Spring Break

Monday, March 12th


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During breaks almost here are your ready are you rating get in the bikini you're ready Kosher honestly you have at hand. Talk about it and anxiety and it brings radio the out here on and I and I'd Zito Darren when you host or at least in Ryan. If you haven't jumped on FaceBook and Graham follow us we we put some content that during the week we'll help yet Ngo way right. Judge so these are you ready are you ready for bikini season a lord have mercy yeah I'm not ready each hit a baby last year to. Mean how many months post park marine I'm not us postpartum so you but your EU Europe I mean I'm. Idea I would be appropriate your picture. I think we can both agree. These has done vary well nine months I'm. I can't thank you. Yes but I yes had a baby in the shoulder surgery in December and as members and then. Like then I work as is and like nonexistent. But I started ordering on the swimsuit on mind. And here they found there is coming in the house I'm all excited I'm tracking Nauman whenever. Guess what doesn't fit any of the women so you and I ordered is likes cuisine. I always knew this and grossing around. Can't look at I. Like this might it might pull your muscles have decided to civilians and like I don't care at all. Like yeah they're really suit like this is winter. Where ever I'm not gonna hold in any of your organs. Or it. All is involved is pushing it playing out against his magazine my spleen. It. Lou nanny there is going writes I worst thing is the back fat I just like. Couldn't have it this asking you highest. Oh yes so you do it's well and oracle are Elena put on a bikini in its Ulster act being cute and everything. Outside of the scraps it's like opening up the crest oral container. It isn't not at my best thing I decided. You got to figure out right track complain lobbying jab we agree active month in person he's still aren't counting calories and I'm back at did you yes all right are on record as. As skillet billed as a goody filly to win. The total win I think it in up in the 5 o'clock hour every morning. Who can take in the 540 mile he's been classy well and they wrapped in brown partly because I feel like a secret agent I ninja are sending. Sneaking at a house and it's dark my husband and children are still sleeping okay and then when I come back same team great everyone's still in bad. So that I did to just sit there and drink up see like how I did more today and any of those suckers are gonna. I actually. Incorporating a journey that I've I've zebra that's Lisa grab talking about she figured out bikini season right around quell bigger ass radio theology where you Wii does have faith hope love and music so. They say give. Give her she's driving right now she's thank you machine tread on us into this morning she's in her car she's an Avon and what does she need to here's a giver some hope. About the fact the bikini season here but there there's there's good news. There's big play yes there's good news and news bad news. And that isn't it just like it is not fair and in life is really really busy but if you want to get more meetings are ready. More confidence. There you know and he was after remember. Somebody's always on better than you Anthony's always panel upper in the no matter what's that. So keep that in mind. I don't tiny times a day to make small changes instead of potato chips meaning Q slices them. My name it's painful this and it hurts my heart as well as my stomach and my taste and but much well that's a small thing that's is 200 calories right yourself. I love the Judas said it's painful as it out this battle and here's I don't doubt about just got to tangle and Allen Kevin this is the pain a discipline. And the pain regret. That we talked about a foreigner at dodger we're gonna stick with it because I think it could help us in this season springs on the way matched new life new changes but it's going to be painful painted this on pain regrets stick with this radio theology.