Smiley Feud - Pink

Monday, March 12th


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Smiley did. Up until 8 o'clock we will give them afterward. And you want to many kids. Thousand dollars cash coming up. Definite stand right now getaways and paying tickets it's the smiley sweet. Rely on his name is. Travis. Really good to be a fun fact about yourself. The impact on me I'm actually has what no real. Oh that is being set. Yeah ask well why did this happen yeah. Bill it was back in 2007. When it was all the hype right yes and excited Archie band. Into country. Bit by mosquito and yeah OK yeah yeah I'm good now. This Noam it it takes away your short term memory so. I have some fun on the back. Okay sue now all you. I have forever hold and Ronald. You have relations or somebody does it transfer over to that person's. Secret question I don't think he's okay. I don't yeah. Are you planning to make love to Travis attacked. OK I that's that's Travis as kind of an odd thing. He had just you know by ten we get to game is over he won't remember if they want her. And it they no longer be asked to vote on. Donna Donna is contessa number two tell me give me a fun fact about news. What disease do you have. Now I need a visa invited her to ask you what my doctor I. Oh that's really me what's your dad's name. At heart ripped out jeans a jazzy dads are Justin and it won't. And that damages our guys have has passed is. Although nobody what a jazzy Diana. Old age you're at and was it you mean we don't need titled AG is if that's something you have any idea was cancer cataract west Nile let's. Actually I actually record. Yeah aren't here yet as it is struggling and you said this is Morgan this is the sign your last breath right now I'm just. Hit the we got one that will last now that it did Kelly I don't. Depressed can. Not. To hug man I'm so those are about jazzy. Is Jessie yeah yeah yeah I am a parent competent and not them then I'm Japan iron and. But I NN NN NN NN and now it's about it you have do you think they haven't. But definitely play the game here young guys. I have questions. Ready for round run producer we'll survey the entire smiled yeah I think it. Pete king good but it lightning concert yeah. Got about the artist necessarily just the team as they like that start Travis Travis. The sexiest pink thing a girl can Witter is this. I know that were appropriate. And may. Where pennies. Did the actual word panties come up in this round of paint viewed isn't up there. I'm. Nobody says he fancies and I was surprised by that I know cities so sorry trapped. I'm they're honored is not that sexy. Maybe guns maybe not let's go over to and I and I think in Travis west now Travis. I love those pink panties now wanna take him not me do. The auto the art. Exactly right now and I Don of the sixties pink thing a broken where is this. Arab. Big guys that day. Of the of the week publicly accessible by anyone but do we coupled with the Brock. Yeah. Hi best chances right there and what he's today I'm surprised that neither one of those specific items came up but lingerie was the number one answer in the party was fun hearing some holes that Brian Townsend apparently while matching panties or were not into it. That's a grumpy and other it's into the board worth the wrong party dress and bikini EU listeners song Don TP any. To Nancy's on top of him. Man it hurt. You wanna give one point though would have been traveler stratus that and Travis and panties okay. Any and I think everybody saying you know I thought thugs are like half the community. And legally they are because your body isn't counted in the that's the panties it's literally little pants. These guys are the name that covers all underwear and he could say where or any cell highway nannies right you could. You could be are they considered little pants when you Larry I guess like you know government whole body that they cover like another event there's little chance right exactly yeah just like passes out. Yeah I just off the floor giving. Those stain and now. And I. An anti agreed sport we have four votes judge's concerns aren't married yet so Travis it's one point. Nice I was on his cent on last night transcend into it and I rallies got panties would that have affected Donna's answer let's give her another chance to get scores of well known Tony does indeed Wear thongs. You did say she was gonna say song but she didn't has panties were. You on shouted and he would've already won a wit that wrong. What is it. Rock. On your rock. Idea agreed a laundry is both OK how about B zero point two and two. Yeah. Oh yeah ban the that that Willis and it's an honor where it is now a lot and months and. While some time and I don't think thongs work is underway and it's they are in the. Here but. The part yeah I accept your dad. Everybody down our ass is Johnny yeah. And you know I've been telling you would giant X ray yeah okay our people tweeting the theme. The this is only you gotten so far about this is RAP dizzy the rescue that. And yet I'm misheard it got it on her Oscar nominated at the stagnated as malaria couldn't ask that. Now are guys who get next question here go for rag. This we're with Don and start back to Don this is the animal that is best known for being paid. I mean that old. I think I'll have an answer. How many points is that worth them three points