Smiley Jeopardy - Niall Horan

Thursday, March 15th


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And now it's time. It's time to play. Smiley and jeopardy. Yeah. That's been good morning. Quarter. We team up with today. Starting OK you've got Tony at Atlanta ice. Father who do you wanna see win on a smiley jeopardy today. Nicky price all right I mean last to be Vick will let them or dummy office tower cam picked me and I would win yeah I can hear the answers Terry and I mean I'm so sorry. Bucket thank you for the energy and I appreciate it are now that you guys back on hold you just enjoy the game. Has his work producer well I was very comfortable telling her back let's look at the. A word from them. And all the. Can't look at an area that schizophrenic jeopardy are right hammer denials. And I'll hammer in Niles. Just horrid around. And one big. But politically backstage and of course debut one point tossing a little bit I was the first one again Perez and I. Idols. In her in Niles next Lauren around we had on radio and the right to know pre write them now okay you know 1020300. Dollar amount let's go with. Just whining around this horse and I did can't read my brain. This morning around all literally all I our clients are yeah. Florida around 200 police and the answer it's besides a good time this is what a houseful of course is called it. Indeed. What is apple is directly to Leonard wow. Good job nick you control the Bart I would like to pick that hammer and Els for 100 Bremer announced 100 the answers after his fault for music MC hammer became. This saying the MC always stood for men it's priced. And preacher as Greg for a hundred other. Joseph the board. Let do you are 101 the deeper 100 dollar bid and is this big. Who is how god. And did. I'm not only is it not smiling. Play Dick Cheney that's the at. I don't know a large there is buzz did and I am glad you did that the rules that is a really good job. You're never gonna get it and I notice that Iraq but. Yeah well I had yet at the end of cake GAAP net. I stay out of that I had. Guys they're filthy and disgusting and I let Dave you're on the board has gone in a moment ago with one big. 11 or an iron. One of Al do it for 200 plea ends on. Daily Dowdell and points 400 points here we go the answer is. This big. Niki de listing cut that is incorrect. Meanwhile my time this big dean is a quirky FM and it weird comic who's known for partying too. I'm still greeted dirt dirt on remember the cash or is one big. Tony yes. In. Dayton and we had a. I was young. Mentally yeah your big guys remind them bury that should be sleeping there. And yeah is. The rob it's saying Dick bad debt I. Let me get a life. I don't know. Now this is not right. Now flat over I said Dick Van Dyke can't you are. I was gonna say well. Now Richard his stick isn't it yeah Richard Simmons no I was gonna say Dane Cook. He said and I think it's NBA. Now and start with a DNA I did I did this have on the game and of course it is a daily doubles still. And so you control the ball inside and then let's go with. And. Are are on. What is that the deck. Yeah what they need one big. 300 plea groundout one dignity could create a hundred and it out the daily quadruple. All of a nice. Well see that is well. The double and quadruple that the death while we doubled down because no one got the doubles that we double the double a and I thank. Under way for 12100 dollars this is an old slang term or a personal detective. That yes. What is it that I did and as it ain't smiley. Would you like to hear the red yes please yes. You already. No idea and here it you have to go. There will what was that belies the party this is an old slang term for personal detective. Yeah that's. 041 big. 12100 dollars is on the line. Clark that is correct. Yeah. That day he got an. How are yeah. Thank you this is this I'll regret this is an old cling to tired yep or personal that detective who investigated the guy host the American big. He asks now. They get a terror and I didn't Tracy is now. None none of you got it by the way are. I'll let you guess again this good old center for personal detective that kind of sounds like the lowest army ranks new leaner. Louis ranks Wiener. Tony yet what is a private debt that is correct wow you got that like. Remember he's nobody got because you were shot and Dick Tracy's. Dick Tracy or along it. Even I value against the heat. That's why they're not real and not get in the game continues. Going to be tough to be well and I get 12100. No yeah. He's the actual amount a beauty 300 dollar yeah that's. And and night she shouldn't I get 300 are already or is shot you control. Is I I still you drove it sounds like the private yeah. And Tony yeah Tony Williams a geyser like you'd you'll we have Cameron Niles and just poured around. I'm a dude just weren't around for her 100 and have a 100 dollars the answer is this is the mailbox of prostitutes yes. What does this. Job Anke Tony let you know how hard. I you are. Able black candidate yeah. Just turnaround for 300 dollars struggling yeah the answer is this former basketball player almost died. It's grass. Who has. The 90 are Odom while Dunn we got here. Now retails for 200 million dollars left amid sued him announcement than ever announcement 200 the answer is most hammers and nails are made out of this Pittsburgh metal like Superman's body. What is Kryptonite I know it's. And finally. And here. Mr. but it's the steel hello and harder insert that Nicky community's favorite idols I. Another 1300 dollars here at NASA pushing Herman WI BC to let her finish out yeah. They bring a youthful spark to what is otherwise a CEO of Goldman yelling at. Emmys for like that on you and I hated. Hammer and denials or 300 dollars the answer. It is. Niall Horan Nile Lorraine in MC hammer actually met in took a picture together. At this iconic LA record company building. Vicky is Capitol Records are correct. All right the game final jeopardy what are their scores. Making is in the lead with 11100. I am in second with 400 and Dave is in third with one and Dave your. Actually on the board with the money that's right and stay with my hundred dollars I'd like did not bet OK Il go public the hundred dollars us. I will go home by tilting my holiday dollars thank you let's caddick category is slow hands slow some name of denial horns on it is that right now rounds together. Our hands here is your final jeopardy get it higher rate your bets down. And guess that neither one of you are gonna bet anything it would just not be Smart yet not for Nikki. I think Nicky has about 11100 dollar. King and Howard. Force me what is the category real quick here what is song I mean there is is to thank enters this actress felt Patrick Swayze slow dead hands helper shape a pot to. Unchained melody and the movie ghost. I. And look at the G easy Micky I ask you have 11100 dollars you can literally and not bad enough. Yeah or to lose all that and what is the son called and finally try to find that. Apparently they got at Leon analysts on our right gave lion club. What was your answer age I didn't I had not planned taking my hundred dollars and and I'm sorry Alex and I think I mean I have to do from day. Hundred dollars does amenities and making those as ads who is Denny mark that's correct you have 800 dollars and. 200 and who is an evil that's her big employers sticky don't care. Well. As the winner tonight integrity. Better congratulations that means you teamed up with. Nikki so you want to tickets ago senile from one direction and concert poster qualified to go backstage to a sound check does that sound deal. Give me a little sexy sexy kiss on the air. You know some guys.