SMS Discusses Organ Donation!

Thursday, September 6th


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And then one thing about the brickyard 400 going on this weekend they're having a big parade and a Holler proliferate. Olive. Polly NASA says that trucks that hauled the had to admit NASCAR's annual parade. Mainstream they syrup candy. If they brought candy it's not a real parade I agree with pat and of candy to Peru they have the sure owners. I love a parade has logo hearts they know what he says that they. It's not a parade they do not. But you can't call the parade sweet sweet thing here at the grand marshals to open up the dirt trek were men who received organs from Brandon Claussen. Which is very cool front Austin. Driver that was killed. And he donated his is that things organs organs thanked his organs so doing to yourself something before you die. You've Mattel tell the driver's eyes is or where retail tell the driver's eyes that you wanna hold it in your hand you wanna give up your organs talent as when you die. Take organs arrogant good thing to me that anonymity out of values them. Who would you want to have your organs in you will your organs Saudi and every time Pamela. Now look at her way I have to be in that moment well the decision is made half. Right there are ATM and they give them directly directly who is on the link. Well so there is fresh and browser so I don't really think about I'm not a doctor. But I'm guessing the fracture it is a battery goes back and as such the only option only they can get it let's play don't they have some things that they have like that in samarra and storage. Now sure any of people who want a freeze their bodies that we now awake in the future talk about that but that is interest but can't they preserve your organs in cryogenic. Storage and I mean yeah that doesn't relentless it and then I knew they use that vacuum seals. You seem like it I know would you wanna designated someone you don't know would ever need it rather than save someone's life today hey here's my money. Here's a scenario let's say your child lost. Both kidneys in new donated one kidneys your child to survive but and you will you said I want. My adult child to have two kidneys like a normal person. So you will your other kidney to him after you're dead so that he can no line Kevin Ellman with two kidney. To the back pass and these things so that is why that I didn't catalog. You are really proud of Ayers founded doctored to call unless Howell on their last how London can you take a body part out and in the have to be very quick if it's in the air like more than thirty seconds there's not gonna. He sang it but they goes from the body typically to a very special color and it's in a helicopter and they fly it to wherever it's most ago and immediately take Ebbers and end Mormon doctrine and and they know well I'm buried. Know that I can win a lot more things in storage times are thirty hours or less for a kidney less than twelve hours for pancreas liver and less than six hours at her heart airlock. If I die within and then within thirty to thirty area since there aren't issues. As you could still well away with and has thirty hours in the near side happens and I moved in within that McMahon and there's a chance if you're dying there might be with you. In all true point. Oh what now hey that's specific or its. Ill. Because you're in a car accident well. Or are you are taken a scenic helicopter ride. Over Arizona I had chances are all those normal things people do we are the air and what we are I had another and it's an area that's organ donation. Doing okay go ahead do you think. The world it's her family were organ donors who didn't know it was confusing after they died. At the people that made the organ. Yeah had to do it can be instantly Harden the delegates are they confusing so it's like you asked the world it's her like. It were lets her yes. And I'm Ronald Allen in earlier Dicker your organ donor chorus I am. A pan am Ronald in your son around like it Ronald I've I'm going to donate all my organs you know after I die. They he existed in 1831. I am not sure. It was an 1831 the organ donation plan was what it is yeah.