Red Flags - Part 2

Wednesday, April 25th


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Outward on the topic here this morning. And it said the topic this morning as red flags like you walk into a guy sounds even dating for a little let me see. Something weird on a long. The weird he collects yeah wade yes there are doing it and that's what David did you know that Tony's husband current husband and met on tender. Started doing chatter or whatever on each other sounds he went to his house about Boyd points there. It's as little girls like to be here arena every. Even a stopped flying you know around. Album and that was like that as of eagle there of that knowledge there vehicle yeah. Clinton like a lit glass case and her mom. Oh my because data grandma yeah. Sat in your grandmother would have I I didn't elect does how one knows yet but I should've said no but I can't knowing. Announced. You know I don't need you know what Tony she avoids all here ignores all red flags yes and just keeps telling you aren't. I'll answer of all for the Deke Kaiser yes. Yeah. Do it for the. And. Boy I'd vote number I said it 31722810. Nina remember always get a phone numbers on the air everybody's ready to listen Lauren. Christiana. I'm so used to saying Christie guy now up by the way she moves to the topple. The way I did check the Sauna like because I can't can't get into all the shows anymore now. American idols oh speaking of American Idol remember yesterday were talking about the Lional Richie fall even in chairing shelled out now you don't need to watch American Idol this is the best part of the entire season yeah I want get better than this. Listen to this as you can hear why don't Richie. Try to fix is chaired. Neither is stress having got caught up here we'll OK he was trying to exit and then you can hear him. And he falls down this that's the best part of American Idol entire season. Well schooled on what the noted developed. I don't know what the wind won't touch. Okay. I act is a labor and other red nosed reindeer Iowa and in pants. Net amount of Alabama about it. I'm tournament of the I don't know what we'll see how much. Okay. I. Insane I've learned is the best yeah. That was the last week it's not a minute ago heavily if I'm. And an okay all right so anyway and now we know what's going on Justine and I don't and the voice I'll covered gradually since the girl from four point. Christina go ahead with the red flag. How on the leg to remove an. Asian apple one and Mac. Bait and they did you do a huge car yeah. Baby. And I mean listen. Why nobody wanted to provide them to provide any. Eating two and diluted net daily is snacks. QB is not groceries or that's fine will not. Is that I'm gonna be a personal level you can be aplomb and our band saying and I'm sick and surprises except for the sport guy or guys. I it's a red flag and it lags in note disguise the fact that you don't use your EBC and why do you tell her death. Yet now have read it now as he rich who bring I'm now you're withering did you marry or you marry rich. I'm married apparently on the blue and she's and then got Rebecca go ahead. Later you find. I am not an OK you are. I caught it in court at. And and it has. A eight. Out of state and it's it is best Satan a monthly costs for its costs are up against thank you very much. Could it be maybe. Our odd guy needs is a good idea of sanitary. And let's say nowhere close to Satan. It's. Our childhood treasure there. OK well yet confident in the double clock is weird I. Yeah past get out of there fast run rose Brett you're on these smiley morning show of our east and yeah and I am mine didn't. I don't have a story that I hear anything but my. Mom and a guy and I am I high school and then then he actually lived at that mom's belly. My mom and they've been there. I mean without that and mom collect it hurt aren't in packs has known and known her for I have no idea how long. The entire bathroom. Old ball and it. Would she learn those. What's the reason behind. I don't shoot big point today and she didn't matter and she is you know what all are. Extremely old but ray ray win an edge on and I'm not. It's funny I've collected use condoms over the years. In which are zero yeah I have that I have a special memory of each one. And while that is easy now we hear Smith also I have. You have. Acting for collection. App to beat by art and yet what act. And I can be tough to beat Alan thank you very much Joni may be shoe is gonna make her own money. Special bears are yes if there or you know he what are you knew you so bone and bone marrow soup or a hobby now on suit that. So now it out now are no signs girls nine and not find a lot of. And I. I get out how hockey team magazine though I guess security hung up whether. Theater that some and probably well yeah I was thinking well in my mind that tabulated dangling like a freezer bags and gallons a block yet they're earning. Once again on Monday Iraq let him collecting and feminine product. News didn't lend you know argument in my freezer huh. And. Am fan bellowed. Joni on the smiley morning show. Hello Larry I'm back and Italy beat Justin and that's one authority three fell off the chair and an open. Of her. Guy yeah well. Actually sad day for democratic. And that any move that Roberta Flack or whatever and yeah a black and we'll ask the Fridays are. Never let that he isn't that. Like the idea Johnny. Well you'll like the French you know I'm mad at first thing that mr. not want. Last year and he had short program and a house arrest ankle brace. In the you know easily. And I have been at the district Castro and the heat answering hearing. And how the rest. I don't know him and you dated a guy that was on house arrest did you know it. That's by an idiot did an ankle brace. Like the eighty's it was eighty. Recent and they were so badly. He had Adam an eerie he couldn't go more than I eat out the front door wow so you have to go to his house on a time out what you guys do there besides Nightline. Now. Things are calling and a Sony. And. Go ahead Rikki don't lose that mom math. And then go ahead. When I was in high school I dated guys whose entire budget bill quit heady players. EU head yeah. What was his reason where they blades bears and they were like Bill Ayers now at the same day. Oh my guys that's crazy bill that bears all over the house and Benton to that by his mom made him keep them down. You will display these on the shelf or eternity. And then had things go Ricky. It didn't last very long and not many who he married to now now you're that was just opt not to want you all right so you are not married yet. I'm engaged you or it's gradually since what is this mandate. You get beat up truck driver OK got to chuck does he drive. He forgot you're forgot god being happy got a. And it's gains that's pretty cool some couches and all kinds of great stuff. So does he have any election. You hotter but otherwise okay so what is he asked are we be legalized. That book. Like to eat but you do you have anything in the number and use every. No I would want them you have a wander you want want I want you lots and that's not. Paramount.