Scam Calls Part 1

Monday, March 20th


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See here which cannot scams. Let me run this story first real quick tennis at this whole thing having him get these calls from spam. Mills and and going on that I found goes off all day long with random numbers and time if I try to answer and they don't say any thing or you know they hang up on me it disappoints you Regis every time your phone buzzes yeah it's a yeah boy who cried I don't agree on my. I never pick it up easily and that sometimes a leave a message it whenever they do I end heed these guys didn't dump policy it is not but I but it pace took some of the pizza yeah I did the same cough from a Heather it's always had there never gotten has always had their for me to finance department or blah blah blah listen you credit's okay but if you wanna call on. And then there's and also had there's on another one that and it comes through about. I always seek his in my iPhone you know reads the text and chose the well all of the call voicemail so that's I go back and look at it as always like Elena statistically Heather is one of those like. The name last name feel comfortable and at as there and I was wondering the same thing yeah that could be. Here's Ian does story on 9 channel thirteen this morning. If you're one of the millions of Americans being targeted by scammer is on the phone and and could be insight sued the Federal Communications Commission says Americans are getting a staggering 2.4 billion scam calls each month. Typically that calls at area codes or numbers that you won't recognize but sell still look legitimate. In many cases there's cameras who were outside of our borders and so they. And up using a fake number that appears to an American to be someone they might know or US government agency. Elliott comes out with different numbers I can't block and it's a numbers I've tried before and if so I knew it. Her targeting my phone. So now the FCC wants to stop that there are voting this week to allow phone companies to actually blocked in valid area codes and phone numbers that are likely steamers. Interest games. See if they're able to do some some help with this whole thing. You do not call this mean that clearly doesn't do in getting at this point. You gotta stories there. All. Our the spam calls and spam all. US treasure and I heard that line so listen to what it what is it when asked today sent. On the adapt because I haven't I think the lord life up until. I'll bet I hit 9000 dollars. And it's what they ask you to do good dole website or call them back. I am I yeah. I might under. The rights yeah. Like Oscar you I've actually bends and this. That's crazy. I actually born about my age stop Ali. Like partly at quail volume. I'm like a deal out a league. Yeah discerning a mind that's always a good line and we are do they sound did they have an accent the. I. Started crews on the one like he. Maybe why. Do you know at exit. I got to Pakistan he dialect in this one yeah I and it's amazing what they oh will do and and you know they do enough calls they're gonna sucker he ended. Today on people's grandparent. And stuff like our like 9000 dollar. Are you my mom called me in tears Monday and said that the IRS had called her and threatened her she owed them like 8000 dollars that she paid 2000 dollars right now our it was like 80000 dollars this is like immersed I don't mean sneaks on and this not second as a mom. IRS does not all all they don't strong earning any money it's no matter. This is a ski town and she doesn't think I what you know what yeah what does she do you know she's she Leslie and given didn't give them any name that then and but it's like. She was one phone call a way out on. Death and aren't smiling morning show how about you electricity at a story. A lawyer in Batman. One to go ahead. I am actually happened on the like month or and at at the you know at that. Act by a bank anybody literally. In a and the Atlanta. And I might. Yeah. I. And they are in March that bad and what they require. I can't be lights out like. You know our. Own senior on the yeah. So that's. Don't get to Colin that takes up their list he actually got another guy on the mound thinking like maybe I. And here he ever. Don't understand your version scanners. At all Allen and Kerry they are. And MI and non. He's he's been out and then it you know but I haven't got a call and garden. It and. After talking about the big phone scam calls right now. Got a story Cullen 31722810992281099.