Smiley's 12 Trees of Christmas - Delivery #10

Thursday, December 14th


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Smile at least twelve trees and Christmas sponsored by Home Depot things Joyner homes what is your name Kellyanne. But your mom's name Alex since I Alexis harried I'm there are doing how we're sitting here at a speedway where reality intersection at 56. In hand. High school room if you're in the area honk your horn say what's. I know is listening and not telling you nominated for the twelve trees of Christmas George Jones coming out George Jones is that a musical guest now. Her chance. To you know just that familiar it sounds like there is that George Jones a celebrity named George Jones policing thing Jiabao is saying. Humid at Jay and Dave yeah give it can dig girl give that candidate is just it's obviously a sun god give me an eye candy. I have no idea rally and I don't exist or the smiley morning show and tell me about George Jones. Arm he is my daughter's grandfather. So he's the grandfather of two kids until Li Ning Xavier cut and he just recently lost his wife probably about a month ago. I'm Wanda Jones and he's kind of may have missed some time after the holidays this this is our holiday was Thanksgiving and went down hurt. He's a phenomenal grandfather he's always there for his green key kids. You call premiered device anything means you need he's heading down any parts from our own idea Dahlia with a status in the car yet she's crazy. Now they remain for thirty years in about a year or two when he announced she was sick often on and he's a very good care parent south since we wanna try chairman. Yeah I now write some remarks into his house there yep if you live in this area here yet. But Alex didn't and it sure isn't us and our show. Keeping them a lot Taylor Swift I'm just guessing now they eastward taking him alliance. This thing limitless and you cannot have this thing. Yeah I suggest what worries at chili's yeah it's delicious chili's we gambled chatters and ES server at hand and it hit and Jews are nice to honor when he left as like I don't think I'll probably never see you again proposed asset about it but where you are George Jones is common area and you know what he's gonna say that. That can day. The expanded. On the road Lebanon and the pilots go barge into Georgia Harrison's others. Yeah yards out insurgents again made outsourcing the guys now you know the sun got my mind's a mindset onions. No there there is and how serious are right I got Ahmad said. It. The Imus this we'll be getting married and Ebbers at this does go let's go to Georgetown combines India yeah let's do a game today. You all down Santa Claus opened up the today and you yeah Mac now a hiker found. Providers yards. I'm days smiley with these smiley morning show or radio show and Indianapolis on 99 point five. And where these guys levees very much they wanted to get your Christmas tree and and gift card to forgets that we can yeah yeah. Here we eyes are beautiful home nice big high seal means big couch. We've got some fun things here gonna have to Osama very straight down while. The radio station. I don't know. Must you like Taylor Swift I don't think yet that can regret as a pitcher you are now now that's my wife that's your wife right there that's beautiful and so are. Memorial to the very nice that's very nice. Pennsylvania we did hear about that so that's why we're here we wanted to bring some joy into the home and bring out little Christmas tree that we got for you. It's prelim Chris is drama give a Christmas tree up yet where in saint here when we have here. We got a cruise industry got you don't sound like Ian so reindeer. I've been taking some medicine news. Not company we we when he heard your name is George Jones right yeah I was recording artist George Jones. Yet so it'll end up in saint Sonko white lightning. I don't know about that when it. I know I know he liked to drink it probably probably yeah and whatever yeah what was the other side. David thank you Andy. Image decade and big hero he's making stuff out there sit well we got a 500 dollar gift card to give you look at home. Did not 500 bucks to you guess for the Stanley. Was more for you don't have flooded out by the eagle yeah. So I can attack by the end they'll be nice and Daytona so yeah. Well Alexis rose a letter to run into our radio show and what EC and then it has. Still Bob. CNN though mother lives sees them thin. Since football and say that's their fairway also. She wanted it. Well. Alexis here at gorilla come on real lexis and he can take this and she wrote a letter to our show and then nominating you for this Christmas trees are generally down OK okay I think I am not meaning my daughter's game. Either because he's the definition of a real means. He has served as a five figure it's in my dire Islam my son who is naive or related to him it's geely as we caught him recently lost his wife Wanda they were married for thirty years. Nearly half of that time he took care of her nurse her and so she asked in early November. It saddens me that we lost Rhonda for she was apple of Iraq. We will like to cheer him up by nominating him for the twelve chase of Christmas. Geely is such a great meaning is such a great example through the week you look I am taking his grandson a school at karate lessons he also supports his granddaughter of icons are apparently it's. He wanted to know whether this grandparents might Arctic edge sport they can't turn Wyler in scenic how it's. They also yummy tremendously with higher Christmas is in part based geely also serves this church. An hour president's marital advice. He has a lot of wisdom in each heart I know and treat any surprises when I bring on Saturday but this league that there will let him though. And we truly appreciate Ali he's done for his wife Ingrid Chile and throughout the years. I am. Nice and it helps speech skip a couple of seeing us hitting us. Thank you 'cause I do we consider. Our daughter and imagine this is my doubt that is my granddaughter's mother is CC's my daughter and she's my daughter. I'm so spirit they. You know as my son and so. If you are you crying. I think he's crying my eyes though he's not yeah. Did they Ali Larter like that. I now. Doing it gives us some Merry Christmas to you. Thank you guys you have zoo is not some surprise me you know. Hopefully things is outfitted mine. I think that Santa Claus now Jessica. Thanks now yeah. And at the end millions saying dear and it's reality. And so yeah. Not a flattering imovie mrs. clause in his lap this strange. It's. We. Oh yeah. What and I hope those good he's there for me and not had any idea who you gonna do here. It is no use and need to get our well thank you know. Thank you guys that Christmas let's say he Merry Christmas classic there and say hey great. Just knew. And so. We're right. Yeah okay. Yeah. Okay. It's cold as hell but I love Andy williams' original right there.