Smiley's 12 Trees of Christmas - Delivery #4

Wednesday, December 6th


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Smiling he's twelve threes and Chris Smith's. Sponsored by Home Depot and anti turley mortgage consultant then they were on 38 street and east. I think somewhere at the children's bureau right to enter a ink and my mrs. Santa the reindeer Santa the Santa Claus I guess I will be in this is constantly. I'm clearly very casually. It together. Santa smiley this is clock I was saying they outcry is is one help me. An ally in helping make health attend here we are and what is your name Courtney Courtney Eric tell me who we've nominated and lose your friend right here. My back injury I Andrea Mario you guys at the end that Dana Venezia betting on an out the other stake place on them and yeah. Big battery and well that's centered Mitzi and I forgot I threat you know about this. I drank too much heat get out you listen I was there but I for track I left to maneuver the. And he took his paper and he was supposed to sell for the children. Yeah I did I it and I didn't know what to do my third away. Well I'll make a huge donation site I got that and I. My second. But anyway so it's a big fund raiser event for a children's bureau Lincoln and I'd I messed up post for us to sell my apron to the rich people there. And so I just. Suddenly new Roman a few anyway. Tell me who you nominated here. I've non negative hateful and tell about hazel. Measles a single mom and ask. She she works here yes we are here that yes Suzanne and take is that. Whom her mom half or maybe it's. Four weeks ago now man who got her mom possibly and then right after that her uncle passed away as well which I didn't even now when I ain't simple. What kind of a woman issue. She is very kind higher bid and she's very clean and nice calming kind of person when she's talking with the family is she's. She helps us and made a lot because she's such a go getter she'll be pretty much anything that we need to do in regards to work. She didn't just move someone throw one little job to another and she's just a great parent. Solid now about what what's gonna happen when Leo and Aaron surprise or was she does she know the show and I'll. I don't look at it's okay she dad I really don't know what she's gotta think but she sees this. As. I assume that's mine that's nine incidents but on so that gap and we're gonna go on a surprise that we got a Christmas tree and a budget gifts and things like that sort his contract. I agree Roland at a children's bureau ain't got building this is actually. In the back. Seen people go though and we'll go right to where she all ICC seen people that. What does that mean she's seen people. Forming you visit me all or part of the children's barrels so we do the child care development funds only issue they care doctors did eligibility sides so she's actually seeing families right now. So she's in her. Back area yeah you don't have that she had more to embarrass those people with them I'd radio south okay yeah okay now she's very -- rocket by the way I should also mention that at the insane here Pete has cancer earlier what happened I was jumping for joy at the last delivery and I a jumped a little urine out violated the Pena can I had to give Simpson and some are for aren't doing it to ask for napkins for like two minutes straight and Tony just. Didn't hear one word area and I got Jeanette getting down my leg in the backseat. In Tony's up they're just like craft and away on candy trash or something. Back here like having hygiene issue. That you'd remedied. And the only person save me was cynical but that's me thank you very much. Oh rock and in the room now let's take a little conference room and they're gonna have her come on down here and she. Hasn't. And where the smiley morning show WCP Al and year out coworkers and friends here are nominated you to get a Christmas tree well. That's what do you think this will get Christmas tree in a budget gets. I want to crash I think you guys solo heads Sony for you get beat red who I am right and the. Yeah yeah. I think at this I really appreciate it might Christmas tree actually just like I only have to live. Right now lets sell on her and I was gonna have a client knew when. Pretty soon we got a brand across the street course plus it's right there in saint Peter's got it. Don't get too close the insane here he's got a little sickness didn't. Yeah I did drilling areas in sixty disarming and the touch of malaria. I we also have 500 dollar gift cards you buy gifts for friends Stanley co workers. 500 dollars. All thank you miss two months. I really appreciate that having. So of course he has sale letter she wants read to you that she wrote have come on over here. Do love these girls are well very matched street random okay. I am not naming my co worker he's lost his lies such a sweet person and it's always going to help other people. And we bricks or any non profit organization helping families and children in need this every day he has a constant work with a smile on her face and helped so many families. He's not as a single mom of four girls she's crying every time right now. Hey I'm facing a momma for growth and can relate to the circle fifteen MySpace. She is a wonderful mother hammered hard to make sure her girl thought about everything they need ambassador wording of our job is as she has found a fast track to getting reds I don't think I'm going. Having been a single mom many years to get myself and know how much you rely on your family especially your mom I'm sorry. About two weeks ago his life has changed forever. Paramount have been accountant in the hospital. Paramount and that getting a little pattern and able to come home. His stats from Russia and cleaning making sure everything is perfect hair and when she got here. And then only two days later her mom right into cardiac arrested after me pistol and he oldest child upon my daughter that she had to be disarmament and her mother's funeral. As well as down her early thirty experiencing something. You don't think what happened here this early and arrows and your parent and she wrote emotional issue dead. Even more remarkable actually returned to work on me after her mom passed away my only issue trying to grieve. And profits are out that. She has to help our kids get through this stuff. And there are many disturbing to him means that Finley has just endorsed her bank note ten Ers and share a year and something or take them and talk for just happened even just forget. I'm. She got through it. And and I'm so sorry about your brother thing to do. Hopefully we can now I'm bringing a little joy with the F free gifts and things and and your friends eleven on the radio host city listening to your story. But it too embarrassed here. Enjoy your guests think and a night. Thank you very much for what has barge in here workplace or yeah I think. You guys wanna hear each other here's something come on everybody give them there's lots of hugs gone on the end. Are you saying here and then Nicky and Tony ready get on out of here again that was touching Gregg Chris is everybody. Very Christmas. Okay. I. And they. Is Christmas to get every morning at 730 and then at 930. And wanna fingerprint home because they donated. Twelve pre Christmas trees so well over the stores around town donated Chris history. So he stored donated once it was really kind of cool they'll helped out and then now also on thanks deservedly today and I anti turley. And that's donated 500 dollars.