Smiley Voice Audition Finale: Round 2

Friday, January 12th


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I would missile program. While you work you're just now that he hit ex communicated from the family. You. This alleged cousin in our market cousin and he says back so your routing for Michelle he thinks he's the best. I think and want an average team and Tony and Tony and aunts we. Wouldn't leave there. We're votes yet so but everybody remain calm it's going to be a few more rounds is going to be. The fire and yes we got talent it now ET here in the next couple of rounds here. The radio on okay Levy by its. Round 100000. Raptors last. Around to seeing something weird is saying is something we aired our bring him back up to the microphone will start with Anthony Anthony seventeen years old from Lawrence North High School this. Says this round he'll be capella. Already heard how great you sank so now it's gonna get silly little bet you are going to saying. You know yesterday you did this or wherever you're saying the island easing have and above my lunch tray and your library and on there yeah yeah yeah yeah the same thing. Yes the idea in this round you now I have three things here that are not song lyrics attack but there from something else. Yeah you have to make sound beautiful with your voice or use one of these later I'll say he's picking something al-Qaeda been revealed to us the title. Of what these words are. He's power horse riding imitator Korean exercise device description. I. Dalembert time our time. Ace power horse racing imitator Korean exercise device description. Of what is that this is an exercise device from Korea okay looks like a horse saddle of capital horse. You pretend to ride my horse or exercise of can allow and this is the just. You know that I'd just go ahead and show you show me a picture of it in Canada looks like I'll allow this in any real can you see from there. Oh that's and so I decided it. Like yeah I was ready and they're so I am yes and then yes debate and go without. Bicycle get ice and how we deal and so what do you what kind of work are you getting in here and I see like a core work out well there cannot riding like a horse like this. It's like machines are deriding it like a horse WE is for this round he esta singer. This destruction description from the commercial from the Korean commercial America that's been translated ending chase anytime we're ready for you Anthony. The minute menacing about. Riding horses for city folk okay. Through the low. As soon actor rather a horse in front of the TV and in the comfort of their homes bag fees. Overall spending member is home to at this home mechanical. Equestrian system simulates riding horse Cingular. The repeated topic the rest will mean for bald for. The media. Gave. It helped device the fitness you up. So live longer cement thanks guys. Because god I'm. You are all right Anthony thank you very nice there today. When you go with the Iowa yet you just the general of the young Michelle back here where this she's also seventeen years royalties home schooled. What are you let them a shallow. And by the way a year entire Stanley has called and they're they think it's voting time and it's not voting time we got at least he should add an act Italy. I'm Nancy do these well these these people. Bring about a year of yeah at the and aren't there on the phone hi everybody. I yeah animation now. They they let she loves your support but she's a little embarrassed and I'm. They love you okay we got to be so much. The voting is going to be a few minutes that's gonna say anything specifically tour. Militarily that end the battle. Okay our poll another thing out of properties selected yeah selected your item BC you pull the Mike Griffin coming out yeah and what are you gonna be singing to us. Highs in your dog instructions from Wiki. Wiki how how to save your dog to shake your dog instructions OK so you have to make that sound. Beautiful with your beautiful voice any time hearing. Hey yeah. Hand. And I can't maintain it would be hot that it was Boone. Could be paying full flow Arianna. And did the fun you know mr. Thank god. You want to thank you not only to not be twice and it. Hit the ground. Out of the hand. Check and pretty flash and use and then just go out with a sensitive and means there's. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. My morning show on air voice the voice auditions here and this is the city. Brown and seeing some that we are favoring and final guy here Ricky is back he's 44 he's from new Richie I'm sorry from Newcastle. Knew cal. I'd what are you gonna be singing for them Mike up Ritchie we we try to find the weirdest things and you have to try to make them sound sexy or warrant some good lead after any menu and the white castle man white castle museum in New Britain. Can iron out this really well for just coffin when he did a Wendy's menu ones yet when he's reached out to reach out. Gas collar and mentally Cassel might be listening. RAK so anytime you're ready Mike Castle man you've sung by Richie. Mean. That's a tough on. View original slap her is 72 cents. She slide. Four and ninety cents doubled sheen's latter had nine d.s stance. Eighteen she's flattered. But when reform. That makes baking and narrative or send. Chicken ratings latter is burning in nine. Breakfast waffles slider is over two down. Sides include cheese Fries and fish never lose it. And wash it down with a cheese K comes stick. And these guys can make anything sound good on anything. Why capsules well.