Smiley talks with IMS president Doug Boles - Dirt Track & Brickyard 400 2018

Wednesday, September 5th


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I guess of mass Terry's gone on this weekend's brickyard 400 so today midget race and to tell you more about it. Let's get him on I am asked president Doug Boles everybody feeling grew. Who brought that. You for having me on if you think this is the first time I think if I've ever organized. Radio call with you guys directly on Twitter so everybody is here congress say. Qaeda have been doing it's a little. That gets under way not lost eleven pounds last five weeks action on the average worker it's amazing how that works. Yeah sound it and I'm sure cutting out I just yeah. I had an island I mean I literally cut it all out so what he timeout when that you would shooter we have in the new mountain do your sodas there's some like that. I did. Like a beetle karma much data in the morning and then I was beaten. Chocolate bars during the day and it sort of look at dude in like an out of you and at duke and the proteins like out. Allman milk which is frightening but it's actually after six or seven weeks he's pretty good. He was only milk already. Gotten stuck out again now. I read it probably easier for guys lose weight and is now but does. I didn't have to ask you this do you have a personal trainer. You know I I I am just answer the question does. It it's written now house. I ran have been closed this summer and get her degree burns on my right you are out of eight weeks. And they want when you don't walk very well EUT game where it really quickly so that was sort of motivation what I gotta shoot back my foot and more like entered yet. After this week on the circuit act much like Enron and so well I'll be in good shape for a. Will as the illegal. That because we the three of us have trainers that's why we're not winning yap and what's. I do I believe that argument with a trainer my argument its muscles at your currency. So you're you're probably just in better shape and quaking. Lined up and better shape over yeah that'd be out of this let's fight to the death. He left the autumn you know reduce this. Figure that out and eat it I know let's do it well there's I've Roman coliseum at. Last man standing wins this is pretty cool so if you get out and get a chance to get out go to the track at today or tomorrow for this really cool thing how to take you to build that they're dead or print out there. Ever look in the first month of the end until you're ninety it is a little over two months. Quarter mile dirt track. 5000. Include incidents he surrounded its. And this is like I'm a big purse like them the money to for the winners like enemies transshipment yeah. Yes yes so for our short trackers 151000 when it is pretty big deal so I am quite a bit. Actually make the future so we almost a 120 entries so large check each and treatment mr. Cusack racing which is. Pretty exciting we're gonna order record the save lives in Brian Austin you glossy you're going to honor that are short tracker. Two who decided to become an organ donor and is really even know well. After he was injured and when they realized that it don't lose him and it really has changed and it. You know virtual sword that they've of course things and and synergy that aren't so let's let's go make this a big deals can't sit here right now looking at a cool banner. How the Internet at large BC 13% by not. I would run clock on and so when people get here on the other Rita marker out boxer Arturo. This weekend and we're excited to do this for them. And the gates avenue 4 o'clock this afternoon. It gave coconut aren't reported current contract between five and 530 in it'll be. Nonstop Karzai himself got to tell you almost 10 o'clock tonight and think are the people I don't know midget racing and what kind of went what does that look like. Like boxing a little car right. Yet there's really small all open wheel cars with cages on them up 400 close scholar. Really really light so they're 900 pounds and they're they're monsters to handle and control and he's ready salute best drivers in the world with this so even some of the cup drivers the storm out Christopher bones Nixon he races going on our current data elite my stepson is actually never been an image yesterday decided not gonna be the one IndyCar ever distant. And I got I saw that and sticker I am not photo and I was like act that was as do other IndyCar drivers do this earn now that's. You know the Connor Connor is Connor is a free spirit and lost to compete and he and Brian with prince. So yeah I'm I think it is much an and they were teammates actually in the corner turning ugly. I think as much for Connor it's you to you know let's just not racing period but I think because it because in grammar friend and teammate I think for him it's so special operative from Rhonda. That is coming out of its primacy he be doing. Yet Conner doesn't care who he eats up we went to Sarah Fisher's go Kart track over Christmas break. I happen to ran into him that there is not planned reading text each other is spread out birdied the restaurant there is like out my time's coming up. And he goes out there and he chews up just civilian peace. I'm sick guy he brings is somehow meant that he destroys everybody's kids are really get the grant talks Pratt did that. Oh yeah. It was out yes. How competitive now says. We do I'd never been to a dirt track Greece before when a couple years ago I believe in Kokomo with my boyfriend and one of the things he had said to me was like where something with a letter bring a hat like why share enough. Extreme Wear something good out every act as you will get dirt in your half hour look at as to how it handled all past. It's funny when you think that and people you know and I have never been it is foreign people really enjoy you know good score with this is secret or at night because you know the dirt that's why. And eat you take Kokomo so recount on how to Kokomo are really the ones that are all the track surface that brought so I was out last night. In a lot of truck right around releases it is wet in the racetrack doubts they want perhaps some moisture and just blast must be inspection that the driver so. We're excited every netbooks and Coke mud on your million lost jobs and then make this special. Don't forget the NASCAR races this weekend yeah. And Johnson edit. The new date for the big machine back up 400. We have finally about some wind and we squarely put up the next I've iteration speedway where do everything we can't. This is 2008 tickets have been decline of the foreigners who were not current at reset the day except the playoffs a year which curriculars it's looking a lot of really cool sort of line them. Frankly we're excited search share September with the cultural Leander Lex first up and he's been back in now. We did we share may with the pacers so we figured let's let's go ahead share up Almonte with that with you can't score. How am newly public cool it's going to be cooler on Saturday and Sunday. And chance of rain but you know what are they what how does that work with NASCAR and and rain do they just keep on dollar. Like IndyCar on the on hold yet it's raining we want our money but you know one of our biggest complaint for customers. Over the last several years and it's just so hot he dedicated now to move in September really helps that problem enough and strictly. Hopefully that's why I went to bed last night. I got up this morning and a weather forecast looks marginally better than it did last I hope that we just keep getting Marshall got to announce some huge beautiful Sunday. And we are more tickets for the concert to on Saturday for the big in Florida Georgia line bass which got Nellie vehicles when Nelson great show out there keep listening for. Two tickets are on the job. Wal-Mart Wal-Mart nobler not a little. Even though yeah yeah. Isn't. It's going to be a crazy Saturday at you and all the music in now. I you know wind got Porsche got a call means hey what is the Wal-Mart yelled at her I look I ask that the music I think it works great month. I forgot about I did hear something about that I forgot about it that's awesome based talented man. OK then dug bulls IMS thank you so much of the time. I don't think it'll never begged you.