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Tuesday, January 23rd


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I heard Nikki talking about this earlier but. I even though you legally become and adults. It eighteen yes new study found that our brains actually don't get to all the way out of adolescence. Antenna and into delta alarm when he four. This is correct yeah they're yeah just yeah. Signatures doesn't get up and one thing or think about women's final part of your brain that isn't a ballot Korb. To 21 year old music news. Here. So that's that that's your awarding it to anyone it's not only to drink every Sean in my birthday. You can recover from the even get divorced. To me and answer always yeah. Little buses I guess friend you met a girl at church camp and she was not a counselor and he was the time and then GB finally got all that to be a counselor and they got married. While you're very and then together now they got two dollars. No I like high school friend a price will friend me on got married twenty rent content on the and we now in Wilmington Atlantic. And then thirty hits him. I thirty. As the magic numbers like his dad who we are around him but I don't think you heard the sweet nugget that story they met when he was a counselor and she was eight in her I don't even know how I held. We'll tell ISO sixteen innocuous separating known as authorities said the well how. If any okay and yeah I mean you wanted to be a pastor couldn't pass it in the tests we ought to take tests to be a pastor perfect. Tell us there's no rules I mean you could do she. You are here while well what. I she and I am saying exactly and I mean I just as I'm not asked. You going to do and everywhere and I mean you could be a pastor if you want him easily feel like you would wannabe pastor I don't have to notice often that you can take seminary. You know school or let us know that you wouldn't have to do you could decide let's just start at night you can do whatever you and when I started and we should let you. Mechanic school of the movement in the everybody at a gunfight a billion people out there that never went to classes were to be mechanic that armed camp. How do you teach him mechanics if you haven't. Gone to look at that I'd like me I'm a professor of mechanics act but I've never once learned about. It is and I say I grow up in my father's mechanic or you just around cars a lot like Bynum had a change carburetor outerwear and now you become a mechanic but you'd never professionally went to school for that. In any of those leadership positions I think that the differences like you can like let's say really hampered him tomorrow. And but being a pastor is more than. Israel is it religion or personal relationship with god our lord's. There is different men and I don't yet I guess to teach my mechanics. And then I mean an art that I actually trust someone more they attack. What had debated on the Iran they didn't go to its official school your rec dot docs mile time OK and a year of personal channel pennies that anybody Indy what number you need to speak to the union dispute I have a direct channel and it. The guy you use specific yet but he was like you've become the pastor and beats a good word and help people save themselves now like now. I wanted that. OK even though so my waist you get probably but in my having an every day yes I am. Busy all often civil I guess at supporting your argument because what a goes both ways. I just looked up. And it says there are no governments and navigation license or opera or parents for says otherwise alerted the brawl these rules and only then announced. Alleging it matter the only reason is because you are leading other people yes because it's a leadership let's hire about this. We will we're leading people and that's how. We're on the radio rant or lead people to work Wear out and guiding people that people come to us or not everything we seen as a USA we I'd definitely say how terrible we did you go to radio class and that's I didn't I cannot help it that I. Really why he's offending message that he'd now like I can. It has according to salary dot com the median salary for pastor began sisters 35000. Out now awaits him. 25. 87180. Dollars and me press pass to 60000. Flip and. Just look at am radio personalities. I mean like that same salary. Yet but I. Well it's a media which means that the people who are like way on the top end of the scale get where truly alone and a mega churches and then there's our Chinese. And as radius and. Immediate write for radio and television announcers. Was 30900. To keep you giant which means a lot of people are a lot lol yeah. Yeah yeah. Zurich. Oh my gas anyway. I I'm sick you're right you don't need a license in IKEA Alba and naturally charismatic inspirational philosophy. I do not carry license for this but I do I mean I can't help the way I affect the yourself that yeah. Lambs follow me we are going out of the darkness down to all of them. I didn't have the commentary about what are requirement that there are in order to become a packed yeah right okay go ahead. Now I'm not bigotry and Saturday yeah. Iron and I'm. Completely rained I would compare it to say it like compared silence where I go to do it in my base men have no outcrop occasionally and charge whenever I why brain love you people can meet. The pilot saw it you're gonna go work our company and they're gonna hire you that you have been underway ever. And your cap to be light. At the same kind of thing I don't start a church and be like I am a very easily can make urgent here's my message. And I want to be a pastor and a Lutheran Church in a map that Jerry. Asked me. They have requirement that you have to go. Either get a Mac didn't divinity or go to their own seminary are like that not cents adamant that he drain EU and a big brand to like the method is to be illusory. Yeah. Dozens. To different churches to lag your grunt Anthony did a passer like Methodist churches and stuff I'm sure there was some rules like hey did you get did you get this specific T you know I agree and you have the knowledge shell. Don't go to like Richard a Methodist Church certain. The ways that that teach you wanna different knows that yes Europe believer and a well. Right they don't want them crazy prepping timing and right and going. Out and that's rap which happened in my call Jean skirts were orange O Jean skirts because they may god man out of in my call. Really GAAP we weren't allowed to get they were just etched in our hearts are jeans skirts in this yeah her scenes here tomorrow is. Are you I'm a pastor now Amy. Now I'm not I'm Catholic I can't become a pastor but I can become de you know you guys are gonna help him. Up pretty much just yet so yeah. Let's go to say that I don't about Mary when I it's funny yeah and I'm still married at parity. Hey. It ECI. Mary I did not marry my name out there that maybe that's leaves guys that. Thank you very much and why not how well Al you Molly go ahead. Penny out of my comment at any. There are similar to Amy yeah I would administrate or an area and I did have a degree yeah I'm did that but it definitely different. By denomination announced. Al yeah. There are rules and it's in denominations or whatever okay well as we'd learn a little bit today. Tomorrow you know yeah show on NBC called the more you know current show all yeah and I say show I think it's an an answer some like that yes there's a show on Amazon prime called Zack Morris is trash. I highly only be commander in your conversations started a record earlier in later that that area of.