Smiley Jeopardy - Country Mega Ticket

Friday, February 9th


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Let's give way the country may get tickets right now we're smiling jeopardy. Okay. Errol Louis team Hamlet. Aaron looks like into the main thing I might aren't as thank you thanks on my knees and I. God given name David yeah I think Mary David Scott smiling gonna try to name of our lord steal my identity. It's not smiling as our lower yes but at least my name's Rudy when a team up with. I'd like to claim. On our team on line again. I'm. It may use bank sees inland than eight hours easy and then Peter I'm sorry you have Tony. Tony turtleneck Tony is that we cut to dollar on that are there home that's. We will now turn elect Tony intoxicated. And he said some things we shouldn't I eat I. Or she. Nice we'll lament has brought us dumped on late yeah and I sit Tonioli I know you're dialing 21 by and she won't even take anybody because of what you two have not and it's between now. Anything you and draw all her fun he was so you won't even do one. My number one now she's number two. Decent numbers in the hunt. Our children and yeah it asks you or crucifix necklace over turtleneck yesterday has nothing to do with anything yet doesn't have to do and even really that she just happened anyway tournament would really armored I think it's how to spell. Is it's like I can't see through that. And then you gotta respect that Jesus. Now now I mean I bet I bet there. Do you like I let any grass necklace is attracted sexually to you. Did use said that I didn't say Helio I think it now not sexually attractive makes me attracted to right now because she's a Christian woman you know what I see it as I see it is a challenge. And I like a pretty okay it would contestants are ready let's get to the game as this where Tony are you file what is category asked are you ready to apply yes. Are the categories today art. Orcas the country mega ticket I get it soon and you pop sue me and rap and and we're item on her and 200 people are. Now. Doing it rat him apparently the court next stage and he had not as immediate it was what he. That's now. Me not being minding my own team hand I loved being around sell thirty under is known category called turtle neck. I take yeah he thought yeah I'm hunt you guys that's how I feel when I'm around to win godsend yeah. Wow. Here in the top 100. Hosted cartoons luckily it Ray Kelly tell. 88. Who is cowboy Bob that is true I knew that hundred dollars and. Are on the point change gradually they eat Hoffa too and you can say yeah I'm. Ontario. The dollars. This cartoon cowboy love to hang out with the guys. And who is Wylie coyote. And ma. What. Rat I do like where you went into that Tony like that patties under its. Yeah yeah. It seemed like he was known as the cab and how many times hit with a and builds are bad that's okay not sprints and does that diet and dynamic called. He AT&T well the anti AMC TN and man but Tony acme thank you aren't you. And occupied Golan. They might mic and let's do you sue we've now NASA. Perhaps 100. Double down the they would double they certainly hurt hot here. The next ball game befriended just buy it ain't how these. Who is. Charlotte that it did. Nicknamed. Her that her yeah. He's imagine I know it doubtful that it was 100 dollars there are four times you know. And that forehand or yeah I think I would like to do I am 100. 900 dollars. Jury is Rick Solomon wrote this hotel there yeah. He is carousel and that is correct murderer and a hundred dollar early in Durham arts. Here on this one let's do right imports are an air out of a hundred dollar. As you wrote this year. Hey neat paint the bud but Purdue in my grade. Were you angered that appears to have Tony here. On and I sound effects having them it'd be tough for me play. 300 rat. 300 dollars the answer is you can live like you're dying to. My only. Who is tipped to drop that is correct on and live like you were backed by riding the bull named best Mickey. His mansion that is correct spurred 300. He had trouble bulwark let's Steve suing for two under way. And then battlers this is what angry Russians tell Americans who love the free market and locker saying. But as and I heard the sound. And he's only bad does end without. Violating the ideas in need to be screaming and and well what was the question again. This is what angry Russians call Americans love. The free market and democracy. Remember the category it's do it is Nicky and in some one is American pain no. Close. Smiling we're looking. Or were a different turner what is the donkeys men. What is the whores and knowing what is the asset when the dog now does the cat what is the rabbit what he's our free market called when you let my Marcy know when I let the market determine. What the value things well. Gone what is. Her Mickey and and I am now Tony and Dave are relying on you know did pretty nasty and then I guess a lot of dog he is not the right term. And game. I was embodies the public's paying. Allison and a capitalist. Don't know if there's going to Iraq we've got hopper 300 NC deeper at 300 probably need to ease dip internal. All right let's do suing for 300 simply for 300 dollars this solemn played as some dude made again squeal like a pig I. What is. An Afghan man down around noon and. That is the bricks on what's the name of Dooling and yeah it's serious I am. Now. As lefty not nearly every gay how on earth early hundreds. Okay this is worth four times the points out that normally would've been okay Dave you can only answer them right. Category and Sunni it's heaven and you hop in it for the 900 dollar citing NGOs are dating this one is only for ye yes what hurt scores just attic your past. He is in the lead with 800 in whom smiley and Tony are tied with 300 Marlon I've. I could tell you created on this kid isn't saying how I do all work and then you'd just handle wind I can't control and eastern would this be. It till we got him Obama we only have twenty minutes into our necks out what that sounded okay here's the answer. We're never gonna make it that's the key here I'm not sure parts famously for trade this modern cowboy who was so intimidating. He didn't even have to run to the current and now vetoed anti Yankee. I can now run from the ground Yankee this and I'll sleep for days and Melanie. And many. You know I passes for your win you know the answer. And I say gaming zone visits for Mickey to win in unfortunately. That is the mainly known. Yep matter. That made sense he teamed up with nick hey you guys that tickets to go to the country out of a country festival thingy. Country mega tech but. It's very what do you think of that lobby of your favorite artists from the head that the round of the concerts. Omar minor amount. Of bill. Smiling when he shows does have your free tickets. In the country mega thing. Oh yeah. This sleeplessness I want to show up.