Smiley Voice Audition Finale: Round 4

Friday, January 12th


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And now thanks for listening to our show we appreciate it get away up front of the line in that front 900. Final line passes to NBC's the voice tryouts auditions coming Sunday bankers like he'll ask get a chance go to www. NB CW dot com us a now I'd bring your parents at WW investigation and others WWW in the beginning. And you can now assign apps at the register for a slots to audition. The war. Someone here on the show is going to win Frontline passes very first one in front of the judges in the city of Indianapolis. Skyline again Anthony tell me a little bit about yourself what school you go to your story. I'm seventeen go to Lawrence North High School. My story is live show where you live it though by no clarity is a sparkly that's and he wants to get on the front get a front line here. And then who got Michelle telling a little bit about yourself. Come on 17. I am working Franken has. He's the US on the end of he's there and I love it because it's just Kroger I'd have no idea and I NN I love it and we go to K Roger. I. Yeah. I just love that that's about it OK and that's nice and out of your secret which clarity you look at I think and new line and talk claim bargains now that its owners bill. Among the coffins now when now that aides built a mates have. Paxson and Jerry yeah. A really long way to get here right now I can iron 150 my god knots and are not solved and you are home schooled yes I do one. Get angry mood as your grades was sick they called like online schooling Sullivan author like. Like in this them more in el Al has that or you can take it like classes online my president actually teaches physical education online no way. Donny and it's it doesn't make sense originally telling your story here you country guy. 44 years old heavy equipment operator. It's kind of a family thing so I've been an instance. I about thirteen years now. That's some and you guys and you know only one abused and windows that front line pass yourself don't you go home and cry. Even if you don't get it do you still plan going and lining up to be on the ice and. Most of them most definitely yeah heavy is it as any have you done this before kind of like an audition for something like that. I've auditioned for America's Got Talent and the voice one other time okay classy dinner before Alley Michelle. I don't America's Got Talent and at least two times and last time I made it through and you around you on the grid. On the voice like on a teacher that you like the routing judges act here in town where I was I traveled to Chicago and Nash. Yeah them. And that's. All right what are we gonna do here pretty well recaps some of the signs and they did again just one more time here in the we're gonna take a few more calls and then make a decision here. I just sat. I ask how did you guys wait in line when you're auditioning. He and national. In our own arrogance. And you know about two hours. Not the not awful. Okay that's doable we did that at universal. Harry Potter is at an event. Here's. Let's hear. Didn't we have much less how to. Here's Anthony are these the funny one the mess around until. What was SA it is saying about menu or directions or something yes OK though he had the Korean horse riding exercise equipment. We've. Those who elected or rather a horse in front of that TV and in the comfort of their own span means. For all bending Medgar is home to at this home mechanical. Equestrian system simulates ride dean. Aaron don't you mean there's no reason does something about. Adding some dogs airs on how to shave your dog okay sir. Yeah. Montana. And I can't maintain the Barbie hot diplomat to commit the moon. Could be paying full farm bureau and if Cain did the I you know these. It's come. You wanted and that's not only two months. That's happened and then and Richie did unseal white castle menu. I mean do you original slather. Is 72 cents. She's so latter reform ninety cents a global change so latter had nine decent hands. They can she slang term of (%expletive) forming forward. All right thank you very yeah that night today marry who you vote for. You like Magellan. Their government and now Michelle we voted for the wish she makes cents up Dan how to you. Argo Group from a border to her. Yeah the rich you're out you. I'm writing a song and it is that. Is that yeah yeah it's not that chase are now. This incident nice civil use say and family. I think what you did. You make your grandma get up super early. When I saw what he wanted to separate throughout. A program on us and I wanted to say please sign these forms and duplicate. Chinese are and and conference. That. In a way. You do smoke cigarettes. Would you like to start. Okay camera you're bound for. Embedding Richey Ritchie okay they marriage cannot you. How okay Aaron and Michelle diamond go ahead. I'm going to get Anthony out in that case. And now we need to make a decision did you believe it after all the phone calls all three of them are tied. Well they're all tied up the phone calls that we hug yeah obviously had a budget like on the air felt I was just doing it for fun anecdotally. Out in Ireland that yeah. It technicals on yeah and the winner of the front line pass this goes to. Yeah shall. I'm here to receive your cries. You gonna say thank you anybody gonna say anything. And I think he's telling everybody about it anyways is basically kind ever and I. This is going to be exciting so and you say you did the voice this was before Nat and then at times the flies at last moment although we are here she comes again. That who's not given up I mean that you how you do what is it like when you go in front of these people. I mean our shaking hands C 90 yeah. Now well and he did the same. On it in the thirty seconds it's on OK now he says now. I think at Manassas in my before so happy well wow what we sing I'm there. I am getting is seen as house there rising sun yes and pretty hurts I beyoncé yes and I think maybe like feeling better against app and I'm usually. That OK this show that to organize now I'd seen it and you are still gonna go right yeah you know I bet you guys wanna saying thank. Thank you for everybody to root of the game had a lot of people alive he had there has blossomed. Yeah thank you and regardless and sent me I don't wanna drink can grab myself wondering about lightly view and that and so is viewed wanted to remove. Listen here and get out here a forklift or whatever it. Seven carries. And we got some goody bags and through you guys too firm come and and now a flea he become rich and famous media and we have their cellphone numbers so I would get on regularly calling yeah that's a display if you get stuck in the snow did you meet the.