Red Flags of Dating

Wednesday, April 25th


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I quit your on the smiling when he show. Are you guys dead. All right so I mean this girl for far too long especially actors that happened by ego. When your yacht and a lot your idiot rank but we were on church volleyball. And we just got. Are central. Power and art after it was gross or sit down have a quote. Who let their shoes off then my girlfriend wouldn't should go pick one out and use smelled it meant he was. So she he she got to got to end at some Alan buckles is now. Spots now. Yeah. And what that was well yeah that would get rid of her quick. And then get a sense volleyball team right. But but the volleyball is only fun when you're drinking Coors Light. Beach yeah and about and literally everything yeah I would yeah that's right well I'm right. These cool like that. Everything is better out of beads of Coors Light everything does aim sadly yeah I mean. There even stick incident. I thanks Leslie you're on a smiley morning show go ahead. I hated that guy and we land on different state everything that Norma second day. Creaky and without before our Halloween party that we're going to have our. Walked in here here. You'd walk in closet and immediately to my Iowa well I wouldn't. And women children but I would notice right Mary yeah terrible. So we give back Internet and anything that kind of in shock. Us. Right away I'd make it like okay. I can write out the door and like it I am here to share. And they're like now. Without a women's clothes are you Mary can I don't eat out a little granddaughter should be like now there doesn't mind. I like to do show some. Can't let it drag. Publicly. Nothing wrong path or not that's not your type. I don't know I think as I think I'd still be like no I think he's married and do things yeah island. Their bodies married or does drag shows that and you got to decide what you want in Maine I. Yeah eggs or maybe get a dead wife and those are just a few the clothes that you want it's. Say anything that's. Mean. We have an ex wife and certain pitchers that are out interact. In a and I love and then. Leslie thank you very much and get another call Courtney you're on the morning show red flag. Right now I'm not mean our equipment but I can't picture crime or credit they're a killer. What Il yes. Ask her about my teacher and my aunt. Guy is that you pick up game and from bargaining. It's got back out I thought. You know not and that Ronnie get there and you got a big purple and you walk and LT mannequin dressed up and pose around all double ahead. I don't know how that would not a giant red flagged it right away and I'd do it alone at that I felt like the like you RT. Boy you know Simon and walked right out and yeah and that means out of this place AZ Dan go ahead. All numerals out and irritate you tend you are just boring are. Now. Yeah and I. It got bad Abul Ali you think about bullets and he now does not content does not site well. Then that's that's. Those who curse you what you're really debate you know worried. And order too cute dear birdie on the Grubman all. I I am. Mind you would on a date with a guy like the second date not hurt his post Christmas time. It Christmas tree is living room all of them ornaments or plastic balls would Victoria's Secret underwear and honey it was like you how I'm dying that was like it is. In my eyes. How my guys well. Been a weird OK Aaron the final 38172281099. 397228. And 99 and thank you robot that as. And I marry a future is here it is that's your. Arrests. On radian while. I was dating. A patent. Oh. And moves are endless all right I need. Did you know that this was it was either hunter of the minister was seen the hunt. An honest and be elements. It. Are somewhat. You know one out in the nineties I used to use mousse in my hair. Still wants a lot out of and you know let me where most comes you know that's an Iranian American of you to use every part of that is rafter you kill well that is the liquid that comes out of lemons if knew just how did you did this whole day maybe even a week.