Smiley Feud - Hot Theme Park

Monday, June 25th


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I'm ready for smiley. And Dessens on the phone here here's Aaron. I can say good morning getting a little fun fact about yourself so we can deny you a little bit that a lot to pick up my life. Boy sounds familiar you like you've got through six times. Either you're gonna get men who have to radio stations per contest or we don't have any listener yeah let's go in the latter. Okay all right that's airing maybe a win today and then also. Contestant number two yeah. Palin. And that now might actually get something out and I have not at all and I didn't. I've gone on the street you know. Six you've got to also consider the fact who calls in for radio contests most of our listeners most of our listeners. Listening. Well there they're crazy and losers lose shut ins but I wouldn't hurt the data yeah. Well into his bid battle of who's gonna. Finally win this thing there's a lot of view will win today not you know. Oh my god what have Soledad good thing. Good answer get this test. Okay aren't so we're gonna play a little a game to the theme today just talk about how hot it's going to be. Not through the week this week so that dean is hot. Now that the winner of this prize at the today Burton winner this contest today will win tickets to holiday world plan. And I don't towards July fireworks next week just head's up that's chemical they got the new mammoth now rollercoaster water coaster Richard Sachs. And here we go with smiley. Yeah to intern Abby she's back in studio. And then by the way is also participate in our survey. Carter daddy band. And Nicky and will and Tony myself de evolved. Answered the questions in the service at a sample is small yes he understands 123 and he can't count seven. One's first you must did okay and okay aren't. To listen and listen carefully it's now we'll start with aaron's. Okay Aaron there is we literally where do you live parent. For green. Keylon. What you list. On C watts along the way home and to like got their living in and in the country. All you got two of those Mexican restaurants a tunnel. Two location. I have lied they flat. An entity and not rent out. Well and I didn't ask you about where you applied to colleges says they're all Mexican restaurants. Two of the same Mexican restaurants. Miley. I want you to remind me what's the next Mexican restaurant and everybody goes to get those big goblet of margaritas in Muncie. Ted. What do you are that. Yeah stats that's right mouse. Okay all right we're ready now our producer well pellets I alike and you get more things out of these guys like to hear those things I guess we're gonna find out who's the Biggest Loser the smiley morning show. And whoever loses today is not allowed to listen for one year old. Wow god knows we need them. Hey how about the radio station for 24 hours about the now allowed to listen to Bob and Tom very in town. That's a real plus that is Dario shouted dead. Again aren't ready. All right that seems out in the heat air and we survey the entire smiley morning too we asked them if you don't have sun screen. This would probably make a great replaced oh boy. And I. Ask you. Andy's saying it because they'll block the UV rays or could you away. Yeah yeah I can. Why isn't there or I'd bet it would work it would cut your skin and locked the UB sheer it's disgusting now smelling. But I think it would do the job I think it's a good answer. Well yeah same opinion yeah. And there it is there. Oh now we know he's lost this game they can. Ever now and Caitlin let's if you could get it up point if you don't have sunscreen this would probably make a great replacement. Mean what would it be. Or seven answers. Her. Not on the idea that I ballot before CNN. I never let Shanahan getting answered yeah when that includes she hate is that your vital Jackson and have a policy umbrella is a great answer but did we say. Now on how did you didn't include nine my answer was shade is that number at the point you. Now there are changes that innocent price row after all these years we've been playing his game you wouldn't include that one. Yeah O'Neal tries to. Or that he wouldn't accept shade well I umbrella a minute crabby mood okay all right that's fair at least you're honest so now now go now I'm. I'm gonna be really hard on. My own personal emotional stay on active content and it is below six umbrella will not accept a lot would be accepted on there the number one answered the board was may add days. I'd and that's. And you said Aron was done I know you're mad at the world producer rose as all Crisco eight Kia now he went and now Natalie yeah. It would have to obese a hot 400 degrees before it's baking Iger and I asked how they created three. Think women people used to book cooking going on in the tanning yeah room I don't know but I think it is the game. I think that you saw a new layer of. As green lately her name's Joanna odd man out too