Smiley Voice Audition Finale: Round 3

Friday, January 12th


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My voice. Genre. OK let's bring in our contestants again antennae was seventeen years old is he's acquired kid over there is market. Lawrence North High School don't man Myanmar regularly than wrong being clarkin right. I didn't will not really. Well we have an astronaut. And and I sit down and my French roller yeah. Did it sound like. I'm a part of a sudden I know. Are brought it up. The first. Burn yeah album Arctic that you ever do that one saint Scott Martin and he enters the arms okay. OK so now it's here's a deal on round three here this is offer funny. They were just genitals and personality you guys are so boring. You on fire with your parents here Syria and young guns or bombs doughboy and I didn't mean that tons of personality. Okay. What are you so as to what has his work pretty swell we decided to give them something that it's not. Part of their yet on route NASA based on their song selection we got a good idea what they were comfortable with Sam Smith and put custody duke Christina pairing yeah SL though he likes the soft ballad he sorts of things are gonna pop. He's going to be singing Metallica's enter sandman. It's okay are you wanna I wanna start this intercept that I. I need a little curious have you ever heard of this summit far. Now this summer I've heard of the things from pelican and really you know you your best Metallica did your investment out yanish failure rain yeah here's your range. Isn't it because they think it and I headed producer well let's do this. Life. And I. Say a brand is a let on and don't forget my son to include commander. We'll. That you win the long way in game need you freak thing and do the stand Mandy. Yeah. Or. Well you that you never let them and learn it. That's my jam men didn't pumped up I haven't played every weekend blast who. And T and easier you're soft Sam Smith voicing that just. Made me so happy here smiling. Round three round. Genre OK here's Michelle that Michelle is doing like beyond today. And busting him like pop queen hit shots like beyoncé and released years producer will do we governor Garth Brooks most popular song. Friends and local. All right had even heard this on me for who you never heard of before I hope I can Helen and trying to perfect though let's send. Us in this around here. Mr. Michel. Hoosier. And it's. Yeah. And Adams and in the past science. And son. I was at fast mines. News. And I. Yeah. And I. Yeah. And I mean yeah that's OZU. Yeah and it. Paying us. And then to. He is and yeah. Rounds I have enough then you say this is common you. Not hero pain. And. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so far that was that is actually really could. I believe you never heard this song or OK I bring in Ritchie married Jesus the oldest one in the group here picking on his face a moment and you critique that's 44 from south third up from new cast and it's not Newcastle and and sometimes sings it church sometimes things that carry a piece yeah. And a case of his music was country right plays well he yes he was country and so we give him I think the inherent direct opposite of country but some rap yeah. Think plastic wrap sugar hill gang up on July. I. Heard rappers delight apart very very late after here of late night yeah. Okay you guys ready your country. Richie sitting rappers delight let's do this. And yeah. And this pop dividend. And but stop and see Bob largely saying putting the value beat. Couple years not test thumb wrapped into could be. ITV true and I don't try to move your feet. Yeah saving one of my. Take a close. They didn't like it might lead to the brown and purple and yellow. First to death of bang bang play 36 just a few banks. It's out in front of the room. Yeah. His forwards then click below me and then next on the Mike is my command tank and Ramon Hanks they had solved. If it yeah. What about it and number amassed the width three did. A man that's terrible and Sarah yes this. Yeah I'll be the first to admit that yeah. Okay so to exit voting here I don't know if you guys have got hopefully you that we're able to catch some of the stuff from the beginning where they actually sang their songs and was really gets some clips of that let's get some clips so let's take a break we'll -- start taking out votes right now it's either Anthony Michelle or Ricci and one of these guys get a front line pass to the wc PL WT HR. NBC tried out for at the voices. And asks if you wanna call and right now 2281099. Assert the video parody then the calls and votes.