Scary Scenes Part 2

Tuesday, October 17th


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That Halloween is coming up. And this week but next it's up we're doing a lot of fun things here is for Halloween this thing. And talk about scary movies and specific scenes of scary movies. Let your legislators are relax get the worst thing I've ever heard Joshua says. I was ten my dad made me watch Halloween. After I went to my room to cry he shut off the power to the house I time is dying. And that's a well let's Ramon happenings there. Let's go to Cindy Cindy here on the smiling when he shall go ahead. That Greg. Okay Karzai and yeah on mine. On FaceBook Sendak the grads this person says the children of the corn definitely picked reaching out what a grudge. Takes twenty degree they amendment creepy girl like contortions that scrawled on the air and that the creepy little alien get in the August it it is strictly. Greg is very similar to the style of the ring so it all right then tied the cinematography that creepy little girl let's call it round. I. Asked Michael says the same thing the grad she. Yeah I chipped it sure is we're seeing any really free shoe. Lots of advocating and I can't or particularly if it is one seed but the fact that the lady like pale light into it got really long black chair Andy used the prayer circle here and nowhere. And it should it shows up on the air that did that I was look up and the black hair coming out of my all. Right. It's amazing how it seems like when we're kids younger you know they've really the last longer as men Nasional. I cannot change some mascara for me I remember watching that only poltergeist and and pet cemetery although as if they're kind of old school Baghdad stick in my mind. That sob movies are crazy and I mean gore won all yeah awful like it's not as scary is just like gore. Yes. Dale and go ahead. Out on the economy about the all you look older BI. Under this New Yorkers really person put toward the end it's one of the lot Steve before they cut the movie off in. Island actually out of my key in the movie theater and releases the. Reunite in about a dollar write it. And well and it tells about a dollar rate Cody guy and and sentenced to iron out. OK pretty scary yet but it lesson about. And I doubt it moved in and out on it. About it. Knew it was good that speaking at someone writing and a scary movie what's the movie that had to go to that house and it's all the old seven late seventies movie. A lot of its they were in this mansion and your house I do I'll just shiny from the shining not that is a great movie at scares the crap and we still. I don't like stuff that can be noted the shining supernatural but the step of reaching out the most or movies where it could really happen say yeah it's like real stuff like there's a movie called the lovely bones and it's not at all that well it's good. But it's not a traditional horror but it about this. I child molester killer who lives next door and nobody knows but he has been he's built this pit in a cornfield. And he's waiting to lure this girl in the pit exposed to be like upon house I know this yet ask any eventually does it like. He murderers serve in the pit in and it's like built alike just collapsed into the corn field so it just erases everything gas they never catch him. But but like the rest of the movie is about her guests like China leader dad tune Middleton yeah where do Hernandez. And I decided PM just like B and creepy with a glass and that's what I don't know all things about that little girl I. It's easy fast but they obviously think twice about going through a field like Dara I find in some kind of a trap there if you have a neighbor with thick bottle. Name rimmed glasses bottles they glasses and a mustache I would just steer clear out again even if it's a nice person like. Like Ned Flanders but light out to none I'm Ned Flanders I doubt I would just. It's clear Andy. Yeah moving. Battle that's generally let it be Smart to look at on the changeup and really on in tact. And I'm at at street level like Trout. Yeah. A bit or just old we'll try to fly in there and then it would occasionally accurate or clothes make him a packet about termed or. Bought it for a picture on every door on. Guys. I felt good about it as equal to or reject barring. Much of anything that can Beckett really happening and they're really good morning. Yeah he that's so funny yeah the.