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Wednesday, October 11th


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GM Lou it would probably less than. Or other apple are. You didn't Amylin listing before you go into a war. No I think smiley will die fire Bob but I did imagine it be that way yeah yeah. Thank you very much appreciated and amber Ryan your on the smiley morning show go ahead. Or is mr. Obama doesn't medalist somebody they can that help out what he had engineering aspect that the equity arm that bringing out of its inquiring about. And then that. Taylor rank CD about the idea. He's okay and in the action later yeah. Yes they were talking about that's who we were working arcades to drop the bomb Ken Salazar kind of everybody's helping out here and I appreciate yeah. What's going on. I'm just curious I tried looking them up and all like a bond as a football game I'm ignorant and wrong. Ron Yardeni an email are ultimately. About gas and art that was India's in Iran and Iran you know my time and one time. 888 you look at Indy are forge is his company. So he's a firefighter to sixty seem on FaceBook he's done it it under his title he's a firefighter so does that too he's a great guy. And he's still do with a wheel of man and I he's working on his cage forest and a good job innings on that attack and the Peyton Manning's sexy dancer at an. W McCullough pre show and think oh. I guess what do you mean by he'd having Ryan. I'm heading out and amassed. Oh yeah. This guy really weak and yeah as. We think are up. At the water lapped that. And it is possible is there anyway we we could drop it on you no way my morning show Brian hello hello Brian I'm doing great site guys going to do Berger thank you you're going to be doing well next week. Look at what job as and we just and you know we should Phil quit or drop on or drop it union minister all what you should drop well Tom you're from him. And in wasted you'd do Le drop it on me yeah. I'll bet it's not so that. How. Wasn't in Miami has come my mom and dad and ask if there's a bite super protect you originally bought those believed. And not an engineer. What university. But university of. Businesses and you're saying that you could actually drop eight. Team owner among get out a grown person and they could win the. There are wasted dude. Invented ways an opt. Please explain scientists. Okay well here and it I would be the first thing that they don't take our middle or let. I. Yeah dean as. You have to be a good shots of the cragey opera I'm accurate and Bobby yeah now and okay no on that one or just pop like someone like a Saturday or that it. Cole my it better on our. Yeah I think you could get muscle is what he's saying yeah. Yeah yeah Sergio Roy NASA. I'm not there aren't you you married actually view it. Houdini of sorts or did your phone has tacked on an analyst about it and Orlando I'm gonna ruin them. Away your amendment are out but you're. Music's ultimate cost. I. This is it a scientist actually tested drunk guys as. Giggling so much and are not wanted. My you don't have quite. You know at that coming down where a big giant night on your head but what's accurate. I'd. Write her a physicist or you just a giant monster person because this that. A knife on top of his head. Site. Of course not downward what he would have used it you know about this bond dropped you know we deal it's how high is under a hundred feet or so yeah. It. Yeah hundred feet so it can be moving. I'm 55 mile an hour or so when it comes out last. Times 14100. Pound notes that openly gravity where output is that I actually think that we're example. Is it really possible Horry we would anyway we kill him. And you'll have to Wear out something may yeah I think I heard mention about. It's sort of like a dunce cap per. Okay mind like a tank and way but put the knife work I'd like. I if it did this but it knives sharpened up like basically like a Mohawk. Bob Mohawk tonight on top of your head or like or some sort of harness on your shoulders. If there in new could split the pumpkin and. Is it your happened rabbit so it all just to the side of one's shoulders or body and I'll go after that. No limit to shell around you but you've created basically you would be taken very little of the way. Yet you okay would only have the meat like there would be very little resistance because the knife would immediately slit it's like a wedge it's a cat logs. Your guys are talking about a sharp edge on the top and a wedge underneath it and yeah a little bit like. Are let go shouldered speed situation over his head. The thing is in Atlanta on his head and he Briggs is not. Don't know how would not that we do that this sort. Well though that's a BI interviewed in perhaps on no engineer to design that sport I think next week. Do you guys could. Work so you're saying now of what you're saying it's possible for me to sit under. The crane let a 14100 pound pumpkin drop on my hand and we just the right device displace the energy. And the power and the force brat I could survive. Because what was it do you like. It did. Survive. I don't this school is something we had it you know. That they're doing this. Look him does he really works for butlers haven't we have a nice guy who do we not guide or night biology and okay our heels thinking of it and again this is Brian Knight a science stuff out. I'm not this year and I smiley morning show good morning. Didn't. Like OK is it the last month yet of yeah I think there's somebody who's saying that they could potentially that allows this idea is really gonna move in the show on ending its commitment to smiling underneath the bunk and I liked it okay I was about its us Australians it's like haven't declined seventy. Going back. Chris go ahead. I well I'm a mechanical engineer with what you are talking about now. Now now now now it's doable. Yeah you're saying oh we're shouldered kid needs and nice and Bolivia me. If you need to do you man is as you love the smell hot I have a kid to be questioned about it on May be some alterations that make out. The displacement. What I would probably look for a little more of a large drill. Basically what we do it makes sort of safety area where basically gave would trail into the plot. But yeah a turntable mobile's earns him about his spin out and as it's coming apart alma Carly you'd think partly couldn't and you fat and upping our bench realize how catchy system on my head like it drilled. At the I think crazy Hitler kind of derailed today and and the only key there is that we've got to get a wider now than your shoulder just don't get impacted. Yet we get carrier arm off. And it's the. But do you think of like you think they. From a physics standpoint from a scientific standpoint that would be possible to build some sort of harness. Drill conical device that could displace the pumpkin. Yeah I would actually a guide there dunce cap that bits that are libeled in my head nice and a way to what it was spinning. Which is true and then there and and needs eight at any economy out actor. And have you ever done anything like this before. I'm not we're human subject. To give the guy. I need three wanna be pleasantly Shipley and a shark changed a shark cage and then like it hit the bar straight to the knees and covered him pumpkin F. Somebody else that thing like hash tag Saber smiley has take very bad idea. Yeah he's then I'm getting clips from final destination three power of people is dying the things falling on the panel Santa. Is again idea and I thank you Chris I appreciate a debt as spinning dunce hat. The latest science and dad that I mean eyewitness near battery power that we attached to your body and. Again we'll get your phone number again by a OK I guess you guys it's Michael go ahead. I didn't really you should like totally do today where you got a yes that's happened this. Past I had been.