Smiley Voice Audition Finale: Round 1

Friday, January 12th


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My when he showed 9095 CLE suns could go either so quit there's a well movement talking dollar guests here in the studio. We're gonna do a little thing here on the radio. So in front of the line them to NBC's the devil eyes auditions coming in here and thank your lucky enough on sun. In the studio we have three finalists over the past few days you can fit I'm doing on here auditions now we've got an in studio and let's get an apple are. And paying NN. Anthony come on up today thing how are Anthony. I'm doing all right I get to sell me a little bit about you said he seventy years old. Seventeen years ruled then got emotional chords school but school Lawrence north Lawrence no. Yeah. That's where I had to I'd like any do. Where Tony from the show went to mennonite school. Real song brown minding your gonna sing. Assigned to you wanna send shock your boy is okay so what's on have you chosen. And a slim Smith's lead me down. On ice and Smith OK guys ready I ran this. Just this on you for Barney evident unless it is okay grass or headphones there and yeah you guys will these at them. OK. And yes Sam Smith are. I guess we could have done this before. At the very like yeah. I'll look at what the hell kind of a show is there's Bob and Tom would never be struggling now like McCain OK zero. But his headphones on. Volume there although he needs he wants a look at the screen to it's. That's on Tuesday tests on him yes. Test 1212 bodies down out of anyone more right you have got. Now you're getting us. I want to make sure it's good. Senior when he needs this is Sam Smith man he's doing sales. He's a luge there is due businessman Sam slams mass trans I have to seventeen years old and he's taken office Kate. I was at any. The truth guard dark posted. David on the outside. And are you a guy out. Yeah it's going to have a of these annoying me you'll be you he's very fair I mean that's saying oh. Limit. Did the deed does seem so. Moon missed. Is enough being with fellow Giuliani. He has seen a good new arrived. He will end. No lawyers can explain to Wear me out man is saying now. And the same team news this rule of the examines. He used to using its there is still raw read so. And not zoom. And you. Most severe thing is no well I mean his team that's. 20. And you can no. This man. Nixon. Food. And. Moon. And room and soon. Don't seek. You. Spent two it's too big. Good news. All right Lester. And. Yeah. Do is. More than they should they each show's Tucson you'll let him do a little bit of each one is you're like I did I kind of on here was a hard. Aren't you that we do the other until Boris. Two again. The US and we can explain that usually you pitch it down cracked yeah a little different for hand. Actress today asked that settlement and you're doing. 100 years this on the dozen years requesting a parent. I'm not so good her. Arlen here you do this aluminum. As Anthony. Lawrence North High School. Seventeen yeah. Yeah. You being east. News. And using her. It is. Oh. Naive. Can. Oh lead and I loved Maria they need to move. All but what I'm seeing news. And alone. Movie moon. You lose the Marines now. It's. I mean very. You. Being home being happening. Yeah do you flourish. He used. Yeah do you look it. Moved. Math. I am not so good okay wait and that is if you keep trying to Anthony. And they'll burn through these guys and allowed let you get chances and it on your drive and earlier in the drive and slow anyway maybe Evelyn. We're gonna take of your vote so you decide on who will get this of from the line past. For NBC's the voice auditions coming up on Sunday. That was Anthony now let's bring in mission. Real song OK now what he's saying Lawrence it was yesterday right. Yeah would you sang that house of horizons are guessing that again. But he I think that halo and halo okay Aaron and maybe some toxic soup so that. Right now and she is seventeen years old home schooled or your parents here your family here my mom's and let's pop. And I'm at and it was. You guys are ready yet I guess okay here here on the show. Do on your additions to get the final line pass for the UN BC and a voice auditions here. In India on Sunday. And then those bonds are being. Kitty it's my dad. Mean you don't go to the he. Didn't make it. This matter. How you plan to lean machine. And nano then yeah dad. It's ten min and daddy okay you know. I'm actually uses around. That's something you know I mean again. Anywhere hands you could. Is suing east 78 and I you know I'm gonna show until. Ed and I don't know I can't laugh. Betty Tennessee and hang. Not yet. The next thing. Yeah. That answers CEO Hank. Lindsay yeah. And I'm Lindsay. Didn't see any. I'm. I mean they. No where did I like that