Student Walk Out Protest

Tuesday, March 13th


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We're calling it a march to remember its of play and walk out at Plainfield high school tomorrow it's something students have been working on with administrators for a couple of weeks now Carlos Diaz. Is Mike from Plainfield high school Carla how is just walk out different from the other ones that we know we've heard the last couple weeks plant that schools here in central Indiana. Well Julia other walkout might be talking about you know preventing future gun violence at schools and possible gun. Regulations that could happen to prevent the school shootings here at Plainfield high school. They simply order remember the seventeen lives lost. The Parkland in Florida last month now they've done the math here at Plainfield and they say 227. Students. Have been killed in school shootings since the year 2000. The year many of these high school senior year Plainfield were born. These students say school shootings have become all too familiar in their lifetime. You saw on those film of the students walking out of the hands up and dropping their backpacks sleeping knew what to do. And the fact that it's been so rehearsed the students know what to do and we know what response in case are shooting was just side. I feel high school seniors and our a lean and Caitlin poor are the two students planning Wednesday's walk out focused on bring students together. He and and and it's say they're glad Plainfield high school students can join others across the country to show solidarity. And as mom says she's proud of her daughter Kayla and what of the students are doing here besides the marks the playing field. Senior gift calls for a special dedication. In the porch area in the court yard area which will be dedicated to all the lives have been lost due to school dance dance school and shooting violence across the country. At their other schools doing instant don't. So it. Oh go ahead well I was looking up on CNN severe of people that at organize the women's march are organizing this march and well. So it is a national march happening tomorrow at 10 AM local time and this is not the one the march that says that for gun control and act according to these people that are organizing it it is there I aired they want congress to ban assault weapons require universal background checks are and salesman and passing gun violence restraining order law that would allow courts to disarm people on the display warning signs of violent behavior yourself. And I again I know it's happening in a lot of school districts. Here in Indy yeah oh yeah. And and the one at Plainfield are not even saying what time they're gonna have it because it for safety reasons so this one's really just they say despite two more unified their school. Still a little bit different from the gun violence. I was art or anything right now as I get out of school I didn't mean what it is I'd I was in very involved in anything but it's like. Marchers and yes I am right. Interesting to be able to talk to my kids about it because Dayton had Greenfield has sent home letters saying. Advocates cannot leave if they leave its its safety concerns and an Alley and he'll be counted destroy it. But they are opening up the gem and so kids can go into the gym without facing any. I'm in constant now. You know the trend gum was one of my favorites back in the eighties I guess that making on this. Let's get in the eighties are gonna nicotine's a delicious try it and it's what I meant. Why hasn't he asked that a lot of schools are doing this that I international organized walked out for seventeen minute there I know agreement schools they're saying don't you there yeah there's. A malls and summer saying your kids can participate in their sending home a letter you can sign it but then other ones are saying you know what we're gonna leave it up to. The teacher at their discretion. Or others like. It can't attorneys that there are coming out and saying no we don't know how I think it's it's cool for the kids to start getting in but so many of these kids have no. Clue what's going on nationally or eight air about any of that stuff. So it's you know it's brought up a conversation at least he's Kelly is complete all of those kids they all do is watch you do bomb Rollins look like or do something getting involved and a school. Yeah but it is also the other point of view of the leg people. Think that well is this the right way to express that these organizations like great there organized but is this the right way or method to express it all on a better one well that's the question right so that's I'm just offering you the alternate ultimate point you know I didn't there was a letter posted out from the game on schools from the principal. At a high school that I saw that stirred up all kinds of opinion about. Whether or not the lockout was right way to express that are not their people supportive people down ice found it fascinating that that there was that there was controversy surrounding there's passionate. He let my ways they think listen you should stay in school doing and another way that that voice yeah it's like mobile it's like great pistons are mobilizing to mobilize them more productive way. In fact get to get in the school. And I didn't think that there are some you know their safety concerns once those kids are leaving the school in Eldon they had leaving the building my ass harder to keep them safe. Much interest is if there's anybody out there or recent students that are listening right now Colin let us know your opinion on that didn't get to voice on the radio how about that Lou Lou you know if you're gonna do it if you're not in that what you're schools are saying. Well to hear from you guys a phone numbers 317228. 1099317228. 1099 smiley morning shall go ahead yet comment about Ed Jessica. Right arm Abbott Abbott IE only support its arms however. That number. We're being Italy. A concern or that interlocking panels eight and we're really excited that at sea shell are where we are meeting neutral. Or lock out your you hurt. How interest wow I understand that especially from whatever Lansing with the safety concerns as far as like. When the kids are wrapped up at school the it is that school's job than to care for them. Have they physically leave the building are probably freaked out against. And so I'm encourage that and you're in trouble what's going UFU it plain dealer and other ones. That's what attracted Tristan and I think you'll have a lot of students leaving. Know. I've been a low where. Corey. Okay how I got a younger kids I got a Jack Gambia where the high school kids or older students maybe in the. Having parrot shop and pick them out because that's always an option. Well that's true. I was gonna Katie Katie is a student she is eighteen she goes to it you go to Martinsville. Look at what your story. Well everybody's posting examines it and likely have to walk out our we're walking to the gymnasium is there around an idea on Michael Ball field. They changed into the gymnasium and met the