out there my buddy Corey who is the show one of my eyebrows number November broad. February guys. As that's entrapped subject Stephanie do it that's for letting me. But dedicated seemed trapped there and they're always add to this great tonight cirrus freaked out raccoon like -- years ago we just met we trapped and your family wreck particularly. As a mom dad and baby we got a month three did you get it did someone trap on what is rapper Kanye did they release them somewhere didn't kill. No way I don't know I you probably don't wanna. I think Amy had asked that the he didn't tell them I Camby and everything is he releasing another neighborhood then they go up and someone else's category they come back and find your knee you know into the legs and they like this is that. Better time to go to the woods. I don't know they rapper what are you doing my life was like don't kill lots of families squirrels in this you know Corey says. That don't kill too big she doesn't like to squish the spiders seas and using. Not crazy. Fighters are terrible if just now a senior and I now live. She just isn't your seasons and why is eight in Palin in my house just flat irons party picked my house yes that's out there and die and that's illegal exports Matsui hit right into trespass we and again and I bears. Yeah so loud my question is what's it may be just moved in a house or whatever may be finally went up in your attic. You've found something crazy what's the craziest thing. You've found your attic get living or dead or just have to. I like I thought one had my old house I found paraphernalia like out like a dying like new drugs there's nothing that none needles it was like act I was cracked. And afternoon. It's because I knew I guess there was a round and do. Like for we'd. That's how are you know at that NASA and it was the round and CNET and a veteran cracked yeah funny as they just Texas may or may yesterday I wanted to shoot a video and I was like. This any of skeletons anywhere and I'm like looking all they had they rent out closet yet you happen anywhere in the front room I found out and if and it's got the panoramic shots that I had a guy come over to I installed some cable and my old house after I got divorced. And he went up into my attic and team is like any have. A question for you. Is. A bottle. All of your and just in your address it diskette that you know is here and well you could tell from the odor. Oh yes there was a bottle likable kind of buck and a bottle of it was as a couple beer bottles but it was still had an evaporated it had not a separate bomb got along good it's still had him in recent. Had I mean it has probably been within I had I had just gotten to worst and and it had been probably about a year and so you think you're your ex president. It was. At. It would be for a girl to paean to rub your your I don't have a quick work like I think eventually it is like. You know dead hanging out. Didn't wanna go to the bats and didn't wanna navy had a message hearing so he does not that was again right yeah I don't I don't have any idea why that happened. I thought maybe it was for a long time ago but if there was you know in I had have been if there was sort of babri slayer and that's weird growth has kept addressed but I understand it I mean another guy. And and do the same thing is up there having him. The case. And I wanted to go to the bathroom so weird and a visit join myself. It on the run yeah ought to be done and it Alfre leg no I'm sorry yeah. Squeezed out called yet. Our own. But get a phone numbers 3172281099. It's got a story that and we are you found here at actor in a back room or somewhere in Allen and into the crawl space. Yeah go ahead. I mean I'm an insulator so and way oh yeah one day group a piece of insulation and there were so it. You're so what is our our. Human. Possibly in the opening start kicking trying to get out of here Mike well it. Panic on it was another question prosthetic leg. Yeah bah well look that that's my guy I coordinate logistics are hearing is that a homeowner I. You're they're Oreo I'll but I hit just sit up there are a lot of rest and big leg up. Yeah that's. Me and I wouldn't do that I've had people you know gone up there to do the finest girls or whatever and mannequin and other guys because they've ripped up inside not mince well insulation to bed. Not the squirrels or whatever is in my attic ripped up the events. That goes for the air conditioner it's like this it's laid out out there in his attic above the Malaysian. It's not like hard and pieces of I dirty thing it's just it's laid out all over the top there but they've ripped it up so it might air conditioners blowing. Cold air in in my add nice. Yeah so I could like the last you know I did the new window coverings staff and my house thinking that I couldn't figure out why my areas not. Keeping up with the upstairs sure it is going up in the attic up around. That's what's happening police addicts call it adds icing or your bottles are carrying out area. Etsy smiling Marty should go ahead get a story. The seventies. And healing of pop pop pop like acquire. Okay yeah that way I know deer wander shares series here what the public and the clot that like. Three up and that it would entry into an. Okay so some kind of like a pushes the water out. An end here at an entry out I didn't go to the addict yeah well. And Doolittle and I got to find an end insulation on the car yeah. And act as you know are you keep current with immediate like no we don't know what the pocket out. Well I know now we had someone who weren't me and I. Yeah. Coming in the Millen not any wind getting up from the kitchen and yeah and when I can't panic found out he called the week it a little bad. They got he would come you don't like the garage. And turned down into the house through the bedroom closet where the outcome he climbed on top of that and then yeah. That's terrorizing get away with this for so many have. Had your quieter heavy sleeper it's a it. No we don't know how long you are now by. Little band in one and that they are in a band and everything they got there that is the only time it was cold I'm sure he would get Credit Agricole. A squatter and a house that's now being lived in that's crazy they're dying. I got a phone numbers 3172281099. Got some crazy story for us let us now.