well son does get so I did go ladies back and a hit out. Friday was so like everything was organized by their returns even tone and now I think rich Reynolds yeah. Yeah yeah well. Mayonnaise was number one it's important that we also had these following answers side. Them yeah long sleeves cherry yeah and a T shirt and shaded. Yeah well that's and the doors. This weird answer Burke. And not yet another America everything but the eyeballs is that right. And yeah. Is that a culture of people that you where burqa they might desert relating areas where women are covered up known Ron you know. I don't see now that's for the heat yeah. But hey there goes is let's 0000. Z just like our ratings zero point zero. Right Keylon. Your outburst. At a theme park. This is the fastest way to pull off if you hit behind air conditioning. The water ordered. And that's why they're out. Yeah. But it. Yeah the water upstairs. Ministers the blasters likened the Indian state get him a big fan with him I don't understand. Hello I'm mr. Gordon and Inez tour. And I'm coming at you at. Who do you want mrs. coroner who scored. His scored some more that's who I want a minute Jim Martin and you wanna miss Werner. More of ministers squirted is gonna take care of low you needs. I. Mean are right so. Is there. I mean. I mean. It was at 3 o'clock dollar DS and heard it warning. So that is why did was out there they were one point while misting fans somebody said right now right. And silicone. Therein at a theme park is that the fastest way to cool off if you have an air conditioning. Ready facet. Rollercoaster. I. And injured. Is that. Eroding its aboard go to the water park as you know you're gonna see how my car 45 minutes for that fast roller coaster. In close quarters with other people in that covered little thing he where the wind is blowing as well that's a bad choice I don't really bad choice there's bad answer. Behind again. And guess who scored all over the place now careless and Alia that. Brother of the board included low cut each other's sweet release of Alan. But the idea. Extremists. And on the back of your pants and and then what did you answer on that I wanna hard fought a lot of heart. Oh what part yeah I resort most popular answer is number one answer thanks to just the number one Q thank you are right we got on point here. Dementia is over banned in now. Back to the ladies and I turn into a woman this morning I love the ladies and a hello mrs. square. Mr. Carter outlining how llamas there's where there are certain. Well things like email this isn't news. It's a one point for Keylon zero point current so far. Round three already airing back to you this is the grossest thing that happens to your body after being out in the hot all day long news. That is now. Think about it. Certainly Darren you said. Yeah. Here in this is the grosses thing that happens to your body after being out in the hot all day long. My body and and not got to AS ten army air. Which is as I. I'll let it's like getting out yeah that's an title and so let's. Oh. Yeah. Well wasn't that you'd and a push it in terms hits. I'm possessed. What and I will tell you there were more nuanced answers and that. Now arguably begin on. And then not the other ones that were sweaty and places. And I kind of feel like you're always ignoring here's the thing I had to group the those similar numbers because they were specific attack. But I give Aaron a point because I have my dad was in mind specific. And it will. I don't can be good and why it. It was just three question again as this up for you anymore. Answers. Let your sense and I like he's in would you like to say that are now you're body. Changes to body odor okay. Yeah. I'll tell you what about you know what are you want to ask sweat. That's equipment that's the question. Good morning everybody. And and and ask you know all of Indiana. And asked. And nobody nobody noticed the other guys sitting there and he gets. Passed yet but that's sure why it's. So yeah. The ball hard swamping lives I don't. Mindedness and swamps specifically but I says I. Eisner and when I. And under an issue that hybrid in the swamp that's because that was those were the same thing I did the had some a couple of other people tied for number one ball slipped. Shift your Napoli had several audio guy and I believe it. And line outlining is not gonna do he's making my turn off his radio show and I can't even turn enough. We try. Everybody. The payoffs which now think. Yeah. I don't waste I. They would dock our pay for that. Plus I those those ten seconds that it can about your club. And is here the after a large enough to learn. And everywhere. Parents to program directors that the yeah we'll and we are notification yeah Laguna it's beyond his car. The bear. Those costs never seen that done ever answer that the board included crotch shaping in dire yeah. Yes. They're ready yeah that oh yeah patient diary and and I for now Russians and well if you don't area