Smiley Feud (Holiday Lights IMA)

Monday, November 13th


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I several game we let called a feud we ripped it up from TV show called the feuds family feud. We talk smiley here. We don't rightly have anything original here. Copy everybody else's stuff. What's your name and our concern a heart attack at a kind of time. Content a country which your nationality. YOK. Okay. How lights are you know very white very well vary like okay. IPod and I looked at me yes it is the whites but Brock was just had to go to bargain again. When you're dehydrated yeah yeah yeah. The one that one. See the report out and is now. That I. Just. We only got okay yeah. Yeah beef well. Yeah what was his story what he has done and that's. Elena and I just a thinly if you lesson I jeopardy or yeah us. Yes and you have to yeah funded. Help from injured Ingrid and he meets yeah come that's right. That's. I. And a whereas being British here yes Ingrid come on any air. She did she did she thought the survey tip she did smiley sir and I think we turned him around though he tapped into that and Ingrid was an intelligent individual terrorist activities they tell us he would. I've done them Latino. Yeah you need is actually Mexicans lead Texas a dump Mexican. She's not. Mean are you done now I am not a bogey. Save edit mixed. You are WR like I you are down okay all right so. And so it's kind and then Chris Everett static Chris. I grant. And well so pricy racist or anything like that. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah what's your nationality German. And I have no idea. One of those and mr. net analytical and test again and spit in about a gas staring at a ones and teachers you know she looked annaly dark says I'm an Italian power or something or Hispanic maybe. But he was as Irish are always beautiful polyps yeah like a Mediterranean princess Ali. In one day shall be together. On the island and Archos you guys ready but yeah. Plug why did everything tonight. No it rounds there's only whites. She didn't expect that. Tonight senator Byrd separate. Big birds proudly displaying our diversity today thinking leading critic guys thank you very much from it. Click the threat of a college template. Three tunes one GA. Ed what Burres and is now light. All right we. Asked by a morning show keep in mind theme today as are avoidable injury Jesse arts this is a tough on join our six that are hammered mr. with a quiet. Hurts you because your the tickets are for the IMA holiday lights. So I gonna do holiday displays out there and here it is going to be Cree. Indiana museum of art. Okay yeah. Here's question on what we surveyed the taxman Benito is yes that the only famous artist most normal people know. Is this person. Normal is of people that aren't so. Yet you apparently favors are those people can name okay this person in the like Davis famous artists on the street. Over the says under. Yeah yes you when you think lately but he amount yeah sure he thinks of it racist to be mad. At her. Opera Picasso guy. And advance. The ball. 03 points for podcasts out. Points and that was good you do a good job back when everybody knows all right let's go over to Chris Christie of which inserts of points here to. It only famous artist most normal people can name is this person. My own annual and Dan. Money money money alone and it could. But he was up there. Now one point one point. In drag Dave Miley in ceremony and so I am now in numbered to answer lord was then go and go and now and I. All right let's go over to move Chris to start this next round. The theme is our church. Chris we surveyed the attack about it until we asked. Snooty art people. Snooty art people probably use this word a lot. Snooty art people probably use this word a lot. We'll. Is think about a couple of people black turtle necks and ornery and glasses staring up the canvas on the wall half. Talking to each other in their. Feared he'd been injury. Hard and they might say in this order a lot in the conversation could be an. I don't know and. So really it's her that the lord. Nadal has no way I just couldn't eat anything this do this man morning should not come home with and that's pretty good. Right over to hire. I don't know fireball etc. it's people I don't think so that's how they played out possessed you know analyst viewers look at that guy what do you think. A word snooty or we'll probably use or not. Say it them. I don't know. Gorgeous gorgeous I don't words he's Diddy and he did. Now there where. There's no way along we will honor not something different. Hear the words minorities who came up with composition. And indeed. And I think under the pact. Unpack yet who said that I said that went into. You're here in PR or like in a college class or be like. Oh let's unpack this stylist unpack this I don't really must yeah this is really is packing his recessed emotion. You think the compact with that means in the and I wouldn't. You're right on can become a weird like collegiate term debt and it's like the most elite is turning can say if you wanna sounds article got to start unpacking something. But that's not allowed it to how I Santa for the radio like if I'm I'm an announcement. Unpack some imagined dragons may be next yet it looks impact the song with behind it was kind of soak it will look at. Yeah deconstructing. Notes like let's unpack this a bad back it's odd that this the leader Ericsson what it yeah is there. Where I came from out of smiling throughout the car on the way the course. Yeah she's on yeah. Going on there alcohol well that's number rob that's the surface okay really it's probably deep and I like how emotionally how he brown and share. If you're not you're not sure who you are area but still trying to find yourself. Lost that yeah what else is on there all right we had original. Engrossing and cabernet heat its critics. I could down cabernet can I couldn't really say anything ME. They probably drinking wine yeah I was thinking that maybe they were advocate and look at the apple doesn't bring me more on dancing contest even many time that's we we allow real that sounds like us. And then went on now around let's go back over to tied to start this ran. The I feel it. But that we its survey beat that's my own morning show we ask that people will know you know nothing about art. If you Wear this to the gallery. People will know you know nothing about art if you Wear this to the gallery. Well there flannel shirt and things. And again. Yeah it's been a pleasure does it up there and it's not those are better. Let's go to Paris. People know he you know nothing about our if you Wear this to the gallery. Yeah yeah yeah. And I think that's really good is it up. Moral of observers are. I am ratio came up with this smiley morning show T shirt that it has had a I patents for parents George just Georgia southern back