Smiley Sack - Half of One Direction

Thursday, December 14th


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And he'll be here right. This is everybody as it was Taylor they got on the air with us yesterday and receiving their back on a pharmacy. Now remind us. Halo and came out. I'll let them back. Act but we surprise again yesterday. Atlanta can't span that I had and that sort yes it's yeah. Place that last I miss the I said. Oh yes what a great gift every gift maybe possibly do when illustrate somebody has them. Today I'm not summons bold enough to steal dispersants. I would love to see this stolen spam let's take a look at the ingredients nutritional snack assign him RI Nazis serving size for one candies to people to 222. Penalties are you won this golf fighting over all that gives me. At I. Smile okay. Let's he calories a 180 per serving there you go. Hillary is that it would like you know some Magdeburg original sides have probably make green beans. Let's see ingredients number one pork with ham. Orton win then that's pretty. Pork with ham. Smith that's like. My pig meets mix to insult I like what it was all one pig meat and then they separated and then re combined into a new weird campaign salt water than modified potato starch. Sugar sodium nitrate. So what's a sol it's. OK now when is it collar nine on the phone and see what they wanna do. Are there Courtney. I'm Lara welcome news show how you feline. App pretty good at that turn and you're it and the pilot back. Yeah. Yeah. We have a decision to make this is a big deal it is white elephant rules to apply for our honor gift exchange and you can't steal the meat and potato prize back good lord jingle. And go deep in my second my left sack. Let Christmas left section. Remember that they cut back. And they keep scalable and I know everybody on the but I had. Mom who now congratulations. Is what I mean. It Taylor spam you also have the past you've got the goods hold on a line and we just set up with Europe meat and potato Fries back combined pick this up. Can't spam that is our president. And mrs. potato head. And mr. potato and businesses which means he's probably better and more organized it's. Yeah. Yeah this Iraq. Really yeah it's. Are you ready to dive in and I sat. Actress. OK go far it seems. Please see what do you see now. Whether you're at it animal pretty down and now. I noted there are a lot of easy. They're out. Yeah it. Yeah it. Okay. Congratulations looks like you've got to have parents Agassi now Warren yes and then the other guy Perry. How about that path. And that no big deal let yeah I mean that is a little grocery Courtney so you better be designer and how old are you Corning. I'm 4146. Yeah I'm Robert reporter Rick but you know not say well we can we still have those to get away. Would you like to just give up that prize and put it back in the second and you get a chance to play for Taylor Swift later. WebMD I had somebody if somebody could be Q and you could get something terrible death. I could get something terrible Barack. And the risks out I'll wait and in count on the Maricopa unborn. By the way this I think you said I don't know I was wrong meant mine hand and Mannheim steamroller is tonight. Not who's off this is actually trans Siberian orchestra and a what's the sense at a flooded it is like strains I don't need it. Laser cannon.