Smiley Sack - Maroon 5 Tickets

Tuesday, December 5th


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Here's what happens if he smiley morning show on air gift exchange white elephant rules. I gotta be exactly the. And Bob surprises yeah it is gigantic. Is this gonna go down Amanda's gas she wants Taylor Swift concert tickets seeing Colin right now calling nine gets playing you can jingle my sack you need to steal more her or not. Steel wore out daring. Steal there innocent lovely lady tickets all our you can go ahead net tickle my sack and out will. Up another prize could be something like a jingle jam tickets or Maroon 5 tickets or it be somebody's we call on the booby prizes only says Simon Cowen and which is price fact that somebody on the show has been together. We just found out about that Nicky price that. Booty enhancement cream and a serial called Rudy knows he is is you know and nurturing your booty inside and out. I've got a prospect that I put together from Walgreens as canned spam so mad dinosaur and things and I'm mrs. potatoes a potato head missed that. As. Pets are you about this a mrs. potato sack this is potato it's a bet that Dave fashion himself when he was seventeen at that. And log time a man that wants you hang out there and we'll allow we'll get color number nine in the we'll bring it back and see if they steal your Taylor have tickets. You think someone's gonna steal or Taylor Swift tickets I think now and it's pretty hot item but I. Now things indeed are all gonna wanna add you know I mean there's no. I'm rodeos are the length Sunni. I. And so are sent. Your kids earning. I do you like spam. And he'll be here. Now it's time that Jindal smiley he's sad okay Kurt. Good morning. Good morning you are color number nine anchor. How does it cannot be collar in nine I hit it feel like Christmas miracle yes yes yes that is a big deal what you think about this for a little bit I mean really. Think about it but right now it's our. On a gift exchange down holidays are here white elephant rules to apply new chance to steal and a period. Her cheek he can steal your Taylor Swift tickets right now or. You can choose. Go what's in store numbers. And when I say and my second. I segments. And so you'd just say you think about this now and I'm really think about dad contemplate all the gas consequences of your actions. It is his time. Bernard. Angered. But Kurt isn't Taylor Swift so again singing silly like accidentally grabbed the media. I thought about it. I mean it would be in your booty would look great there would be enhanced birds time. You eat right never bend over a nice to put the sock on the thing. What else on the side hanging. It's that pet isn't as seen on T eaten. And use it's a Sox slider so you know in the comfort of your own home in this position. And it just. Put your -- I keep your heart and a plastic keys and it has a handle and that's kind of let blouse and just not funny I didn't know mark nice guys we directed an emergency and but the stock on the onion. But you had to get the Sox to begin when and where those bottom two are probably now aren't we need we need to make a decision. It's. What you want well I've been thinking a lot about this to say I have twin girls who are on. I we'll. Larry yeah. Amanda I think I'm gone particular swept. All right guys. So that's video I think and then that's the deal late Kurt gets those tickets or at Taylor Swift and that means. Amanda you're gonna have to go for what's in my sack yet to hit senate acts act it's actually. That's sad Hogan both dads out Kurt congratulations. Faith guides your doubters who say it. You're the IRL article. All right time greeted died in a nice actor are you ready. And I ended just like yesterday give us the yeah I'd sent description yeah what do you see what do you smell. Not more consistently. On. Why they're so. Aren't complete. Payment and helpful top that in just a moment to tell you what she wants. I. I think the outset you won. Well until tomorrow I. This is so crazy. I Amanda so you'll have for 24 hours tickets to see Maroon 5 concert. Okay so we'll get you on the phone again tomorrow and people can Colin decided look this is your current five day. Asked and our rights again another day here we'll talk do that tomorrow can okay.