Strip Club Lunch - Part 2

Thursday, August 16th


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You remind me what the topic is this morning. And eighty days and at boot the topics did strip club is OK I don't either go ahead sir. Or first term. After you now it was called new gas how to use now and sorry Euro woman. Yes so there's a hot and house it's always pops up right next to it and we have a winter that barn it was Bynum grew local bar I hate. And they have a lake ATM machine where you have 260 machine in the back corner. It's very hot seat go to is that I think we used to be similar to the money into the Alley cat broad ripple. Where he'd go like you put in some thinner you call somebody and then you go to the red. The guy at the bar and they'll give you cashed it. Yet that's like the early ATM machine. We yeah it's no. Yeah. Got a that they call somebody push a button that many go get your money at the box. But yes you're right that was the place they did the lingerie even mean thing for us because they knew we are gonna come by imam from promotion. And there but anyway that's so funny you you've got us as we call Monica. What's your thoughts in this topic about the bars the restaurants at that strip joints. Aaron Walker and the third or god another person got it OK you're right. I actually work it sure looked to chat. Okay well which want a little which ones have the amazing. Current. And Anders and you work there so you're a stripper. I you'd answer sorry. Little bit bigger now your bigger now. As a bottom area. Thirty pounds I think it started and now. A little more accurate I don't eat and I got married I expect happy. And now I get a pay an area that's armored units free consent opt in act now like your spouse is human. At as right and I'm happy I got. All right well thanks so much for Colin appreciate what I what was the strip joint had a terrible food go ahead tell us. Now look at it. Don't count and that's who that's who put him under. And what was your special specialty when you danced what what did you do what it people that you don't get on app pool poll you take all the clothes off bottoms and tops. Any time you have to have like two pairs of underwear off. You guys are slowly why would that be have rule I mean what is he wanted to be if one like about Mac app pops out. Knock me out. I. Asked me that backing baker a correct pat Wheatley and split now we and his ten years ago. And you know Latin I sure wouldn't you know it. And how much money we American and I. At least Ford Five Hundred and yet funny and that's cash right. So you don't pay taxes and Cameron. Be honest you know like 213 an hour and by the time I. Get error or accuracy. Or. Of course. And a nice OK yeah I think I worked a red lobster so and what she's done. That kind of an insight on this thank you might want to show up at best place to to get. Food lunch or dinner at a strip joint go ahead tell us. It is. I at a couple of years now. But we eat her but it hurt bad actors around and giving it and I think Gary but back. Oh yeah. That. Happy days give. I'll take Turkey thank you cranberry sauce. That's crazy that it's viewed as has been awhile since been their backer. Yeah I would like to lock up a nasty do you have the Thanksgiving the thing I hate it. It at that point it. Out. Good good dancers though. The dinner I latest edit actually. Which guy that I mean that's are they really managers. I'm Leah. You can. Because they're not dance and so great UI and an amateur at four in the girl's skirt and a like I'm hanging near the poll out what to do. Yeah. Men ordered. Thank you so much for comment appreciate it. Everybody about Chris you're on the smiling when he shall go ahead. All Saddam talk about lunch well. By 900 injured on the west side. There has been both say I did you wouldn't know it. That in southern Oregon OC. Your military doormat yeah I've thought that I. Wouldn't deploy. The texture there. But today what would you what we do see often there and the best thing. Actually there. Were literature and for a long time. B samples food. So again chicken Brad apartment and that. Well against Nadal. Actually this is not a time. Are your. And it really. Object to it just your normal American style but very true. Com cancer order six dollar 32 while beard got eleven Oakland. Much amber yeah Jameel I stripped to the ladies at dancers they get. Armored declined in the in the past year aren't that aren't lunchtime economy and it's not. Peak season right usually not there is an. Season or my town is a season nighttime is the other incidents. I don't get like is all the best time down at my answer you know I just have. Feeling inside you said fall I do our very time we start thinking about pop and hammer and I'll be nice. Around christmastime. Elaine any time during the 500 the brickyard and other related or make money but it won't come out. Usually around big. On the command man NN NN NN. And then and then that cannon and then. Many now you know again. Dave you're now on the smiley morning show go ahead hello hello. And we need to go to a place and four way into the Broadway and Taylor. Yeah a big group of guys and you know you get hungry and great all and you go there too they come. It was called you ease and they would have little people strippers and you need breakfast right there and firmer growth. And I think. Their murder. As calls is everything around and around. But first couple time you're beaten you're looking up corn this is just doesn't look right. After it a couple of lenders that nearing a rock like you know you don't know what and you like to say what you like the little person show. What are now and what drawl. That would draw it drew one and the right are clean globe. That will and I went to an Atlanta where it was like alternative stripper is not well apparent Arab women. Of all shapes and sizes and really was an excellent time to do what like. It's a must be like laughing at these people it was genuinely just like coma. Kinda. Like for you could see a beautiful nude lady that like I mean like ninety let it get additional data concern. Weren't. There won't be into play it like I don't know I just loved it I say Ilya. Yeah I noted that conceded the proportion. Abortion perks and nobody is the during look at your like yeah Sony's.