Andrew Luck Jersey. Overalls. But flops. And for some reason cowboy out it. Yeah I noticed yeah boy asks if you art gallery app that that was beside she. Think coming through this gallery ain't big enough first and yeah. Is it around where there. Zero points over the three points for Qaeda in the beginning in Korea got one point so I look to look tell you this Chris can come back. The math works out we'll. So we start with Chris actually. But all types of our prayers. This piece has to be the most famous naked. Work of art. Of all types of art this peace that's to be the most famous naked work of art. Partner. At the statue of C. Crude oil coming three points two points SM. 2.0 right but debt khaki instead of points here attach. All types of art as peace has to be the most famous naked. Welcome mark. Earlier noting big piece of war. They have yet this visit India played for that. I say old Hyder all's they got to get a kind of Motorola moto remote. Now. The I feel like the Vinci like as a model that. My guess that would work. How much would what was your answer though kind. Of normally are I didn't get it gets. Back early and they've closed yeah I did not release up there's it's a bit in the work. I would not want. What was on the board led to a most people say well the secular I was thinking man. I'm thinking now think he meant as somebody said Burt Reynolds the cosmopolitan man yeah yes we have bad credit here and that's. No wonder he's got a black and I could not come up with the best of city it was they they get it's in the room and odds are now spread of Burt Reynolds we only have sporadic. Shots. In years. And somebody who actually has a little bit sophistication. Said the three graces who said that three your Ingrid. I was gonna show by and I say that it's a day is an element. Can you should've gotten the original answer a kind of I don't have an answer because that's what Dave said no way. And asset I bet there'll be somebody who can't come up with an answer and that would be a match so would be a point yeah actually specifically wrote that down. Yeah routes and I love all day and then Eric I don't think I was the police even though he knows he's clearly Claudette now I don't appear regular. Personality we get here we'll go to the points and Knight has three points and Chris has 309. Now how. My gash. This is anybody's game in the last round I love it when it's this way yes. We start back with the kind. Attack. Snooty art people. Are the same people who think they can only eat this. Studio art people of the same people. They think they can only this. We're here. Organic and yeah. Santana is an example organic. Since about it there. Got to answer I already dead. But doesn't on the board that's a bride and you know everybody like I was damage rich people pay extra two to three dollars for the eggs a loonie and organic loan. He could see that she's there's an ordinary college towns in the gallery and couldn't connect the two as the ones that by Arnold gambling are rearming. The last time you guys bought art do in the stuff you find it and be our eyes is an art but it's you know what yeah it has yeah again and again. And yet I'm Terry is thinking of ever purchased art. Am never purchased certain one time oh no I can't Burt did stuff that you but when your launch time we'll when he first bought a house servers department I had this old are instantly get the altar of a dynamic in cork bat in our. That's all well and I at this HIV but like neo colored to root wind breaker yeah. Exactly so it's all dated step in and out yeah it's like you can get the armies of I would this multi colored wind breaker and I but at bat man photographed. For our bathroom which that are bathroom. Ali at him like yeah exactly port street are very Bloomington and ended it'll be like this ripped up poster parents are sent yeah bat man on his service got a few things as yes stuff is classic Internet like there's a picture of a fraud is a colorful frog in the Lou Dobbs. But what struck flat out is like physical days in out she found out lines like good for the stimulation for a baby's eyes her body and little. Yeah about it they sold it on it and only got a giant frog and I'm not a couple. Stuff yes I donors and I don't get art I'm no I'm not sophisticated I don't get it all I CSI mentally messed Dahmer aren't as they say oh it looks like planet idea I agree with that as I don't know Mike and and they're Savard that's totally do it at this fourth street art fair in Bloomington you go to these vendors he had little Boozer would back and burial so bad formed just pleased but I am. N opinion they like some of them are really cool like Elmer wolf slivers like wolf pains public libraries or whatever happens. All of them are like this contemporary like these giant campuses and temporary like. Like almost cartoon mean banging but artistic and they're neat I like how would fight that put that on my while the rapper is like three dollars and it's airlines will need 15100. I am yeah your dad I'm not pay rates. And I didn't get a job. Somewhere in between fifty to a hundred dollars in wanna contain bird like Sasha fired aria that's. A suit of armor that I have my or that I had. I don't know when you're and I -- had to move that to your dorm or whatever earned your apartment you were in photos and resolute when downforce if I had a friend that used to be on my radio show in San Diego is a comedian but he had had moved in with his girlfriend. And they bot and it would suit of armor is a laughable but this is I don't know they put in a corner of Alina I don't know it just it was it was that he. I don't know either my mom and forty bucks right now and that's a layup I wouldn't it arbiter for forty. Get into eighteen inch thick heavy steel is there isn't like it is my Atlantic Canada from back in the day not authentic data any kind of deal. It stands up and nice and as the lights aren't at that lays on M perhaps on time on it that he carters and that was like fatal fly easy gets its stake suit of armor they go to like tries to chop the soul or adapt it's a Carter dies. As they've already have or just. First time OK we're still tied a darn it all right Chris he can't win this game and all you have to do is get at one answers on online aren't just one boy. It's a question a snooty art people are the same people who think they can only eat this. Happy are caviar. And there didn't hurt his wanna win this game. And see. Hard. Every point Mike Tyson caviar lobster and caviar I think and I don't like it didn't happen. I think Julius had caviar and now I said Cahill and it's a pretty said vegetables. Only the ultimate terror. Do you know it's there and mental probably. Stools where a guy that. I hate it when they started thanks for playing Chris congratulations you got a four packet to its. To Miami's holiday lights. Indiana museum of cards about that.