people that are gonna participated will be counted. Her third period. And you understand what you like your lock lock down. I'm not walking you're not going to. Now I only hear her. Period and Miley but. Everybody in your life and really long blocks really catch it at yeah thanks man or ma'am I mean yeah it. Lady friend Amanda you're on the smiling when he showed by the way the phone numbers 317281099. In June chime in about this this a war on March to remember. That's going on today right today's today and tomorrow tomorrow might add that Amanda I. Are you student or faculty. I'm hearing and at senior went quite well. And I don't you know we. Saw in print that it was every then Rasheed think. It's important she won the support I don't look at it would be hit it in the car and during not illegally adult. I got the wrong set it up at the end and actually believe in ebbs and other. Yeah I really cool respected. OK. So why not. Trinity you intent in here trinity how old you. I'm OK when you think this whole thing. I think it's wonderful. Actually shop my tool at the door until it defection or two anyway. Because hot solid water like him. Do you now do you plan on gears does his glove like a gymnasium you guys can go to worry you plan on walking out of the actual building. Well actually walking out of school building and that's saying Arianna go ahead. And lending and. Might crucial that we aren't really allowed to QE to enact any he had all iron. Walk out. Okay learn until now no thank you very much appreciate it. I got a parent bass is on the phone I'd bet good morning. When it what do you what do you think of this whole thing. I haven't and medical school Hartnell and Latino locked out and he is. An accident getting bullied because she does not want to lock out. And keep telling her friend why he'd ever hit me at every single bank. That she told them that she went going to. The seventeen and ink seventeen minute flight eight by around in whatever they're going to be built and. You know they're gonna mess around to thinking that's also an assumption. Option yet keeping. They're about a bit and block out. And it actually. It every one is our parent record. And that's unfortunate situation for our. I think. Now. Well that's I was in early. I remember I had it was an involved I didn't understand anything about politics for the evening news had some meant Tony remembered I you'd slate chance to get out please go to protests. I don't count right spy hearing you know what they are pregnant and I. That's like you know locked due this urged yeah I think there are a lot of high schoolers that are really passionate about this and I love that they're getting involved in this get. Getting at least opening the conversation I think to. I. Middle caller yeah. Not so you all you know I mean that many school shootings don't just happen in high schools. Hit a younger age can understand the idea how scary it might be to go to school and worry that you might get shot. Under. Are not advocating that it's being picked on. I act like they're getting walked white blocking or you're actually. Eat at the so yeah. Understand the idea right dead Jenny go ahead you're on the smiling when he show. Oh. Are. You all. And then he. Hurt he wants to. Shouldn't that so I. Don't currently in there. Kind of phone you wanna you wanna Bluetooth. Narrow mind now on and that's okay. That that a hand may be closer to the might their go ahead. I'm Mike and it kicked in school and he wants to watch how can. You. Three eyewitness report about the need it and wed Rodney King would speed up then. Council and we walk out and we like out there at about field. Or why you're became back and everything that finally brought out there that want him it was no big deal. I don't know what the big deal as as a. Okay amend the phone is kind of second sucks but I guess yeah. I don't hear your final that you like if you wanted to and then everything will go back to the army go lock out of the gymnasium lock out to the football field come on back you made your point now everybody is good. You know I guess apparently you know because I read this is not I was up protesting and although we knew in my school we had down senior skip day and says is it was a day all the senior guys came to school we all into the beach or whatever. And my mom had always said she's a doll they must not gonna tell you to do. But if you do do you will accept the consequences for that choice and merlot is at least get to me on got detention and it was a thing by. So what happens I don't remember any way I must not a participant in that I'm guess. I went on senior day to day and time is always in the auditorium for an hour before school and then he had gotten yes so you know that was a senior skip day I let the medium bowl and I honestly I think it's kind of neat when parents say like if you wanna participate cool now you probably look at today yeah and you make a decision acting that's neat okay go ahead Amanda. Good morning. Yes my daughter's in the at the end we have this discussion. My concern I fully supported you want to walk out my concern that your actions afterward. Com just walking out. Sure. What are your actions afterwards what are you doing cute changed. Sure have you added to scuds have you discussed that what you think it's gonna do. You know she didn't really chilly air many hurtful that are going to walk out of a bit more. Earl cool and that he doesn't feel like that wouldn't be an issue back. Applicant or if that's what you want to do I get one should think about. So you walked out okay you lucked out by then why are you going to view. Afterward to get Smart about it can't that they give they're going to be adult shares in on them. I don't want them to think about more than just walking out I nipping at our school. I must say if this gets them and all in bigger issues and I'm all Wednesday in mountain and it's great stuff in it and a return thank you very much Zach you're on the smiling when he should go ahead. Hello my daughter's it's soft like they are. And my my my fiance is also a teacher at different schools. They're discussing it out churches and a lot couches by honestly I don't you go or you're walking out I don't see why walking out and if you. Instead what me and my sense they're gonna do there's this weird you at schools that aren't so once a day. And we're gonna go up watch them and we're gonna talk to advocates now have a China make so letter because. You know walking out not gonna change their. That may be changing one's perspective of their life what's going on them to help prevent something like this happening actually do something and so that just alt. Out and are outskirts or out on the way because. Where were pretty liberal like we're sort of liberal and it kind of surprised me collect here you know like being an actor chamber just immediately your exact. Portugal. And when you like outskirts. Yeah. And the weird kid. Momma has her daughter you know you're gonna do something out and do something about it at all that's a nice idea. I meant thanks for the call appreciate it yet.