she's got three point which is down four points now moved west now that guy's got one that's. Right Travis. This is the animal best known for being pink. Wouldn't say it. Points that means three points now or less now Travis. Raid went on the board we also had salmon. Salmon. It was a disease and help. Out yeah on. News that. Yeah hasn't disease. And he got teaching band yes. Goddard and C news. Again what else is there anything else since it was last at those times. Right the third one we're up Travis again Travis name a famous. Name a famous pink haired actor from pop culture the pink and certain. The lord our board warning. Man. Uneasy up to now. That's Shannon and sirens. Child eat Millsap is the man is an admirable that it's and and the about Mary. Eight minute and is now almost avenues and and when somebody does six abs yeah didn't. Get our hands. Enough. Am back that in minute Arabs. Yet at the comedian it's how can consequences and he we important guy in many times he's so funny every time laden since. Even a lot of them to name but he does that everywhere in they. The movie about didn't oh yeah I've been yep yep. Them I don't aren't well yes Harland Williams he's a funny. Don't ever see him come to town anymore. Now when he's on him he's just doing like voices for cartoons degrading and vote so we while I was lesson and show with my son and that was him if he's in a cartoon -- Google that Nicky gets as Arlen aliens cartoon. And he's the voice of one of the characters and I like one. Bizarre. And that puppy dog now I think that that might be a pop pop cultural nuts and I'll pop a dog cats at our. Where we felt like that yeah. Yeah oh yeah we got it out as I always turn on busy junior that's what we watched parents all the time trying to on the debt. I got a dad Don. Well there are points still left in his answer. Or Don and again. Below. Diana. Okay. The alone they Davis think character from pop culture. Piglet is big this. I'm an idea that brought her pinky from Pinky and the Brain. And Molly Greenwald for some recent history and hey this part of it was much it's a bit. I do you have just drive status and now we are going into the break and it was time I think in an item on mine yeah. Ali ring all our and jockey and I'm right down it was W the next round. This comment. This is the common pink thing that most of us probably use often this is a common thing thing that most of us probably use dolphins opted. And something. We don't often. Pink belly is often aren't they and kind of increase. And then the bank that. I don't know and I don't know what two point higher. Okay one Abbott you'd Travis. OC. Only reactor could go wild bunch I don't mind that he it's the end they can't do it asks but yeah. I'm Dan Connor and they're great yeah. Well now we income was plunged. Well let's see what the other answers were on the board number one it's at the board was tongue. That for most people was replacing something else that everyone on disabled could in what was I can't say because the and Andy are now. But lipstick and Weiner. Would brick and a Weiner were the other two answers I'm. Julia. We here. Julianna or it's a lipstick Wiener rich and I didn't. That means did I couldn't raise their right do you think there exceeded its debt that was a good answer actually she liked your recent memory. Think about you know racing right now Travis has met him in slowly as time goes is a score going to the final round. And not have it oh my god and when I'm done with the one throw in shades. That's Leo I'll tell you right now it's anybody's game visit is in fact a barn burner quite frankly the most exciting aggressive and exciting game of smiley few other players ever ever. Is this the last one they didn't think you regard for the win and it's either one's game. Finish this poem Travis. Roses are red carnations are paint when I see you know I want to. Wink wink we only. Yeah yeah integrated circuit you know there. I'm not while I think in that went I think I said winked. I said wink and you did yeah he said something else OK okay which now when I set I also have a short term memory. That's as good as done you could when Nadal right here. Or does not sound with the Ghana hello Donna with a guy who did this. Donna. CP can beat out west Nile Travis. Roses are red carnations are pink when I see you I want to. Blows stink. Now it's my you know I have gone on to the good days yeah. Her name and. I was gonna actually going to bad it's gonna face speech so. It's anxious speak rose. Donna roses are red carnations their pink when icu I want to. Saint CSI and may sink or sings ballot. And I. Think tiger kitchen sink I see you I want seeing like it to the ocean or the quicksand. And not a not a phone Jack yeah it is could total about her depression. Is and there is seek out there. It now. And I. Graduate Malaysians do. Less now. Pair of sweet tickets SU I TE suite tickets smiley suite tickets. This evening Keith concert how that's now. Driver off the song I didn't know you. Mast and from what else is up there on the relative to the board was drink. Three I feel like these I should've known that would that would make an. Well this and get them and now in the number two into the board was bullying language abilities of it is like a week except you realize yeah. That said congratulations a dime Cyrus and you're a loser now.