Smelly Cars

Friday, July 14th


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Has so let's see the story is about Bradley Cooper how funny ladies thing Bradley Coopers and zone he is I consumers and today it's Bradley Cooper accidentally left a diaper. The back of his car and as a dirty diaper and he's a source tells the that now now now. But advocate for crabs and and diaper occasionally forgets about in his car. Movie and where he played. That cop and he had aids curly curly hair in the seventies move mean. Jenna after something I don't know somebody I know lady and under the public personality. Not sexy in that movie. Yeah you know it corridor screaming. Yeah himself not sexy in and a meteorite that iced. Anyway source tells the national inquired that leaves I guess who's planning on tossing the nasty smelling. The diaper in the trash can on his way out to get distracted. Accidentally toss the S stink bomb into his car out that's how it eventually it got there apparently and sell. My question you it have you ever let something in the car door and it got. But it's not and it's really yes. So once it normally it would be is to be cap. You know Lucas back yet in the back here in an email letter sent out. And I don't realize that it's gone somewhere under that you know and go yeah that's not it there's nothing worse. In spoiled now. And I lady that I baby sat for when I was younger she spilled. One of her kids spilled milk from a cup. Onto the seats. And it got so it like spoiled in the seats no matter how hard they tried to clean it they literally had to know that the entire C out. Producer will left himself and his car and it is now a candidate and I'd just I mean I have a problem with my idea. I just a bit on now now and let's get you a lot of junk in your car radio or blocked by his currently is kind of here and he's got widely a look at it now. How does he clean up because of that the horrendous stink that was an recently was that thought that there had to be I thought I swore in I didn't realize Bradley Cooper and a diaper and thereby we have left. Dirty diapers are carbon power that's got in and out at Liederman like we did and I thought it was probably a half eaten cheeseburgers unlike dad than than it's been around for awhile cleaned up everything. And she's sent to tell you when you finish eating in you know it's back in the seventies about our ether of the second the back and you forget about it on news that never had a happy I was to be yours you are I am not like to be living in my own felt sometimes I like to see you but I tried the three weeks ago. Yes I remember good times. And Alex I clean out my entire cart and I found out that it wasn't anything an odd confining he's known me has now there's something happening in my back right passenger floor where it gets saturated from the floor like it's not a pool water in the top but just getting wet in this is what's creating this weird stink after rains it dries up in the apparently that and like Mulder I'm the president players on the public dealership in it have them look at if you only knew a dealer at a now. Well a oh yeah and this is just a short. Is it newer car this is this is the brand new fresh out. The latest model of the Saturn are 200910 are only because the company stopped existing entities now I'm a so it is an in new car you couldn't call it stimulus and you can get. The evidence that they Gibson and I Saturn dealers or. Yeah it's actually take us out like GM which is now take those Chevy says yeah my dealer would be in Tim Robertson chipping trivia game help fix. Then he wouldn't he just wants that you'll at least in car has a smile and when he showed you got a story phone numbers 22810992281099. Go ahead. I try our end at eighteen and let him. Annan. Boy. And a chicken liver. Does that stand. No. I think my mom and bust my parents are golfers yeah and their trunks they would like. After you're done playing golf put your socks and the dirt. Our backs in there yeah after they Eros accident and and they go do whatever and they leave the golf sense Tom that dirty socks are off its. Yes Velika like a hot it's been like a hockey like the ice from about I ace went to their locker Montana Al. Around the mall was the worst I've ever is not yet Israel that as awful idea soccer and I had a bit I soccer Baghdad basically didn't ever it cleaned up for ten years yeah and then in my car and as though it was it was rented some gross teenager you know your adolescent your becoming you know starting your damn body odor finals. Hate that and you that he's. I just a teenage boys. Now it's almost like he smelled people in the teenage. And I are about to live T Mallory limit to everything somewhere in the middle here where where did you lose you stink in the bunk. I wanna I go ahead. I left a lot. Brown Turkey in high school where are your weeks. Being an option. Cherokee and a aerobic harper literally illegally. In that milk it read it in the. Yet Turkey's air that is real now on Ron. Go ahead Hamburg. And I'll leave my friend had he can count NCAA you you're a friend. He had. And then he premed honor and I get my current and and that's all you out at like eighty triggered an out and can the age. And I didn't know that he had no permanent. You'd like I'm pro then and spelled. You know it's a definite issues. Like that and I'm. That were aware. The month I don't want. And on we did that intentionally to a coach's car one time as a practical joke league we went to the market and got fish just like. Whatever it is still had the ads on it and in blended them up into like a genius and put a plan and yet put him in a squirt gun. Yeah that is this off and we squirted it into like the channels of his doors and that's on the lake alerts are now we have ordered the worse. Why would you do somebody as we without it was hilarious well let's just and that codes is now unfortunately passed well balanced out now. Shannon you got something for us. I view my hair and doesn't. Have the world. Inked yet arts. A couple of Summers ago at a store and art right before it out of a car can get back into the car and they. Our whole time later. It's just like it just love it and it lock it in the sunny it was like a former greenhouse a top or right power so I asked how enough that is an airline sentiment at. Why is it that that lactose intolerance parts are so awful. Why has that gone. I don't know partner Don you're on the silent when he should go ahead. In my head and let it or not all actors I did not say that's like art that. And beat them in the art and it didn't do. It right are hot and the. Glad he horse crap yet to use it on diet it's not ass sweat from 20 and yes or the horse west into it and then it and I got less than a minute I did the road crews Sam and I. Wet and it it sand is Sammy but it was in the Tonto how to decent. Alan up front we kept somehow I don't I went our way that would I'm kind of somewhere but I relate well because. It lifted our whether they are tired at that we're able. That is real bad. I had I keep McGee little gallon gas in the back of my turnaround just one in case of emergency yachtsman and in the one time it spilled in the might in the mighty Toronto I had no idea and I started like. So now and like gas smells like gas but it it. Debt if it sits there prolonged that it starts to smell released his rant yet it's like I got a hold news outlets like. Moldy bread and and some of the that and I got back and it was just like saturated ghastly eyes lit a match in Iran. Are now we'll get a new one got wrap that I don't know if it's safer knots of people around me like you're done but now I put it inside like a big game. Trash bag or SA is since I since I spill development track and keep it in a quiet like tied into the side things are gone and I appreciate it.