and you have thirty if you have Dick DN if you're dehydrated. Amy and I read that would be well. I just it would public. The opening. Just like man as the hot and I NCAA yeah yeah my answer is handled. Think it holiday boy you've just unity yeah. Part of that yeah. It was clear I know I know that I had diarrhea piled on top. And good. But the hot does it usually Susan hunt really well already at now. That in Thailand for a long time lag did you getting to him yet we're diarrhea may be a specific site is neck and he'd I don't know okay where we have now. We tied one on where are not haven't and it. Question and Kalin and okay. I. Then get back in the us now. All right. We error back to Caitlin Palin. This is the worst thing to see if you have been in the hot. If you have to be in the is the worst thing to eat if you have to be enough cock while you need. And you are right pride thing. A sign movies it's Fries and that's the answer can't let. Like a contestant gets a fried food because then they they now that envelopes a lot of things because we can put all kinds of staff in I'm again Smart contestants say fried foods and that covers anybody that might have said fried foods don't think that's yeah I guess that's another question Hillary's Palin make its mark tell you that is fair. Ma well I did not it in envelopes and anything we said no I'm not one person said that okay. State and things I didn't and degree yeah zero day I know I'd plea. Darren have a chance intent. Tell you there and let's get this lead gallon. Is the worst thing eat if you have to be in the hot. Missouri there's a reason these people never won the accuracy and answers. Well let me let me just take another sniff of this pain because right now. It's. This could about a you know. I am not. Now that everybody there were seven chances to get an answer to because everybody had a different answer gates is always good. You know I mean hi how terrible pizza or think there's ever a bad time need pizza pizza sorry. It's iron and LT chip and Oliver you to heart holds our you know it's not it's not the best place that pizza but it's yeah he did it doesn't pizza. So they PM and out of all the things yeah I agree with that and that's the show's philosophy so that should have been avoided at all costs answer for the board included fix do. There is no way he Chile now chocolate. Soup. Meets. Sushi. Hello and room temperature cottage cheeky. I mean would you leave Suzy down the marathon at a high what amusement park tonight. The worst thing you even need. There isn't a little cooler then a do that in a little bit award them quick. There I think fishing generals gross all the time but yes hot sushi had a big heart. I took still tied 11 final question this is it just so anybody's game I end any time that they gave them every. At a theme park the war murder weapon would always be hot issue. This system was gonna get a point here to win if it ties no one wins today and you guys continue to be losers. It's. All right here we sent it air and Aaron there. You wouldn't wanna sit next to this celebrity on the coast there if they've been shuffling around in the heat out today. You wouldn't wanna have to sit close this celebrity on a roller coaster they've been shuffled around here today and currently your answer match summit in a smiley morning show for appoint. Elusive access smiley. Next to miso Sammy yeah. Yeah very detailed Sunni and that's your Julie king and the celebrity news in his own right. Under and stay celeb I then they might emerge and they are good. No idea I'm usually never ever questionnaire and why you don't win these are no answer but keep trying because that is fine and. That's it and stretch her out one point is his final score how many pixels at the big enough for racer have you won. That's our booby traps that. Smiley morning show cancels which now on uses and then there's no racer has completed operators especially bad. Here it is far away and what's your answer Keylon. At and Johnny that all body. Yeah it's Johnny Depp I don't know we'll listen and then it's fine. One at a time and say you OK I went with I can remember polian that Roseanne Barr was mine. And I think George. Yeah and in. Yeah the game throughout. He's a very is ready look no. I said Donald Trump we don't have it yet what do you producer well I said Ron Jeremy. Carter Carter go ahead Betty white's are bad news this he did die itself hello he's your. I don't like to meet you always say that call year old person. In any winds don't die and they wrote us next to me again you know like everywhere I was there electricity goes out this summer there's no. Not buddy buddy we know what I eleven anyway yeah. That he is being based on how to beat Jack Black. Flag now right in the united lie just please. And it really live in Honolulu. That Chris Sullivan. So when wins today. It's not a morning. You still need. My dad no later today sorry parents are gay. How come my dad got a great idea losers eat.