could be clear our. Now Lady Gaga that's now seventy years old and go here in the smiling when should studio trying to get out front on passer NBC's. Addition. I'll tell you we win we are off feared we were having them just and it checked their songs and he went and sang a little bit and that I immediately was like I hope not eating right now. Yeah I. I wanna be responsible for that and said. I'm gonna go toxic. I get a better but never in the spot they are paid not there'll just gonna do want to play TCU the next round which is going to be. They could do on the radio some did you notice and taking it one another run yet that it would get out and so let's issues toxic. And Brittany spears ideas I kind of confused how to start a others are in. Yeah. And I think that's ever has now Britney Spears. I hit the different version of got its Melanie Martinez on and that's. You actually saying out of that really gets slow and like soulful yes I'm ready speed up. Kelly Mark Leno and Melanie Martinez crank IE do you remember a. That's good girls. Yeah. I think he's today. And hated it because. On imitators she wants unique sold out aren't good yet and she is imitating her. Now I CB get pests. Does she look and death. I'm so PDF do you know did she was in town and one of our concerts now now I didn't ask you a separate and correct bash a couple of years ago yet I don't think she realized this was her cover. He did you realize is Melanie Martinez cover you just like the song branded version of the sun had. Yet after Iowa let's let's do this thing and let's do that is what shall I won't make you cry forget halftime you know yeah. And. Did you can't see. I call and contact you. Service whales raw and no standard times. On the moon. Yeah. This knowledge today. I can't raise money I mean they haze. Babies in the diet. And don't hand. Me. And I. I it's now. Yeah view what I. I was doing. And so it's. An opponent didn't know yet you don't like you guys are great but the there were some I was a little. It's so nice how wonderful things and. Real. Analysts are doing now. That's on the daylight show off their voice. And here comes 44 year old per G a. When he apart from 100. The area where exit what do we know that Newcastle. I'm pleased to be that low. Argues that market and the other alternative body count down my abilities that's all right yeah. Newcastle got the biggest is who else yak high school yeah yeah yeah I was at I was there like the best is the best ball thing there too fast end. And one bronze it and don't forget the strip joint needs to be there in the house there was a yes it was of the litter boxers didn't. Oh and about seventeen girls club beard. I don't. We have been but their seventy S that's pretty it's been enough. Time with Richie. These Harvey Weinstein mean. I don't like. Right area what you say it again make a mile billion country music fan yeah. Endless and everything dealers starting job and I'll everyday yeah. Every day and get it now okay all right doubted I Lydia I never science used to hang on our show yesterday. Yeah in this one no lull while actually did was a darling don't go Sundance now OK okay Aaron Aaron is what is it going. Make him look good begin making me look good again you guys ready for this and I had written them you guys are judges out their cigarettes in the shall get ready to Colin. At towards the end of the hour here and we're gonna you guys will vote and decide who will get that from the line past. Richie Rich are you rich. Yeah I wish. Just maintenance. And that's okay. Nine innings and. News yeah. It's and yeah. Yeah. Yeah com and haggard. Live and soul man. Keep cool. Tab back even though. Let's or man. And these saying. And back here. And seen Dan is saying. Many lows in the and I. I mean backhand. And then yeah saying yeah. A million mile. Me and. I own more online. Some homegrown. Lovable dad. Playing this. Tim and I'm sure sounds. And then. And they taught me back games. And today and bang the air. Oh lead in the U. Again. Yeah. The only club and community want more questions. About doing more fully completed a one more for us you know brings. Richie break out and bring and the energy lets you. And John well yeah. My delisting right now but I'm not it's raging. Little did. About dragons backhand. American kids gold in them heart yeah. Tag on me. The book hostile. So and I want to do now pass out of place bringing. I answered my own values that got us into. Jack says hey throughout she did to me. Have a laugh about it roach let me do what it means Jackson. Well we can ask my yeah songs. Polls all I have to do rib and live it is gone. All. Here shortly here and actually older than him yes in Iraq do you kids yeah aero older than these seventy euros or near India competing against all rules will be 22. My assistant. Yeah.