Smiley Is Dying

Monday, May 14th


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Oh my god and his pain in my chest is at best. Not alone don't worry I am sad that last parallel sat him he laughed I laughed but there. It's only. I'd definitely take a breath. Now I easier on the today and well it's a sharp pain and violently when I agree isn't. But if I take short little my small breasted you're thinking eighteen league not taste Illumina. That's right attendees smile and make me laugh or not to gas for more hair and his team relax doesn't collapse you to death. Three copies well it isn't here's what happened worry first copy that I put Miami he's. A little like cream in the coffee why does it feel like there's an old and on your chance and it was very oily and chunky like that's weird the cream has seems odd that this time has some to do it and then I did another one and it did still look a little weird. And they Carter comes in after I don't know you know one and a half cups he said hey is that cream okay. What it. He said the refrigerator to an armed and other room has been open how we cannot. Song every thing it says he's got an idea there is no you had three cups of herbal. Kramer yeah com. Anyway I like that directly clogging your Carter. He's he's still a little weird about that stump and ID and actually yet now he's doing now knows that added I would guess that I thought I was a huge Israeli in his entire life because he can't sound and I feel like he kind of told me earlier right now but he waited around the bears I was on the air quality at or on the for a few minutes and we're off the effort out of humans is known to halftime shows I'm on WebMD. What could be ornery artery disease found he angina. The giant AL oil and night time yeah. You that's pretty. Because during. Its. Well I think it had to sat before a descent and I may be like what the caller cramp or summon your image your tax. Yeah excitement or emotional distract. Well I think that's an emotional distress because of the coffee Kremer and you know the caffeine is get me fired up today you know you're excited and emotionally distressed when I. Wanted to play a song we played ballad I don't know yeah. You should play staying alive is that a lot. No idea nausea and strike you out now give because sweating shortness of breath. My children are ill in March and now life is hard fact I hate to ask you this there's millions of people suffer from it but is that the do you have an idea yeah. Actually had got to do. Yeah it means. I mean if they send them to relax me on I mean there's there have been your bank's stock open. I. Are they playing this isn't just so relaxing to bring you down. That this is like me what you wanted at your funeral. Laughing about this. And now I don't know I want you do ascended to heaven so I have arranged for their to be a crane. At your funeral but with the invisible lines. So that we can open your cast did yeah. And we can just pull you up out of it but that excitement. You're being implying not this letter and I did and at what he cooled they would app. Own even sharp steady came along your upper neck and shoulder muscle now well. Thanks that's not Eric hearted Agnes Catholic faith that anything poorly for many years. You ever smoked weed out you can.