Smiley Jeopardy - Prom

Wednesday, April 11th


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Pay let's get a license violent crime tickets right now we're planned little game and call and jeopardy. And Greg just put a check pretty everybody. Yeah three contestants here teaming up with that Nicki and myself and Tony. No lie is gone and no one. I. I would go a good man but when a team up with who you want to ask to be your your guy or gal played again. Well what is it Toni there I was asleep Tony honor Paul strain it. Okay. All right and no he gets mileage. You fool. UK with smiley. Yeah a regular got a he changed his mind since we talked Tomas Pearson all right let's let I'll see what their minds OK Steve what do you want. Mickey out. All right then that means. Michelle actually have a shot at winning now. You then Tony sang okay Aaron. All right well almost disappeared she's Zealand's now. Okay this horse that just like jeopardy works there as rap categories and on. We have 1020300. Dollar amounts on the board shall we fill up our category. Eight and looks. Or. Category one. Nips and tucks. Category two encumbered binds. Category three it smells like Bruton year. It smells like that mean Nixon docs and encumbered bonds. And it smells like boot near. And it. Smiley. You could open up the Bullard oh good then I'll take 100 syntax for 100 Lee. 100 the answer is this superhero has nips on his costume. That is incorrect Miley yes. Do is why would you do that I want to give it a shot as. It. What he means and what reminded all you gonna finish the question yeah that and now look. At it yet to edit out some new. Let's. No marshmallow man yet. Like and clean up this superhero has and it's on its costume but this is his name when he's just out. It is click and that is incorrect. Nine and let your mind here that was the 100 dollar question. Halladay and maybe to go when he's still on the board yep okay smiley I would like to request that syntax again for 200. Stocks and 200 the answer is. This product tux and your muffin tops and. What is thanks. I'll give it to you. What are banks that aren't. I just spank is a product at the access Sony at. With 200 points right now I'm not exactly when it met the standard up and okay Tony controllable or. And let's just didn't Gibson talks for 300 extra 300 the answer is Janet Jackson's nipple was pull out it's not smile. Who is Justin. Around that is incorrect. PO just in the row. At you know and you asked for an. I was gonna say Justin Timberlake would that have been right. Now a KRA. And Jackson's nipple was pulled out of her leather tuxedo during this event to present company. Admirable that is correct the stock. Yeah George Hill I had hundred points for Tony doing and I am keeping score over here. Part of my job and not let your score running sound effects and play in the game how. Hudson and also the 2000 dollars just that I should because of the airport it does I'll pay for you I have 1000 points you know I guess by counterpoint there. Indian officials Clark curse me when you say that I always wind and I get panicked and I had to. I should reach is saying and too much pressure now they catch Larry and I am now I was no feeling right now sign. Just got five thousand dollar increase now he didn't didn't put those referred just in Kaufman tickets. And take an encumbered buns are 100 please Alex I think a bunch from 100 dollars the answer is McDonald's has sold millions and millions of bonds for big Macs that famously had these sprinkled on yeah. That is correct EPO are. 100 yeah. I think. It unencumbered bunch for 200 cancer it is it's this Hoosier exposed his entire asked to the Indian ex. That's correct. They keep control of the board is numbered and sport 300 and a bunch of 300 to sweep the category. The answer is Kim parred actually it was photographed for paper magazine. Oh. If. I about it it's gonna be paper magazine. Act now fat. Bashing is good for People Magazine. Why. Is. Her but. That is him. And now. These are well yeah now I. Would you like the rest of the answer yet as hard as she was photographed for paper magazine. Using her sizable buttons as they shelf. What is it campaign. We re create that picture and knew that once the handwriting get in quicken up. Wait 76623. BO OK 604. Nikki Tony with 500. What is your bus zero for mean here. Left. And I'm strengths certainly is going to be paper magazines sorted out so struck and Ernie Barnes in the naps are gone. Lance say it's not right in the air for one and. Advent Mir are so 100 dollars Nikki and Tony ready use this product in their hair to cover up bar state. What is liberties yeah. So I'm gonna take it agrees shower she's. 600 for Tony 600 for Nikki zero for days smiling waving knock. Oh. Yeah if you know that it's wrong. The daily doubles and they're somewhere around your right I daily quadruple I'll get now. And it didn't. Any effort 200 police smelled like this year. 200 dollars. If they smell a clowns bin near. What is water that is incorrect. Bespoke cloud booed near you might get squirted with this my. What is seltzer asked her. Alone gives me. I. And the sooner knowing that he's very specific seltzer water and yeah. We aren't Hague are you running grade daughter 200 smiley and we'll take castles like boot near. For 300. It's good to elite Delaware Israel and the sound effects on her into. Happens to you daily double which this would make his 600 points six and plenty. I do want to answer it adds 800 total would be winning any one can any kind of course yeah course. The answer is for its hills boot near for 600 dollars. This is what you call making a two under the covers my. What is the Dutch Abbott. The. Hundred points and now I'm getting now. Now I you Zealand over there. They came strong it's not over yet let's review we have final jeopardy let. Review the scores okay 600 for Tony 600 for Nikki smiley with 800. Point. Very exciting day today. So final jeopardy category as stagger acts tank bag okay. I can't place your bets place your bets. Here I don't know how to do math. While currently you're in the lead. For I don't which is a good thing. So but they could doubled their SOB 12100 dollars. And but he's not ended minus 800. Let's 48 on Suzanne how much pressure that that right wanna win. You for sure when you should vet 400 at one. 401 because they could never get that okay thank you so you yeah okay. 401. Attached. To pick it up. They could never get or editor of one dollars so I do 401 is not that right ankle and a guy who aren't you we go guys it's new and exciting no problem. It was category against the category to stand dad sag had okay. I'm correct here is the answer. Going stag means going alone if you're a guy. The term stag. Means mailed. So what phrase might you use for a girl going alone. Going stack means going alone if you're a guy. The term stat means male deer. So what phrase might you use or a girl going Hollande. And I Melanie Billings on an enemy. Half of spam on angles that I guess that we'll start with what is but. It's yeah. I would aged 600 plane 600 points and what was your question I said what is going down this corrects for 600 points. You are now 12100 points let's go to Nikki I'm thinking it's six points and nails or what is going down this tour for 12100 more points. Okay. Day you've waited 401 dollars as we knew that you said. You said panic now. The sending her to get ready to understand the format wasn't. In salt. A few less 201 dollars and now it's democratic stag Hank Aaron debt doe had no. Yeah like I need to understand bill hag yeah wag is that not correct now that category was stagnant or. And why you were so close. But still so far we have all champions today out of debt. Eat any one and I know it's not tales starring back to. Everybody congratulated a couple of Dell bags over their pin Stephen Michelle give those guys accompanied. Can get a prime sorry Noah and we are enormous there. And blew it at the end. Graduation Molinari so close is so closely and I've I was I didn't guess I didn't stay in the format of it that way yet answer I don't just. Now I have like really hired. If you keep listing we'll have more free tickets to go to smiley prompt a budget I tickets are twenty dollars are online right now WC PR dot com we'll see Saturday night for smiley rob.